Up Your Alley – Part 3

By ty dehner

Finishing the shower, I turn off the water and enjoy the freshness of my naked and now clean body. Stepping out I find that Kevin has provided me with a shaving kit and toothbrush. I complete my cleanup and look into a mirror of a man who has just spent nearly a day helpless and encased in rubber as a toy to a Man who takes what he wants. Somehow I look a little differently at myself as I start to remember what I have experienced, and I see that my cock is growing and soon is at attention before me.

Interesting that this small shower and bathroom is in the room where I have been since I arrived at Kevin’s, in his basement. There are no windows and only one door that he keeps locked when he is not with me. Even though I am not in any bondage, I am still being controlled.

I walk out of the small bathroom to find the room empty and Kevin not around. On the floor is a simple full-leather hood and a heavy pair of handcuffs. I am pretty sure they are meant for me, so I kneel and work the hood on my freshly shaved head. The hood laces up in the back and only has a nose hole. There is no gag, just the feeling of leather over my lips tightening as I secure the laces up the back of the hood. There is a leather collar attached to the hood, and I secure that and use the little lock that was hanging through the loop. Then I reach down and find the cuffs. I put one on my wrist then put my hands behind my back and secure the other, making them secure but not too tight. I remain kneeling, awaiting Kevin to return. I think to myself that I freely just locked myself in this leather hood that I can’t see or yell from and locked my hands behind my back. Fuck, Kevin is getting into my mind. He has me submitting to him without even asking.

It is a long while before I hear the lock on the door snap open and the boot steps of Kevin walking into the room to find me kneeling. The door is closed, and he comes closer and just stands inches from me. I can’t smell anything through the hood, and my hearing is slightly disabled. I don’t know what to expect or what he is thinking, but I am pretty sure he is checking me out. Naked and hooded before him — what does he want to do with me today?

Then I feel his hand gently touching under my chin and he is pushing me up, indicating for me to stand. I work myself up onto my bare feet and then he takes both his gloved hands and starts to lightly touch and stroke my body. Up and down my arms, my torso, lightly over my ass and smoothly over my hooded head. He enjoys himself, exploring his helpless, naked toy. Then he brings me closer to him and I feel his body totally in heavy leather, its coolness against my skin. He holds me tightly with his hands, gently caressing my backside, on occasion sliding his gloved finger into my ass gently. Here I am totally helpless and naked, being hugged and snuggled by the leather Boss. I can hear the full leather creak from under my helmet as Boss moves slowly and gently with me. He then kisses the hood where my lips are, and I so want to return his affection, but with my hands behind me and my lips under leather I am not able to. I am hard and dripping, but that is the only way I can show Boss how much I am into what we are doing. I want this so much. This is the best thing ever.

Slowly he walks me backward and pushes me onto the bed, climbing upon me and laying on me in his full leathers with all his weight. His knee finds my cock and balls and applies pressure to them, and I moan in the hood and he holds me tightly. I can hear him breathing near my ear as one of his hands starts to work my tits, gently. I’m afraid my precum is going to stain his leathers, but I don’t think he worries about that at this point in time.

“Pig, I better stop or I’m going to want to fuck you again, and if I do we will not get things that we need to get done today.”

I kiss him deeply.

“Fuck, you are evil.”

He stands and pulls me up. As I stand waiting for him, I hear him moving about the room, pulling gear out. No doubt he is preparing what I will be wearing this morning. Soon I feel his leather gloved hand on my shoulder, and he talks close to my ear.

“This morning we are going to get you to check out of your hotel and then go get some breakfast. We are going to be on the motorcycle. You will only take your fucking helmet off when I tell you to do so. You will be ordered to remove it when we are at the hotel to check you out and at breakfast. First I have to prepare you.”

I feel him grab my cock and balls, and he works them into some sort of device. As it comes together, I realize it is chastity, and my cock begins to harden.

“Oh, pig, you’re going to regret getting hard today.”

That is when I feel little spikes at the head of my cock and a small plug that enters my piss slit. I moan into the hood that still covers my shaved head. Boss does a bit more work and then pats my cock and balls and I feel the weight of the device as well as the small spikes that also prick my balls.

He takes off the hood, and I look down to find a metal device with locks on my cock and balls. I look at him, and he has an evil smile.

“I love this device as it really is something you try to control, but we know you get hard with all this gear and the more I control you. So you are going to feel all this today. There are nice little spikes in the metal surrounding your balls, as well as spikes that will take care of the head of your cock. In your piss slit is a small rubber tube that will allow you to piss later today but makes sure you feel your position as being controlled.”

