True Potential – Part 02

By BootDeputy

Logan floated in space for a while, switching between struggling and stillness. His position wasn’t uncomfortable but if he stayed still for too long, he felt like he was spinning in zero gravity if he thought about it too much.

He tried distracting himself by thinking about Officer Rick’s boots that he was worshipping what was probably only an hour ago, or maybe two. It felt so good to be of use to a Man like Him. Logan had always loved the idea of being objectified as a tool or piece of furniture, but also knew that real challenge was to not let the desire for interaction to overwhelm while in “storage”.

The idea of being stored away was one of the elements of objectification that appealed to Logan the most and so far seemed to be one of the greater struggles as he hanged there, breathing in the Officer’s piss.

Logan moaned into the gag again. It was inflated large enough to prevent his tongue from moving around, but not so much to cause lockjaw. He had to swallow the pooling saliva every fifty seconds or so. The last time he did, Logan swallowed awkwardly and started to have a coughing fit. Nothing he couldn’t manage, but a bit of a struggle. That was the only time he heard noise outside of his own little world. Probably Officer Rick checking in on him but never actually heard the door open.

So now he cycled through thoughts of disassociation, being of service to Officer Rick. How he is breathing in the Man’s piss which caused him to try to hump the chastity cage until he had to regulate his breathing again. A cycle of pleasure and struggle. Logan loved and hated it all. Being able to experience both sides of a situation like this felt like a foundational purpose for a slave or object. And started to focus on that idea for a while.

During the disassociation phase of his cycle, the door opened, and Logan could hear heavy boot falls of Officer Rick going across the room. A tight grip appeared around his balls.

“How’s the object doing?” The Officer asked giving subtle squeezes to Logans sack. Logan moaned in a positive manner and moved his head up and down slightly to make his answer clear.

“Good. The first guest has arrived. Lounging out in the kitchen area as we speak,” Suddenly the gas mask around his face lifted and the vacuum seal was released. The scent of the rubber-piss disappeared, leaving Logan to feel as relieved as he was saddened by its absence.

Officer Rick’s boots were in view of Logan’s downward gaze, being sure not to make eye contact with Him as He spoke, “So now, I’m going to explain the objects duties: object is going to serve two functions. The first is a urinal for My guests and I. Object will be wearing a thicker hood over with an opening for the mouth that funnels Man piss into it. The second one will be sorted out later tonight. Understood?”

With the gag still inflated in Logan’s mouth, he moved his head up and down again to clarify his response.

“Good. I’m going to deflate and remove the gag now. Just because an object has the ability to speak doesn’t mean it is allowed to.”

The gag deflated in Logan’s mouth and Officer Rick removed it. Even after it was pulled out of the mouth, Logan kept his mouth open, knowing that only permission would allow him to close it.

“Now comes the thick hood, move it’s jaw as needed until I got it in place.” Logan kept his eyes down as Officer Rick stepped back toward the counter and walked behind Logan.

The hood went over his eyes and Logan was plunged back into darkness. The hood was very thick as it gripped his forehead, nose, and checks. Logan manipulated his jaw as the mouth part was put into place. It had an interior molding for the mouth that was stiff and kept it open. The eyes were completely covered, and hearing was minimized significantly.

Officer Rick walked to Logans front and placed His forehead against Logans rubber one, speaking clearly, “I’m going to lower object to a height for proper urinal use. There will be about six other Men here, so We will try not to over-fill it.” His remark was followed by a playful laugh and then He embraced me hard, “Object is going to experience its true purpose and potential tonight.”

Officer Rick pulled His head back from Logans, and then inserted the funnel device. Logan could feel another strap go around his forehead keeping it in place. Then he felt himself be lowered by the winch. Logan struggled a little but found comfort easily and started to adjust to the stiff tube that was placed in his mouth, again forcing the tongue under it. The airflow thorough the tube was easier than the gasmask which made it an easier object to adjust to.

Then a warm wave of piss flooded his mouth. Logan wasn’t prepared for it but was able to work on swallowing it in a rhythmic pattern. He found that he was able to hold some of it in his mouth at the end to breath before finishing the stream. It wasn’t strong or concentrated which was nice for the first time in the headgear. He really enjoyed it. The only piss he had ever taken before was his own and this tasted way better.

