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True Potential – Part 03

By BootDeputy

“Keep it up, almost done.” A stern voice called from above Logan. He had been pissing in the funnel for what felt like three minutes now. It was mostly beer piss which went down the easiest for Logan, like drinking out of a warm water bottle.

When he finally finished, Logan mentally tallied his sixth load of urine being soaked up in his stomach.

Like pipework. Just like a real urinal, he thought to himself.

The Man had left the bathroom. He was only the second person to communicate something at Logan, making it feel a bit more intimate. The other four just simply walked in, pissed and left, which made Logan feel pulled toward a mindset that he could only describe as powerful and omnipresent in his own mind.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 07

By Hunter Perez

I imagine that being trapped in a pillory while being erotically teased by your dream lover can generate some carnal pleasures – I could be remember being aroused while watching some videos of hot guys in those types of bondage scenarios having fun with each other. Unfortunately, that was not my situation. There was no one to tickle my fancy – among other things in need of tickling – and the physical monotony of being forced into a slumped stationary pose with heavy boards controlling my head and hands quickly became stressful. But while I could tolerate the discomfort of being locked in an unnatural physical position, the prison sergeant’s presence added a new degree of emotional agony at the worst possible time.

I was baffled at his reaction upon viewing me – he clearly believed that he knew me, but that was obviously impossible unless I had a double running around in 1875. I hated to imagine which person he was mistaking me for – was I supposed to be a train robber or some other Butch Cassidy-type bad guy? Of course, claiming a bounty for the capture of such a miscreant could have excited him. But his agitation seemed more personal than professional. I recalled him saying something along the lines of “Oh no, not you” but quickly insisting he only knew of me and never met me.

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Kritofer Weston cigar daddy

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 04

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…You are on your own…

You’re glad to have the cigar and start hauling on it a few times to get your nicotine level back up. It’d been a while since you last had a smoke, and this was welcome even if it wasn’t the Red you hoped Garrett would retrieve when he went into your backpack. You can back off on inhaling the cigar for now; you feel the nicotine is starting to relax you a bit and that is what you needed after falling prey to a few of Garrett’s bait and switch ploys. You have to admit, he is a good one when it comes to keeping you on your toes. Always expect the unexpected with him. Your current situation is a perfect example of that. In your mind’s eye you saw things differently. Quite differently – you’d arrive, get settled, get caught up a bit, relax with a drink while you discussed the coming weekend, review the contract you prepared, both sign it, and then the fun begins. Far fucking from it! Fuck you, Garrett.

The closet is getting very smoky. You can’t see it, really, with the light off. But when you take a puff or drag, the burning end glows bright enough for you to see the haze around you. And it’s also getting warm in here. Sweat is starting to run down your temples, around the edge of your jaw and work its way under the thick collar of your straightjacket.

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 03

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…And with that, the closet doors are shut, the light is turned off, and he is gone.

In addition to your need to piss, the stiffness starting in your shoulders, the wrench starting in your neck, the soreness starting in your legs, and the ache starting in your jaw, you were now drooling on top of it all. And that was annoying you; you couldn’t tell how much, but you could feel it running down your chin and all you wanted to do was wipe it away. Your tongue was useless; you couldn’t make it lick the drool off your chin nor could you use it to help you swallow your saliva. Fuck you, Garrett.

There was no way to tell how much time had passed since Garrett first stowed you in here. It felt like hours. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. And almost as if you had conjured him up, the light in the closet came on and he opened the doors. You squinted at the light ’til you felt comfortable with it.

“Look at you, all drooly and shit. Having a good time?”

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