He grabs my balls in the device.

“And I will make sure you are going to be hard often today. And the pants you are going to wear are going to be nice and tight. And wait until you experience what it is like to wear that on the motorcycle.”

He steps around, takes the cuffs off and points to the bed where there is a mound of heavy black leather.

“Fuck,” is all that I say.

“Yes, pig, now get busy and get in your gear. I’ll be back.”

With that he leaves the room and locks the door behind him.

I find a leather jock to put on, followed by a pair of heavy-weight black leather motorcycle jeans. They are snug and come with a belt. Under the pants I find a harness to put on, then a long-sleeve leather shirt that I tuck into the jeans. I decide to put on the Wesco logger boots that take a while since they are 16-inch boots and there is a lot of lacing them up. I find no socks to put on, so in my feet go into the leather-lined boots. I pull the jeans over the boot tops and then find a pair of heavy leather chaps and put them on over the leather pants. There is a vest with lots of patches on it. The patches are biker-themed, and some are rather intense and I’m not sure about wearing them but realize that I am not going to have a choice. But there is a heavy Langlitz leather jacket that goes on over the vest, and I decide I better zip it up. The helmet sits next to the gloves on the bed. I put it on, and when I do I can smell old piss and sweat. It is not pleasant inside the helmet and the padding feels a little crusty and stiff. But still I latch it up and put on the heavy gloves. I look in the mirrors and am amazed to see this leathered biker standing before the mirror, and I know that biker is me. Unfortunately it only serves to make me hard, and I feel that damn trap of device on my cock and balls.

I kneel and put my hands behind my back and await my Boss. I can hear the leather creek as I slightly sway, waiting and watching the door.

Soon he comes in and puts a wide leather collar around my neck and pulls me up. He slides down another shield in the helmet that blocks my view and leads me out of the room, up the stairs and out into the garage. Helping me over the motorcycle, he climbs on and I feel it start up and we drive a short distance down the street and he opens up the shield so I can see again. He pulls my hands around and has me hold him around the waist and we take off into the city.

After a ride we arrive at the hotel that I was staying at. I’m surprised he knew exactly how to get here.

“Ok, pig, remove your helmet, go in and check out.”

“What about my suitcase, Sir?”

“I came last night and cleaned out your room. Your stuff is at my house.”

“Yes, Sir.” I remove the helmet and set it on the motorcycle seat.

“PIG!” I turn and see him holding the helmet. I take it and bring it with me.

This is the first time I have appeared in public all leathered out, and I approach the front desk and ask to check out. They process the bill and hand me the receipt. I head out the door and realize that I still had the tall leather collar around my neck. I tuck the receipt into one of the jacket pockets, zip it up and put my helmet back on and climb behind Boss. I put my arms around him and he takes off out of the parking lot.

We arrive at a local breakfast place, and I am allowed to remove my helmet as Boss and I climb off the motorcycle. We walk in and are quickly seated. It is early and we are ahead of the breakfast rush. Here we sit, two leather men eating their eggs and bacon. Boss asks about my life, and we discuss both our lives. As we talk I begin to think about my situation, encased in leather in public and with a very handsome Man that is taking charge of me. Then I get reminded of that evil device that is locked on my cock and balls, and I squirm in my chair. Boss looks at me and smiles, knowing what is happening.

“Great reminder of your place, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Boss laughs at me and continues to eat his breakfast.

Soon we are done and the bill comes and Boss pays, but I notice he is using my credit card. I look at him as the waitress leaves.

“Fuck, pig, you wanted to thank me for all that I’ve done for you, don’t you?”

I am a little taken aback by him doing what he has done.

“Don’t worry, fuck toy, I have all your wallet items secured and safe. I think you would be honored in the privilege to pay for a meal for your Boss. Look at you now, in full leather. Yes of course, your cock is locked up and being tortured. But hell, that is nothing compared to what is going to happen today. So, me spending some of your money is well worth it isn’t it? Hell I could take you to an ATM and demand even more. And you’d fucking do it, wouldn’t you, pig?”

This is far more than I bargained for.

He looks at with a serious stare awaiting my response. He leans in slightly, and I hear his leathers.

“Look down on my right side, pig.”

I slowly look, and his right hand has a glove on, it and it is holding a gray handgun, and it is pointing at me. I look up at him in surprise. He smiles as I realize I am getting hard.

“I think you know the answer, fuck pig.”

“Yes Sir, I would be happy to go to the ATM and get you cash.”

