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I Choose You

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #domination #submission #mind-control #BDSM #relationship #bondage #rubber #sensory_deprivation #consensual #fetish #edging

Length: 7590 words.

Tyler was well known in the local gay community. For several reasons. 

First of all because, or thanks to, his looks. Former athlete, he had kept his imposing brawn through many sessions at the gym. His muscles and handsome face were the envy of many other men. And for those who had seen it, so was his fat dick.

However, Tyler was also known for his sexuality. His paradoxal sexuality. Tyler claimed to be a sub and roamed all BDSM networks, digital or physical, in search of the Master that would dom him. Which he never seemed to find. In the meantime, he went through the vanilla community, topping every man who accepted him and was able to take his dick. The physical part of these encounters always were enjoyable, Tyler knew how to use the tools at his disposal. Not only his dick, but his hands, mouth and tongue too. However Tyler was dissatisfied by the lack of kink and his partners felt it. Some came back for another fuck, most didn’t. All of this made Tyler more and more bitter about sex. But not despaired yet.

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Tricked and Treated

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #Halloween #demon #bondage #horror #supernatural

Sean was having mixed feelings regarding Hallowe’en. He loved this holiday. He loved his two nephews. But having to manage his nephews during Hallowe’en was not his idea of a cool evening. Well, he had promised his sister. So he went with them from house to house, keeping himself in the background while they were collecting candies and chocolate bars.

He was surprised when they bypassed one of the house. He thought that they had not seen it, being situated at the end of an alley, all by itself, but it was lit and decorated according to that night’s theme and thus very much visible. He asked his nephews. They told him they wouldn’t go there as the house was haunted. He guffawed, which offended them.

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Hallowe’en Horror Movie

By Nephilim

When Jerry arrived at the new house of his keyholder, he didn’t know what to expect. He had been summoned. So there he was, in front of the gate, “the 31st of October at 15h45, not one minute sooner, not one minute later”. He rang the bell, looking through the gate at the gigantic grounds and the almost as gigantic house.

Jerry walked up the pathway, to the front door of the house, where his keyholder was waiting for him. In full leather regalia. Inwardly, Jerry smiled. His keyholder belonged to the old guard, even though he was not that old. Outwardly, Jerry lowered his eyes and knelt before his keyholder.

“Welcome, my boy. Right on time.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Stand up and follow me. We’re a bit rushed, but it will make sense soon.”

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Dear Santa

By Nephilim

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter for My boy, as he is unable to hold a pen. Thanks to the locking mitts I put on him at the start of the month. I don’t really know what he wants for Christmas, nor do I care. What he needs though is some more restraints, so that he can take care of Me more easily.

Please dear Santa, bring My boy a Neoprene Sleepsack and a Neoprene Cocksucker Hood. He has been nice all year, I made sure of it. Anyway, as he is in bondage almost 24/7, he doesn’t get many occasion to be naughty. Well, he is a naughty slut, but you know what I mean.

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Eckie: A great site for male bondage stories and better than ever

For those of you who enjoy really good bondage stories, don’t forget to visit the long-running and very popular page run by Eckie of The Netherlands:

Eckie gay bondage stories

Eckie is one of my heroes. He’s the kind of guy who can look at a picture or a short video clip of a captive in some sort of unusual predicament, and then write a lengthy story based on it. Eckie also posts stories from his many contributors. He has been at this for more than 25 years now!

Earlier this year Eckie experienced some technical difficulties and he took his page down for a while, but due to very high demand he has since resumed — at the revised location of https://eckie.com/simple/ — with a slightly different format. You have to sign up to access the content, but doing so is free — and well worth it!

I check Eckie’s site just about every day. Some of the recent stories on his site that I have particularly enjoyed include:

“The Gag Lover” by Mmmpppfffhhh

“Hypnotised Biker” and “The Dummy From the Spa” by Dream Nephilim

“Hooded Forced March” and “Skinhead and Legionnaires” by Creuss

Plus there are also many, many excellent stories by Eckie himself, some of the more recent of which include:

“The Gibbet Cage”

“Hogtie Challenge at a Cost”

“Living in a Box”

… and many more!

Visit Eckie’s site — you will be glad you did!

gay bondage stories Eckie