“Yeah, fucking good urinal, now one last thing.” Officer Rick announced loud enough for Logan to hear and then went around behind him. Logan could feel the anal access zipper be released around his ass. He moaned at this, knowing that whatever would happen, his ass was going to be filled in one way or another tonight. Again, for the first time in years. The idea was as scary as it was fulfilling.

He hasn’t had much to be able to stretch it out but new that it wouldn’t be hurtful. Cleaning out earlier was very easy for him especially with a thicker insert than the one he used at home.

He could feel a leathered finger slide inside of him, then a second one as they gently worked past the sphincter. Logan took a deep relaxed breath and just dangled in the harness, not letting any muscles exert effort. The fingers slide in deeper, a third one joined. Logan shuddered in ecstasy, almost humping Officer Ricks hand.

“You’re an object now. No need for sexual contact, so will plug up the useless hole. Just pretend it’s my dick,” a stiff bulb appeared at Logans anus, gently pushing against his hole. Logan took a moment to exhale and relax as the plug slid into place. He gasped softly as it filled his hole. The chastity cage seeming more and more like an issue to him, all the while loving the lack of control.

“Yeah, keep it right there. Gonna make good use of it tonight.” Officer Rick than proceeded to spank Logan’s ass cheeks over and over in quick succession. Harshly moaning into the tube, Logan strained against the straitjacket and harness,

“Fucking good. Not long now until it becomes a functional utility.” He spanked Logan’s ass one final time before exiting the bathroom, leaving Logan to struggle in his pleasure.


In the living area of Officer Ricks apartment, there were four other men sitting around a large wooden table framed by the sectional couches. The sun had fallen behind the horizon, and between all the leather, and CHP/L.E.O. uniforms, the atmosphere took a more masculine tone. These guests of Officer Ricks were from all over the country but were like family to one another. Only able to gather a couple of times a year, Officer Rick’s place was ideal due to the amount of space he had as well as being near a major fetish event. Much more ideal when all the bars are at full capacity.

Another knock on the door, and when Officer Rick opened it, another friend smiled at Him and they both hugged. This one was wearing a full leather biker suit and MX boots. Behind him was a larger, bulkier man also in his own biker suit and boots, but had a muzzle harnessed around his head and a leash leading to the first mans gloved hand.

They entered the apartment and grabbed a beer bottle resting in a cooler on the ground by the kitchen island.

“Glad you made it here safe, and that you didn’t come alone. He the new guy?” Officer Rick asked the man as they sat on the bar stools.

Nick, the man Officer Rick was talking to, pulled down on the leash gently and the hulking man dropped to his knees just behind Nick, “Yeah, a huge fucking toy for sure! Put my equipment through some strain. But so far, we are doing good. I like this one a lot.” Nick put one hand on the head of the kneeling biker who nuzzled his thigh and put one arm around Nick’s boot.

“Seems like it. Looks good on your boots too.”

“Yeah! I got this pair off some undergrade student near my work. He was looking to sell them for a hundred bucks, if you can believe it! When I tried them on, I saw the way he was staring at me in his boots and told him to get on his knees and lick them clean before we parted. Was a hot kid too.” Nick opened the beer and handed the cap to his biker sub, who clutched it in his palms.

When Officer Rick gave him a suspicious look, Nick said, “He likes to be treated like a simple-minded animal. I give him shiny and smooth things to occupy his hands. Plus, he gets a gift from his Alpha.”

“Sounds like a nice idea really.”

“So, tell me, you just got something new yourself, didn’t you?” Nick asked, leaning in.

“Yes, actually just installed a urinal in the bathroom for tonight.”

“Oh I’ll make sure to use that later. Is it your property or just a casual thing?” Nick asked, sipping his beer.

“Well, it’s our first time doing anything intimate. A few years back he lost his family and home in an earthquake. Was homeless for a while and only just got his own place about 6 months ago living with some asshole homeowners, I guess. He needed to invest in something that made him happy and gave him purpose. He’s a smart kid and has a good sense of self confidence.”