I feel him take the weapon under the table and push it into my crotch and push the spikes in the device into my flesh. Slowly he works the weapon back into where he had it stored. The check is returned, Boss has me sign for it. As we stand to leave, he takes me by the collar, drawing me closer and kisses me.

“Thank you, pig.”

He leads me to the bathroom in the coffee shop and pushes me into the larger stall.

“You gotta piss, pig?”

“Yes, Sir, I actually do.”

“OK, but first this.” He brings out a heavy leather hood and works it on my head. The hood has only eye and nose openings with a plug gag that fills my mouth. He laces it up tightly, zips up a flap in the back, tucks it under the heavy collar I am wearing and I hear locks on the hood. Of course I am getting hard again and feeling the pain.

“Now piss, and when you are done come out to the bike.”

I work my leathers down so I can sit down to piss, for earlier Boss had told me that I was to piss sitting down as to not make a mess with the chastity device on me. He takes my helmet and starts pissing in it, soaking it again. After he soaks it enough, he opens my jacket and pisses inside my jacket, and I feel it soaking my leathers and running down and emptying into the bowl. He finishes. Puts his cock back into his leathers and takes the piss-soaked helmet, putting it on me over the leather hood and latches it up then, puts a lock on it.

He leaves the stall and closes the door behind. Fuck, I am now sitting on the toilet alone, in full piss-soaked leather, hooded, gagged and helmeted. I finally finish my business. Work my restrained cock and balls back into my leathers and leave for the parking lot.

Boss is sitting on the bike as I feel the wet leathers and look behind me to see that I left a small trail of piss that leaked out of me. Boss revs the bike, and I get on and take my position behind him, now hooded and unable to speak. I put my gloved hands around him and we take off heading out for a ride.

I know not where we are headed, but eventually I notice the signs are pointing toward the Coast, and Boss is taking me to Santa Cruz. It is early and the Dore event doesn’t start until later, so I have a feeling that Boss just wanted to cruise with his pig behind him. I never thought I would see the sights of the California coast while in full leather, hooded, gagged and locked up.

The road to Santa Cruz is curvy, and at times I get a little nervous on the back of the bike. But I remain confident in the Boss as he takes the curves like a pro and passes the traffic like a great rider.

It is a great morning to be out riding, the fog is clearing from the coast as we arrive in Santa Cruz. Boss takes us down to the pier, and we go for a walk. Of course I can’t remove the piss-soaked helmet and get a few stares, but I think Boss likes it. At times he lets me see his weapon, but he really doesn’t do much with it. He takes a few photos with his smartphone, and we get back on the bike and head up the highway to the north. It is an awesome feeling, being in the open like I am, holding snugly to my Boss. At one point I get a little playful and take my hand and start to rub the leather crotch of Boss. He firmly elbows me, and I stop. Sometimes there is a sharp bump, and I feel the spikes on my balls. I don’t smell much of the salt air, mostly piss or wet leather. We stop on occasion and walk along some of the small roadside trails. It is a strange feeling, having all this leather, heavy boots and gloves on while walking and hearing the creak of the leather. When there is no one around, Boss will take his fist and pound my crotch, which makes me bend over in pain, and he just pushes me up and onward on the trail.

The morning burns into early afternoon, and we start to return to the city. Being in the open on a motorcycle is a bit scarier in heavier traffic. And when Boss does his lane splitting I am sure he is feeling how tightly I am holding on. He works his way through traffic and deeper into the city, until we are in SoMa, and Boss is parking the bike. We both climb off, and he holds me tight and gives me a big hug.

“I enjoyed the drive with you, pig. I hope you did too.”

I nod that I indeed did enjoy the ride.

“OK, gotta get you ready for the event. You can take the helmet off, pig.”

I reach up to do so but find the lock. I grunt for Boss. He smiles and works the lock and latch free and helps me remove the helmet. He latches it and his helmet to the side of the bike and opens one of the side bags and pulls out a heavy leather straightjacket. He works me into it over the layers of leather I am already in. There are those damn spikes again! He straps up the back of the straightjacket and locks each one. Then he pulls out a denim vest that has lots of patches on it. As he works my arms through the vest I notice they say things like “Toilet” “Pig” “Slave” and other dirty and submissive terms. That sure lets others know what I am, though I think the hood and straightjacket might do the job. Boss then works my arms across one another, and he very tightly secures the rest of the straps. He punches my balls again, and I moan into the gag. He goes behind me and starts removing the hood, and it comes off and my sweaty face enjoys the feeling of the cool air.

