Up Your Alley – Part 4

By ty dehner

After a long ride out of the city, Boss stops on the side of the highway and drops the shield in the helmet that blocks my vision. I figure we must be getting close to home, but we must ride for another hour before I realize we are pulling into the garage and he is leading me off the bike and down into the only room I’ve been in since meeting him.

He attaches the chain that is connected to my collar to a point on the ceiling lifting me up to my tiptoes and creating harder breathing as the collar chokes me. He punches my enclosed balls with is gloved fist and leaves me to moan in pain, dangling from the chain.

I hear the leather creek as I struggle to maintain my balance and only hear my breathing through the hood and helmet that encases my head. I need to piss something wicked but wouldn’t dare do it while in these leathers. They are awesome, and I remind myself of how great it was that Boss provided these for me to wear and impress all those at the street fair today! While I didn’t get to see much of what was going on today, I could tell that Boss was really happy having me behind him as his leathered toy and able to use me and beat me as he did in front of everyone. I know that I will be appearing in a few blogs in the coming days, as there were many taking photos, and I think Boss likes that I will be out on the web as his toy.

Another punch to the balls brings me back to my space in Boss’s house, and I realize he has returned. He removes the helmet, and I can see that he has removed his leathers and only wears pajama bottoms. He releases the chain and starts to remove the straightjacket. My body is stiff as the leather comes off in layers — the coat, vest, shirt, then chaps, boots and pants. Soon I am only wearing the harness and hood.

“Pig, I am dead tired, but it is still early. We are going to have something for dinner, and then we are going to rest for the rest of the evening. You will remain hooded for the time being, and I am going to allow you out of this room. Let’s go upstairs.”

He leads me up the stairs and into the Boss’s very nice living room. He has me sit on the floor, and he starts a meal for us. I can’t offer to help, as I am still gagged. As much as I like the full leather, I feel good being out of it and letting my body rest. Though I still feel the welts on my back and on occasion Boss will check up on me and mention how good I look with the welts. Soon he brings a meal, and mine is in a dog bowl. He puts it before me and removes the hood and allows me to start eating as he enjoys his meal. He puts on some music, country and western, and we eat and rest. I look up at him, seeing this handsome Boss who has shown me so much and has had no hesitation to control me as he has seen fit. His blue eyes look back at me, and he will smile at me, or nudge me with his foot. The food is good, and the company even better. Still having to piss I hesitate to speak, but finally I ask Boss if I might speak. He allows me, and I let him know of my situation. He points down the hall and allows me to go to the bathroom. I have to sit because of the cock cage, but soon I am relieved and return to sit down before Boss and finish my meal.

He takes the dishes, cleans up in the kitchen and returns to lead me to his bedroom. It is a king bed, and we lie down together and hold each other, looking into each other’s eyes. It is as if I had known Boss my entire life. He is the first man to just take control, not asking a bunch of questions and how I might feel. I think he knew what I needed in my life, and he made sure he showed me that he understood with absolutely no confusion on the matter. Boss reaches over and puts on a pair of leather cop gloves and holds me, stroking his pig’s body. We begin to kiss, and our tongues explore and enjoy what we find. He brings his leg over mine and pins me down. I want to be inside this man and want him inside me. We part and rest in each other’s arms. Is this what falling in love is? He has been brutal with me; pushing me to my limits and beyond as well as being the Boss he was destined to be.

Over and over I am reminded of my submission as my cock remains locked up in its spiked prison. I moan into Boss as we kiss, and he chuckles, knowing why I am moaning. I think he likes arousing me and teasing me. I can feel pre-cum pouring out of my cock and sliding on Boss and me. I haven’t shot my load in a day or more, and I really need to. We get hot and heavy and the other times just enjoy being together in our arms. Time passes and we begin to fade like this. I don’t care about the time. Sure I need to head home tomorrow, but right now I want this moment to last all night.

Soon I find myself waking up. I was so content and comfortable that I had fallen asleep. Boss is asleep, so I relax and fall asleep again. Through the night, hour after hour, we sleep, hug, kiss and just are one with each other. No sex, just two men, one serving the other.

