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I’ve known Jake for several months online. We’ve chatted almost nightly but I’ve never had the opportunity to meet him. While he lives in the same city as me, Jake’s a trucker and his job keeps him away from home most of the time. When I receive his email saying that he will be in town Friday and would I meet him for lunch I jump at the chance.

Lunch goes well and we fall into an easy rapport like friends who have known each other for years. When the meal is finished Jake says, “Well – I have to get back on the road but first I have something to show you. Come out to the truck with me.” When we get to the truck he unlocks it and says, “jump in,” I climb into the cab and he takes his place in the drivers seat.

“Take a look in the sleeper,” he says. “I bought this with you in mind.”

As I crawl in I am confronted with a mass of leather, rubber and straps. It takes my mind a few moments to sort out what I am seeing but I suddenly realize it’s one of the most incredible sleepsacks I’ve ever seen. The exterior is a very heavy leather but it’s lined entirely in rubber. An air tight zipper seals the rubber liner with a heavy duty normal zipper closing the leather outer covering. A full hood appears to be attached to it and a myriad of straps, buckles, ropes and d-rings seem to cover ever inch of the exterior surface.

Climbing in behind me Jake says “Go ahead and try it.” I don’t have to be told twice. This incredible piece of gear seems to be calling to me and I quickly strip in the cramped quarters. Sitting down I slip my legs into the sack, reveling in its cool rubbery caress then Jake helps me work my arms into the tight internal sleeves. “How does that feel?” He asks.

“Wonderful,” I reply.

“One last thing” he says and, getting behind me, he pulls the hood over my head. Before I can protest my vision disappears. I feel his vice like grip as he pulls a zipper down my back. As I hear a lock click into place I realize I’m trapped. Claustrophobia grips me and, with mounting panic I try to struggle but Jake forces me down on my chest then pins me there. All I can do is make small grunting noises into the hood as the outer zipper is pulled down and another lock is put in place. His knee in the middle of my back holding me down Jake pulls the laces tight then ties them off.

“What’s the matter? Not tight enough?” He says.

I try to grunt a reply but cant. It’s incredibly tight.

“Guess I’ll have to remedy that” He says and flips me over. I feel more lacing being pulled tight on the front of the sleep sack, and pulled and pulled. Finally he finishes and ties it off. The sack is so tight that I can barely draw a breath and squirming is all but impossible. I suddenly realize that metal boning in the leather also makes even bending my arms or legs totally impossible.

“Of course we cant have you making a mess can we” Jake says. With that another zipper is opened over my dick. I relax as Jake gently handles my manhood. I may like this. Suddenly I feel a strange sensation. Something is being pushed INTO my dick. I panic totally as the catheter goes further and further in. I try to scream, cry, struggle, anything but can barely move or make a sound. This is my worst nightmare. Finally the catheter is fully inserted and inflated and the zippers once again shut and locked.

“We’re not finished yet” Jake says and, with that, he begins to tighten straps starting at my feet. Incredibly, my prison becomes tighter yet. The straps feel like they are only a couple of inches apart all the way from my ankles to my throat and, with every buckle that is closed, another lock is added. With mounting horror I realize that no less than twenty locks are now securely holding me in my leather and rubber prison. There is absolutely no possibility of escape. Even the slightest movement is now impossible and even breathing is a chore.

“Oops” Jake says “Look at the time. Guess I’d better get on the road.”

With that he straps me to the bunk and leaves. I hear the powerful engine roar to life and it hits me like a bombshell. Not only am I totally imprisoned by a man I hardly know but I’m now being taken who knows where.

Time passes at a snails pace as slowly every muscle in my body first cramps then begins to ache intolerably. The noise of the engine and the vibration of the vehicle are my only companions as I fight to keep from becoming carsick. I’m terrified of bringing up my stomach and choking on it. My eyes feel like acid has been poured into them from all the sweat that is running in them and my jaw aches intolerably. Finally the truck stops. Shortly I hear Jake crawl into the back.

“Break time,” he says. Relief floods me. I’m finally to be released. He removes the straps binding me to the bunk. Then, to my surprise, flips me over onto my chest. As he straddles me I hear another lock being unlocked then a zipper opens, another lock then another zipper. Cool air hits my sweating ass and I only have time to think “Oh no – he wouldn’t” then, with a single thrust. His massive cock is inside me. Incredible pain flashes through my skull as his body presses down on mine. I am forced face first into the bunk. Desperately I try to raise my head as he mercilessly pounds my ass. Just as I am starting to black out he raises my head, allows me a couple of gasping breaths then its repeated. Again and again this happens until, with a bellow, he blows his load in my ass. To my surprise his last powerful thrust, combined with my lack of air push me over the edge as well and, as I hover on the edge of consciousness I blow my load to the most incredible orgasm I have ever felt. Pain! Incredible Pain. The cum forces its way around the catheter, stretching my urethra past its tolerance. It’s too much for me and I slip into unconsciousness.

When I come to, I panic at the situation I find myself in but to no avail. Once again I am restrained to the bunk and the truck is in motion. This scenario is replayed twice more during the day. By the time Jake announces that we have stopped for the evening I am almost beyond caring. I am one massive aching muscle and nothing beyond my tiny world exists for me anymore.

“Time for supper” Jake says and some sort of liquid is poured into my breathing tube. I cough and choke as I try desperately to drink it while holding my breath.

“Good man” he says “I’ll be back after I eat.”

With that I hear the truck door close and I am alone. An eternity later Jake returns. “Lets try something different before bed” he says. As I desperately try to say something his dick is suddenly thrust into my mouth. I gag on its massive size as it moves down my throat and my air is cut off. With a “Suck for all you’re worth boy” he starts to pump it back and forth. Desperately I try to draw in a breath as he moves out, only succeeding in catching small gasps between his thrusts. Suddenly he grabs my head and forces his massive cock completely down my throat. As I once again black out I feel his hot cum running down my throat.

When consciousness once again is mine I find myself again pinned against the back wall of the sleeper by Jakes body. His rhythmic breathing indicates he is asleep. With desperation I realize that he intends to leave me locked in the sleep sack all night as well. Tears fill my eyes as silent sobs rack my body. My only consolation is that the tears are washing the burning sweat out of my eyes.

The night stretches on endlessly as slowly my entire body seems to go numb. I catch sporadic periods of sleep but even that is difficult as the stimulation or being bound in the sleep sack overwhelms my senses. Finally I feel Jake stirring. “Time to unload” he says “don’t go away” and leaves me. What seems like hours later I hear the truck start and we are on the road again. Time passes at a snails pace as the previous day repeats itself. My only breaks are to be fed or to be fucked. Even this is becoming a welcome thing as it breaks the monotony. I have totally lost any track of time when the truck stops and Jake announces “Home again. Ready to get out of there”

I am so out of it that I can’t even respond. An eternity later all the locks have finally been unlocked, the straps removed, laces untied and the zipper is being opened. As the cool air hits me I realize I have literally been swimming in sweat inside the bag and am now freezing. I desperately want to hit Jake for what he has done to me but all I can do is collapse into his arms. My muscles will no longer respond. As he massages my muscles back to life and works the cramps out of them. Glancing at the clock on the dashboard I realize that almost 30 hours have passed. Clearing my parched throat I manage to whisper the statement that keeps running through my mind. “That was horrible. When can I do it again?”

“Soon” is all he says.


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