“Thank you, Sir.” I move to kiss him and he allows me. As I kiss him he pushes me down to my knees and to his boots, where he has me lick off the road grime from our ride. Some of it is a few bugs, and I struggle to work them clean while in the straightjacket. A few guys headed to the event pass by and egg me on to do a good job. Boss laughs and lightly taps his boot into my mouth and chin. After a while he pulls me up by the collar and has me stand before him.

Unlocking the collar, he produces a very intense hood. It is one of the ultimate padded hoods, with on a grommet hole for breathing. There are straps and padding over the eyes, mouth and head. Boss works it on and I go blind and can’t speak as he snuggly straps up the hood and presses the leather into my face. I hear locks, and then Boss puts the collar back on followed by a heavy chain. Then I am tugged and we are heading to the Up Your Alley Street Fair. I am totally encased in leather, hooded, speechless and sightless, and with my cock and balls locked in a spiky, painful cage being taken to an event where I won’t know anyone, as I can’t see anyone. Just a leathered, piss-soaked pig to be shown off as a toy by my Boss.

We entered the street fair after Boss had to show the guards at the gate our IDs. Funny that they trusted him with me totally hooded. But they could tell he was in charge. He tugged on the chain, and I followed him. I couldn’t see anything, and most of what I heard was muffled. It is difficult walking sightless and unable to reach out to feel. Being encased like this really makes a boy have to trust his Boss very quickly. There is so much that can happen, and one has to learn quickly that Boss is going to make sure I get along fine.

He leads me slowly through the growing crowds, and I can only imagine what is out there beyond my sight. It is getting warm, as the fog has burned off and the day is turning out to be nice. My head begins to sweat in the hood, and I maintain my breathing through the small hole in the hood. At one point Boss stops, and I can make out that he is talking to some friends. They notice me, and then I am quickly ignored as a leather object. I hear one offer Boss a beer, and he takes it and slowly drinks it as he lights up a cigar and blows the smoke into the small hole in the hood. The sun is baking the black leather that I am in, and I begin to build a thirst. But I won’t be drinking anything soon through this hood.

Time passes, and after Boss has finished his beer and cigar I feel a tug and we are moving on. On occasion we stop, for what I’m not sure. But then we begin to move again. Several years ago I came to Dore on my own, so I know it is a large event and covers a great deal of ground. So I can only imagine where Boss is leading me.

After a couple of hours of being a total sweat-soaked leather gimp, Boss stops and talks to me.

“Pig, I am going to remove your hood and put you in the other one so you can see what is going on. I want you to know that many boys are seeing you, and a few have come up to me begging to serve me. But I brush them away, as I have my pig in my control. Now when I take the hood off, remain silent as I put the other one on.”

Boss works the hood off me, and the cool air crashes onto my sweaty, shaved head. I look at Boss and smile, and he comes to me and gives me a deep, sloppy kiss. He then works the other piss-soaked hood back on my sweaty head. It doesn’t slide easily, but he works it on properly and the gag fills my mouth. I can see the many men as Boss laces up and locks the hood on me. He tucks it into the collar.

“You look fucking awesome, pig. My friends were impressed by you.”

He tugs on the leash and we begin walking again. I am getting very thirsty, and as if he knows Boss stops on a busy corner of the street and pulls the chain down so that I kneel. I realize he is going to piss as he works the gag out of my mouth and inserts his cock. I smell the leather of his pants as his piss flows down my throat. I don’t miss a drop as a few check us out. There are a few photos taken, and I think Boss likes that. As he finishes up he inserts the gag again and pulls me up. And we begin walking again. As we do, Boss points out various men at the event in their gear.

Soon we are approaching an area where men are being tied up, flogged, spanked and more. Boss shakes the hand of one of the leather Masters who is standing next to the cross that stands on the street. Boss turns toward me and smiles. He begins to undo the straightjacket, and soon he is removing my jacket, shirt and vest, leaving me bare-chested, except for the harness. Soon that is removed and I am quickly secured to the cross with my hands locked high above me in leather wrist restraints and my legs stretched below. I can see others looking and watching as Boss disappears behind me and I wait in anticipation as to what is going to be very soon striking me body.

Then it happens; the heavy THUD of the leather flogger pounding my back and knocking the air out of my lungs. I moan into the gag as the next thud hits again. Boss is working slowly and lightly to get my backside use to his expert flogging. Over and over he strikes me, each growing in intensity. Then he changes the flogger to one with smaller pieces of leather, and it stings more. I look around, and a crowd is gathering around us as he continues. He stops for a moment and comes into my sight and Boss is covered in sweat and has a huge smile on his face.

