Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 03

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…And with that, the closet doors are shut, the light is turned off, and he is gone.

In addition to your need to piss, the stiffness starting in your shoulders, the wrench starting in your neck, the soreness starting in your legs, and the ache starting in your jaw, you were now drooling on top of it all. And that was annoying you; you couldn’t tell how much, but you could feel it running down your chin and all you wanted to do was wipe it away. Your tongue was useless; you couldn’t make it lick the drool off your chin nor could you use it to help you swallow your saliva. Fuck you, Garrett.

There was no way to tell how much time had passed since Garrett first stowed you in here. It felt like hours. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. And almost as if you had conjured him up, the light in the closet came on and he opened the doors. You squinted at the light ’til you felt comfortable with it.

“Look at you, all drooly and shit. Having a good time?”


“Good. I thought you might be.”

You tried to shake your head.

“Ohhhhh… you’re not? Really? That’s too bad. Do you want the gag out?”


“OK, let me get the keys.” Garrett stepped away for a few minutes and then returned.

“Turns out they were in my pocket the whole time.” <<Smile>>

He reached behind your head, took off the padlock, unbuckled the ring gag and let the straps fall to the side. Fucker, why won’t you take it out, you thought.

“OK, ready? This is gonna hurt.”

He worked the ring out from behind your teeth and pulled it free. The ache in your jaw increased even more. You worked your jaw open and closed a few times and the pain began to subside.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Umm, I probably should’ve had a piss before we got started, but I didn’t think this was going to happen, so, while maybe I should’ve told you sooner, I’m telling you now: I need to take a leak.”

“Yeah, you should have. It’s too late now cuz it’s too hard to get to your cock now that you’re all fettered and snug. So, you’re just gonna have to hold it. Or piss yourself. But I would not recommend that. Trust me. Breach of contract and all… ensuing consequences… you understand.”

“But we haven’t signed anything yet!”

“Well, you haven’t. But I have. Let’s take care of that right now.”

And with that, Garrett stepped away and returned with two copies of the contract you and he, mostly you, drew up. Apparently, he printed the final copy that you emailed to him before you left. Finally, you’re going to be let out of this straightjacket. Thank God.

“So, you’ll see that I’ve signed and dated my signature on both copies and took the liberty of dating yours on both, too. All you need do is sign above your printed name and we’ll be all set.

“Great, so get me out of this so I can.”

“Not so fast.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re going to sign it as you are.”

“I can’t sign anything tied up like this!”

“Oh, But you can, Luke. With a pen held in your mouth, all you need to do is make an ‘X.’ Perfectly legal.”

“No, it’s not!”

“You’re wrong, it is. Especially if it’s witnessed. Which, by the way, I can get someone to do after the fact. Or do I have to set up a webcam for people to witness you do it? Cuz I will. It’ll piss me off, which isn’t in your best interest. But I’ll do it.”

The two of you had discussed the possibility of ‘going public’ – Garrett putting you in front of a webcam – but you’re not sure you’re ready for that. The idea of broadening the scope of your humiliation was a definite turn on, but as Garrett now has the ability to easily turn that fantasy into reality, you start to feel a little panicky about it. Given what he’s done to you already, you decide it’s best not to test him on this. So, feeling defeated, you tell him “OK” and he puts a felt tip pen in your mouth and you try to make an ‘X.’ Garrett looks at it and then tells you just to hold the pen in your teeth and he’ll move the contract to shape the ‘X on the copy. He looks at both contracts and smiles.

“Signed, sealed up, and definitely delivered! You’re mine! This is going to be such a great weekend!”

“Ummm, I still have to piss.”

“‘Ummm,’ and I told you not now.”

Fuck. This is nothing new. He’s locked you into your pants remotely in the past and not let you piss for a period of time, so you know you can do this. And you kind of like the challenge. Garrett is very good at that – setting you up with various challenges. He always pushes you just a little bit more than you think you can manage. While challenges are to be part of this weekend, you just didn’t expect them to start so soon.

“How long are you gonna leave me here?”

“You know better than to ask that. But I admire your pluck,” said with a chuckle.

“Could I at least have a smoke?”

“You know what? You can. You’ve been a pretty good sport about this so far, given the curve ball I threw you as soon as you arrived. Not that you can do much about it now. Hang on.”

Garrett heads back to his study and you call out, “There are a few packs of Reds in my backpack.”

He returns and produces one of the cigars you brought with you. Not what you were expecting, but OK. It’s better than nothing. The end has already been clipped. He brought your torch and uses it to singe the end ’til it starts smoking. He offers it to you and you take it in your mouth. He brings the torch near the smoking end of the cigar and keeps it there while you puff. Flame dances off the end and it’s lit. You shift it to the right side of your jaw.

“OK, I’ve made a mark on it that only I will be able to see and…”

“Why?” You’ve cut him off.

And there it is, that sinking feeling in your gut again that Garrett has a way of creating, whether he knows it or not. Actually, you know he knows it. Don’t fool yourself.

“As I was saying, it’s marked in a way that only I can see. You’ll need to have it smoked to that point by the time I check in. If it is, you’re free. If it isn’t, you’re stuck. For who knows how much longer? Seriously, even I don’t know at this point how long I’m gonna leave you here. Good luck.”

Fuck, you think. Garrett steps back from the closet, turns off the light and shuts the double doors. You are on your own…

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  1. This just keeps getting better and better, and more and more intense! No small feat considering how great it started out. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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