By boyryan54

boyryan54Time has lost meaning for me. I have no idea what time of day it is, or even what day it is. I know I haven’t been here longer than a week, but I have no idea how much time has passed. Master has kept me in the dark this whole time. Most of what I am aware of is darkness, stillness, and what some people consider quietness. In my time spent here isolated, I realize nothing is ever quiet. I can hear my heart beat, the slight noises of Master’s house settling. Occasionally, I hear the AC system turn on and off. Most of the time it’s boring, but this is what I begged for.

Due to my lack of external stimulus, I have grown to be aware of my body. I can feel the slight air bubbles moving under my latex suit, the calming weight of the chains, the sound my breathing makes though the gas mask, the occasional beam of light that sneaks past the covered lenses.

My favorite observation? The way my heart rate increases when I sense Him near me. I never know what form of attention I will receive, or if He will even acknowledge me: Might be a pat on the head, a shock to the balls, a quick oral worship session, or feeding me my nutritional shake. Sometimes it’s to force feed me cigar smoke.

No matter what form it will take, it all starts with one sound: the sound of His boots. The next thing I notice is the creak of His leathers, then I smell the cigar smoke on him. Then if lucky, I get physical contact. And if I am REALLY lucky, He will let me out of the cage and secure me tightly and will use my body for His pleasure. That has only happened twice so far.

He should be back soon. At least I think sometime soon. I really don’t know. But this is what I wanted. This is why I took a week off. It’s not my place to keep tabs on Master. I needed to disconnect. To feel safe and secure in the control of Master. Is it weird to think that I feel this safe and secure in the control of a Man whose name I don’t even know? I guess it’s not important. A name is just a title, what’s important is the trust and chemistry we have developed over the years.

I have become His stored toy, His rubbered object, His secured pet. And I am His for an entire week. All I have to do is wait.


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  1. These short stories from boyryan54 are very intense. You can quite easily get inside his head as he’s narrating. Great talent.

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