“Pig, you are doing so fucking well. I am enjoying myself and love that you are giving yourself to me. I am going to up the intensity, and I want to hear you fucking yell into that gag. You are going to feel some pain now, pig, and I want your back as red as a red hankie!”

I watch him leave behind me, and then I am struck by not a flogger but a single-tail whip. I do scream into the gag, as the pain is intense. As he strikes me over and over again I can feel the welts growing on my backside. As I feel the eyes of the other men upon me I start to grow in that fucking cage that keeps my cock from being free. I yell into the gag in frustration and pain. I can hear the smack of the whip as it strikes me and I struggle in the bondage that holds me.

This beating lasts for a good hour or more from start to finish, and the crowd eggs Boss on at times. But soon he tires, and before he breaks the skin on my back he stops. I feel his gloved hand caress my welted flesh, and he comes before me and begins to remove me from the cross. He has me lay on the street on my stomach so others can see the welts as he allows me to rest. Reaching down, he pulls out the gag and stands before me and I begin to lick his boots. He even has me lick the soles that have been walking the dirty streets of the city. But I want to show my thanks to my Boss. Fuck, he is my Boss. He is controlling me totally. Here I am lying in the middle of the city in a street after being beat by this powerful leather Man in front of many others. They were just looking, here I was actually serving this man I only met two days ago. He has turned me into a worshipping, serving toy for his amusement.

In time I finish his boots, and he has me stand up. He puts the chain back on the collar and leads me around the street fair again to show off my welts. I also enjoy the freedom of not being in the straightjacket. Still hooded but not gagged, he stops and gets me a couple of waters, which I drink down quickly and love the cold filling my mouth. He then kisses me and we make out as his gloved hand keeps my chin in control. He doesn’t give a shit about the others around, he has flogged his hooded and leather-encased pig, and he is fucking proud of me. We look into each other’s eyes and realize something is happening, and he smiles.

He takes me back to the area that I was flogged, and I hope that he doesn’t want to beat me again. But he has me put my leathers back on, and I feel them against the welts on my back. The straightjacket follows, and the full hood is returned, and I am once again plunged into darkness and silence. He leads me around Dore for a few more hours, visiting with his friends, another cigar and some piss down the straightjacket before he decides it is getting late and we head back to the motorcycle.

He takes the straightjacket off and exchanges the hoods, and I put the helmet on again. We mount the bike and head home as darkness falls upon the city and the lights come on. We end up at a beach near the ocean, and he takes me off the bike and he holds my hand as we talk the beach a short distance to a secluded location. He pushes me over a large rock and unzips the leather pants in my ass, which I didn’t know had a zip. Slowly he releases his cock from his leathers, and soon it is filling my ass. He plunges in deep and quickly. Pushing in deeper and then pulling out to plunge in again.

“Fuck, pig, I am not going to be able to keep this seed in long. You fucking did everything I wanted today, and you took it. It is because you know you are fucking owned by a leather God and you want to serve me, no matter how it hurts you. And you know what? I am going to make you hurt, and hurt good. You will get to the point where you won’t be able to shoot your load without being in pain. And well, that will only be on occasion. I love owning you and getting into your brain and making you a dirty toilet pig. And so you know, you are my boy, there is no other boy. From the moment I found you online I knew that I wanted you and I did everything I could to make you mine. And there isn’t fuck anything you can do about it is there, fuck toy? No, you are fully leathered, gagged, hooded and been taking my piss just like you are meant to do. And you are going to take my seed again and keep it in you for the rest of the night until I let you go. And no, you aren’t getting free for a long time to come. You want that, toy, don’t you? Grunt for me, pig, do it you fucking toilet piece of shit!”

I can’t believe what he is saying; he has crossed the line and lied to me. And he is filling my ass with his cock, and I can feel him nearing climax, and before I know it I am grunting into the gag like a fucking pig. Fuck, he has me, I am in leather and the fucking cock cage is keeping me from shooting my load and he knows it. He shoves in really deep, and I hear him release the air from his lungs and growl as he shoots his seed into my ass. He puts his glove over my nose to take in the smell of the glove, and he loves that I buck like a bronco as he shoots over and over. Then he collapses on my back, and slowly his dick pulls out. He produces a butt plug and shoves it in quickly and zips my pants back up. He grabs my collar and quickly leads me back to the motorcycle, and we get on and ride off.

I feel every bump in the pavement with that butt plug with the cum lubing it. Under my helmet I being to tear up a little, as I am emotionally drained. I have enjoyed every moment this man has put me through, but I need to return home tomorrow, and this will all be memories.


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