Video: Suspended in immobilizer arm splints from Sinvention

Check out the way the immobilizer arm splints are used on a captive by Rank in this video from SeriousMaleBondage:


In this shoot, Rank tests the endurance of his rubber gimp with some stressful bondage. Rank’s trick is to stimulate the gimp with a vibrator so he is able to tolerate more extreme suspension positions provided by an overhead winch. It’s friggin hot how he struggles. Poor guy!


Title of this video: TOE THAT LINE

To learn more about the immobilizer arm splints, visit Sinvention


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2 thoughts on “Video: Suspended in immobilizer arm splints from Sinvention”

  1. You have it exactly right! The more you stimulate your sub the more he wants to endure more suspension and discipline!

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