Weekend With Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

We arrive in the neon city and I think about me surrounded by all the people and glitz and I’m wearing a full rubber suit under my cowboy outfit. Will anyone even notice. Jonas knows right where he is going, and we end up parking at one the big casinos. As I get out of the car, I am self-conscious but that doesn’t stop Jonas and he gives me a shock to remind me of his power.

We head into the building and it isn’t long before he is sitting in front of an electronic machine and pressing buttons. I stand behind and to the side so I can see but he knows I am there. Each spin ends with me getting a shock or not. It seems that he is losing more than winning and I am learning quickly how to hide the pain that my cock and ass are experiencing. It’s not like there is lots of time between shocks as each spin last just seconds and Jonas immediately presses the button to start a new game. At the same time, he presses the button on his remote and I am shocked. He pauses after a good half hour of play and looks at me.

“I’m not doing too good boy, but this is the most fun I’ve had losing! I can hear your grunting each time I shock you. I love it!”

He turns and starts again. A few minutes in he must have made an adjustment as the next shocks are stronger and I let a yelp at first. He stomps on my booted foot to remind me stay quiet. Just then the machine goes crazy and Jonas hits a jackpot of several thousand dollars. I am not shocked and am very happy for him. The machine is locked until they come and reset it. So, he looks at me all dressed up for him.

“You are so fucking hot looking in those tight jeans and boots. You are enjoying this, I hope?”

I nod in the affirmative and he smiles. Just then a guy comes up and calls out Jonas by name. He turns and it seems to be a friend of his. The guys is tall and well built, high and tight haircut, wearing black jeans and Wesco boots. He has an Harley t-shirt under a leather motorcycle jacket. They shake hands and hug, happy to see each other. They visit for a few moments until the casino officials show up. Jonas friend, Bart, notices me and comes to me as Jonas collects his winnings. Bart asks who I am, and I let him know my name and that I am a friend of Jonas. We shake hands and Bart has a very confident and strong grip. He holds it a bit extra and pulls me closer.

“How long you been locked up down there?”

He looks down at my crotch with a grin and I am surprised he asks. I let him know I’ve been locked up for week. He nods as he is impressed, I’ve been locked so long. As Jonas has finishes his friend congratulates him. Jonas explains that Bart is a friend that served in the Marines the same time Jonas was in the Navy and they met on one of the ships many years ago. They say a few things that are purely between them.  Bart mentions he has some things to take care of and they hug and Bart leaves. Jonas looks at me, shakes his head and smiles. We head to get some food and take a break in the gambling.

As we sit in the bistro Jonas keeps asking me how I’m feeling in the rubber and the clothes over it. He never tells me where he took me too before the casino and how long we’re going to stay. He pays for the food and soon we are back at the machines and I am being shocked over and over as Jonas plays.

After a while Bart returns but he comes up behind Jonas and Jonas doesn’t see him. Bart gets close to me and whispers in my ear.

“This is my room key; number is on it. In 15 minutes, you are to make an excuse to leave and then come to my room. There is something I want to show you and help surprise Jonas.”

I look at him, questioning all this. He pats me on the crotch and leaves without Jonas ever knowing. While he was speaking with me, I was being shocked, and I don’t think Bart noticed.

I was uneasy about what I was asked to do but Jonas knew this guy and he said he wanted to surprise Jonas so who was I to not follow through. When the time approached, I asked Jonas if I could go find some water for a drink. Jonas agreed noting that I would be pissing in the rubber I was in, later. As I walked away, he was still shocking me. But then it stopped when I got to the elevator, so I was hoping his range was limited.

I reached the room and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so I thought Bart probably wanted me to enter if I had the card. So, I did. As I walked into the room the light was on in the far side of the room and as I turned the corner there was Bart and I was surprised! He still had his Wesco boots on but now he was in a full leather biker gear. Pants, chaps, jacket and gloves. He smiled as I entered and welcomed me. Saying he was glad I showed up he asked if I shouldn’t be showing his boots some love. I was unsure of this now as I was here with Jonas. He crossed his arms and I thought I could at least taste those boots. I was on my knees and licking the leather on the toes. He reached down and patted my head with his gloved hand. He explained that he and Jonas discovered a long time that they were both into leather and bondage and shared a few experiences. Bart was a total top and was a Master to a couple of boys over the years. He learned Jonas usually was a bottom but he had a dom streak in him and he was glad to see Jonas was exploring that with me. He didn’t expect to find either of us tonight but liked the happy encounter.