The morning is shattered by the alarm as Boss wakes and pushes me over and slides his cock up my ass. Slowly he enters me, and I let him, still in a half-awake mode. He pushes in snuggly and soon is releasing his morning piss in me. When he is finished he slides out and puts a plug in. I turn to kiss him, and his gloved hand goes over my mouth and GOMs me for a while.

He rises and orders me to follow him back downstairs.

“Pig, I want you back in your leathers, head to toe. No hood though, and don’t you fucking dare remove that plug up your ass. You can piss all you need. We are going to return your rental car. I’ll come and get you shortly.”

After, he leaves I go in the small bathroom and piss through the cage, then work on getting my leathers back on. I make sure they are zipped up and layered properly. Soon Boss returns in his leathers, and he leads me to the garage where my car is parked in the driveway. We head to the airport, me in my car and him on the motorcycle.

I drop the car off at the rental garage at SFO and Boss has me ride the train to the terminal and meets me at the baggage claim area. He hands me the helmet, and I climb on the bike behind him. We ride off and soon are back to his place. He feeds me breakfast and then takes me back downstairs. He puts the full leather hood on me with only the small grommet hole to breathe. He puts me back in the straightjacket. I am wondering if he remembers that my flight leaves in a few hours. I am pushed down and shoved into a tight space, and I hear a metal cage door slam shut and lock.

“Pig, I have some work stuff to get done. I like the idea of my toy locked up and just waiting to be used. Couple of things you should know as you wait for me to return. I have checked you into your flight, and you will be flying home today. I want to keep you, but I know that you must return. You will not be returning with your luggage, though. You will be wearing your leathers on the plane, and when you get home. I fucking really wanted to take you back to Seattle on the back of my bike, but work stuff got in the way. Another thing, you are going to be returning to me. Before we leave to take you to SFO, I am going to install a new cage on you so that you won’t need to be detected at the security. Oh, and I bet your ass is starting to hurt with that piss still in you. I’ll be back in a few hours, pig. Or will I?”

He laughs and slams the door shut.

Fuck, I am trapped, and he could keep me with way with no way for me to escape. He has been intense at times, but last night was really different. Would he really keep me against my will? Well I can only trust that he won’t, for I am in full leather, hooded and in a cage.

During the few hours I have alone, I remember the stuff he did to me, which is a mistake as I get hard each time and moan into the hood. Alone I am left with my memories and the sound of the leather and my breathing. I could have never imaged the weekend going the way that it did. I think I must have had the best time ever at Dore. And this story that I am now able to write proves it.

Boss does return, and I do end up traveling back on the plane in my full leathers. Taking the boots off at security was a fucking pain in the ass, but otherwise things went well. I got lots of looks as to why is this dude in full biker leather at the airport. When Boss left me at the drop-off at SFO, he took off his helmet and gave me one hell of a kiss. It was just like out of a kinky gay leather movie, so romantic, and in public no less.

I thought about him the entire flight home, which was painful, for the cage he replaced on me didn’t have spikes but it sure the fuck didn’t allow me to get hard. And now I am home. Got back yesterday and went to work, which was weird since I wasn’t in full gear for the first time in three days. It is evening, and I am hoping Boss will call tonight as he said he would.

Hold on, there is a knock at my door.

Fuck, now standing in my living room is Boss in his biker gear. He has been riding all day to be here. What a fucking surprise. He told me he is here to take me back with him in two weeks. We are going to settle up here, and I am going to go back and be his toy full time. So I am going to have to finish this to become the gear pig I am meant to be.


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©Copyright 2014 ty dehner all rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “Up Your Alley – Part 4”

  1. Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. Certainly makes all of us wish we could be that pig, or work on getting there.

  2. It can happen. Leave yourself open to it but don’t look for it. Learn to subdue your male ego and let it happen. Finding the right person comes from places we least expect.

  3. Thanks for the comments! As a writer hearing that you enjoyed what i wrote and wishing it was you is the best reward…well next to being locked in a straightjacket for the weekend :)

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