“Well, you would have to be to be able to recover from something like that. Damn that sucks though,” Nick brought the bottle up to his mouth but paused when he studied Officer Rick’s face, “So what are you thinking now?”

“I have ideas but nothing to act on until I see how this night goes.”

“Did you fall for the kid?” Nick asked with a strong passion.

“Well I definitely know that I care about him. Is it more of a fatherly love or a Master’s love? I can’t say right now. But I do feel like the others here will like him too.” Officer Rick looked over to the couch where a large bear of a Man was showing a local guest how to punch a cigar. He saw the local guy pick up a lighter.

“Hey! Remember to turn on the venting system before you light up in here. Either that or go to the smoking room or balcony. If I get in trouble with the owners, I’ll make sure one of you will be in trouble with me.” He called out in a tone that was half friendly and half stern, giving the local guy an unsure expression followed by-

“Understood Rick.”

Officer Rick, and I appreciate it.”

Officer Rick turned back to Nick who was giving him another look.

“Oh, he was fine. Just can be helpful to remind guests that they are guests. Plus, it gets me hard to see their flustered expression.”

“Always were one to enjoy the little things,” Nick replied and then gulped down the last of his beer, “Speaking of which, you wanna test how good this one’s mouth is?” Nick asked and pulled up on the leash.

The beast at the end of it stood up in a quick but controlled manner looking at Nick.

“Damn straight I do, also grab another two beers.” Officer Rick got up off the stool and slapped the muzzled biker on his chest twice.

“I will. Want to fill up the tank and test out your new install.”


In the bathroom, Logan was going through the mental cycle again. From boredom to horny thoughts, to frustration, to breathing exercises, and gratitude for the position he was in. Being kept like this truly was fulfilling for him. As soon as those thoughts started to fade into Logan spacing out, he ended up back at boredom again.

He could hear muffled conversation and movement beyond the hood and bathroom walls. Could hear the slight creaking of leather and gear. Once he thought he heard Officer Rick raise his voice. Logan slowed his breathing to try to hear more. He was almost trying to will someone to come towards the bathroom but no one came in.

If he had to guess, Logan felt he was in this position for about two hours, and he still felt comfortable. Usually doing something like this for the first time, there are issues and adjustments to make that can consume the entire session time. He was really fortunate to have Officer Rick’s experience to guide this experience. Who knows how many people out there are unable to reach their true potential in this lifestyle. And now Logan really wanted to thank Him for it. With his mouth and body and everything he had.

Logan’s cock grew in its cage. He moaned softly into the stiff tube placed in his mouth. About 30 minutes ago he got the last drop of Officer Rick’s piss as it worked its way down the tube.

The thick rubber straitjacket might as well have been cement. Even though they were loose enough for the arms to have full comfort, making even the slightest adjustment was an effort.

The door to the bathroom opened, and boot-falls echoed into the tile room. He thought there were maybe two of them. Logan stilled himself. The main thought in his mind was telling him to be still, like an object.

A hand gripped the top of Logan’s rubbered head and Officer Rick’s words came to mind:

Don’t try to lead or resist, just surrender to my movements.

The hand on his head was still, so Logan stayed still. Soon a warm stream flooded his mouth. Logan was so focused on being an object that he forgot to put effort into preparing to swallow the stream. He controlled the urge to cough by relaxing his throat. The hand on his head gripped tighter. The taste of this one was watery which is fine with Logan. He wanted to last as long as he could, and too much concentrated piss could put him out of order for a while.

Once all the piss was in Logans stomach he took a moment to breath, but not before a last little amount was added. It was beer, watery and foamy, and only a little bit of it.

“Yeah, good place to dump my backwashed beer into. Good faggot. Now you.” A deep voice spoke clearly and loudly, compared to the silence Logan had sat in for the past few hours.

A second load of piss flooded his mouth. This one was more concentrated but tolerable. At first he thought it was interesting that he could enjoy drinking Men’s piss but spoke of it like it was an obstacle to get past. But now he saw harmony in it. Enjoyment in something that is supposedly bad for you. That’s what mankind has done throughout most its existence Logan thought.

Logan’s stomach filled with piss, and he was filled with purpose.

To be continued…

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