He reached for something and had me sit up as he held a front locking plug gag in front of me. His eyes were focused and meant business so quickly he shoved it in my mouth, and I was locked in the gag. Then he pulled out a leather blindfold and he put it on me. He patted me on the head as I heard him stand and he was doing some stuff around the room.

He returned to me, having me stand before him and he worked his hands around my body. He started to unbutton my shirt.


Was all he said. He mentioned that Jonas is kinkier than he thought and proceed to discover the secrets that were under my clothes. I was nervous and a bit excited. But since I saw he was in full leather I realized he was cool with the rubber. Soon I was standing before him in the rubber and my locked cock and balls. He unzipped the rubber to explore the steel that I was trapped in and stated that he was impressed. He kept the pack from the belt buckle and had me move to the bed where he laid me down and I could feel there was leather under me. He took my feet and worked them into the leather, and I realized I was being put into a leather sleep sack. I moaned a bit and motioned that I didn’t want to do this. He tapped my face and told me to be still and just do what he said. He pressed on me to emphasis how strong he was and that I wasn’t going to be avoiding this.

Rather quickly he had me in the leather sack and was zipping it, then lacing and adding heavy straps. He told me that there were locks on each strap. He made it very snug and the room was warm, and I was sweating in the rubber and leather layers. When he was done, he snapped a few photos of me with his phone, then laid beside me.

“I’m going to change and then head down to find Jonas. I’m going to show him these pictures and challenge him to some games of chance. The prize will be you for the next 24 hours.”

Bart gets up, changes his clothes and then I hear the room door close. I struggle some but it is no use, Bart knew what he was doing, and I wasn’t going to escape. I just had to wait to find out who was going to win me.

Jonas continued playing the digital machines as they disappointed him most of the time but on occasion gave him a small payout. Since his big win he was ahead for the night. He had gotten a drink from one the roaming waitress and was enjoying his play. He had not thought about his slave for the night. He felt someone approach, so he stopped for a moment and looked up. It was Bart coming towards him. Jonas adjusted in his chair and watched as Bart stopped next to him. Bart took his phone and turned it toward Jonas showing him a photo of the slave in a leather sleep sack on the bed in his room. Jonas looked at Bart wondering what is going on.

“That is your slave, he is safe and secure up in my room. I want him but I’m sure you’re not going to just give him to me.”

Jonas interrupts, “How long do you want him?”

This surprised Bart and he isn’t sure what to say. Jonas laughs. “You’re right, I’m not going to give him up.”

Bart nods at Jonas agreeing it was a good joke. “Since he is up there and you can’t get to him, I have a deal for you. You and I play for him. You name the game, I’ll set a goal and the first one to make that goal gets too keep him. If I win, I get him for 24 hours to do whatever I want.”

Jonas thinks for a few moments, this wasn’t in his plans for tonight. But he realizes he can’t do much with the slave up in the room. He also likes the idea of letting the slave go with Bart for a day but in ways he doesn’t trust Bart and Jonas never would want to ruin the trust the slave has in him.

“OK, let’s do slots, what is the goal.”

“Five thousand dollars, first to reach that wins. But since we don’t know how long let’s put a time limit, so the slave doesn’t think it has been forgotten.”

“Three hours.”

“Damn, you want it to suffer a bit. Alright, three hours. I was going to say 90 minutes, but it’s your call.”

Jonas stays at his machine as Bart goes to one on the opposite side of Jonas. The game begins.

In the hotel room I lay in the leather confinement wondering just when someone will return to release me. The leather smell is intoxicating, and my cock is hard and straining in the trap it is in. The way I am sweating in the rubber the room AC has not been turned on. I would roll around some to feel the tightness of the bondage. The gag filled my mouth, keeping me from making any noise. I just waited.

Hours passed as Jonas and Bart spend most of the time winning tiny amounts that didn’t add up too much. They had gotten within one hundred dollars of each other and it was coming down to the end of their time limit. Bart had moved to a machine next to Jonas and they would watch each other’s spins just hoping the other wouldn’t hit a jackpot.

To be continued…

Metal would like to thank ty dehner for this story!

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