Weekend With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

The hotel room was dark, which didn’t mean much to me as I had been blindfolded and couldn’t see anything. The room was cooler so I could tell the sun had set. It must be very late, but I truly didn’t know what time it was. I would listen for some sort of sound but heard nothing. Just my breathing and the sound of the leather that encased me. I was slipping into a slumber as I was so relaxed and enjoying the smell of the leather. That is when reality came shocking back and my crotch was heavily shocked. I yelled into the gag and my body jumps in my confinement. It was then I realized that Jonas was in the room and I was safe.

“You’re still here fucker and you’re still trapped.”, it was Bart. Now I was confused.

“You’re mine now. Jonas has left.” There was a shock and I was getting worried. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you in the coming days.”

I shook my head no and started to complain in the gag, but it came out incomprehensible.   I was shocked again as someone jumped on me and knocked the wind out of me. They started to stroke my face and head and it felt more like Jonas touch. I moaned into the gag enjoying that touch.

“Surprise slave, you got too hot ex-military here in the room. You ready to serve us both?”

I nodded enthusiastically. They both laughed and I could feel Bart sit on the bed next to me. They started to talk about what they could do to me as if I wasn’t there. In the end they decided they would have more fun if we headed back to Jonas’ place out in the desert. So, they started to remove the leather sack while leaving me gagged and blindfolded. After I was handed my clothes and dressed again.

They removed the gag and blindfold and there was Jonas and Bart. Surprising, Bart had put on his full leathers again. Jonas admitted Bart looked damn good in the leather.

“Almost as good as your dress blues in the day.”, said Jonas.

They laughed and we headed out of the room. We made our way to Jonas truck and out of the parking garage. The leather that Bart was wearing was filling the truck cab. As we made our way to a less busy part of town Jonas pulled off the road and ordered me out of the truck. He got out with Bart and they grabbed me and pushed me into the bed of the truck. Grabbing rolls of duct tape, they went to work on my limbs and soon I found myself in a hogtie, with tape wrapped around my mouth after a dirty rag was stuffed in. Bart took a couple of tie downs and secured me in place as Jonas covered me with a tarp and made sure it was secure. It was warm outside, and I was sweating into the rubber suit. They both climbed into the cab of the truck and we were headed down the road to Jonas house.

Once we arrived Bart put a leather bag over my head and strapped it tight. They cut loose the tape on my ankles and wrists and pulled me out of the back of the truck. I was roughly pushed through a series of hallways ending up in what I think was a room. All I heard was Bart ordering me around. Leaving the leather bag on my head he ordered me to take off all the clothing I was wearing, including the rubber suit. He wanted me naked. His inner Marine was coming out as he watched me jump to his commands.

I was unsure of the time as I didn’t know long I had been secured in Bart’s room, but I knew it had to be getting late. I was handed the dry suit that I was becoming very intimate with. I suited up in the feeling the clammy interior rubber against my skin. I was instructed to put on a rubber hood that had holes for the nose and eyes but not for the mouth. He leads me to a side of the room and there is a box on the floor and I’m going to be going into. He smiles at me and notes he has one addition. He grabs a metal helmet that totally encases my head. It is very intense, and he opens it and fits it on my head. This is a bit freaky to me and it is very dark as he closes it. As it is latched, and he uses the Allen wrench to secure the helmet it weighs heavily on my neck. He knocks on it as he finishes and I can hear him some, but I mostly hear my breathing. Taking my shoulder, he works me so that I step into the box and lay on my back.

Things are getting warm and the inside of the helmet is getting a bit humid as the rubber of the hood is making me sweat. There are straps in the box that Jonas puts over me and secures tightly. There must be a dozen of them and when he is done, I am unable to move. There he takes small locks and puts it on the buckle of each strap. He knocks on the helmet and tells me to have wicked dreams and the top of the box is dropped and secured with more locks. I can’t hear much because of the helmet but it seems very quiet in this confinement. I try to struggle but can’t move. I feel the sweat building in the suit, and all this makes my cock grow into the steel of the trap my cock is in and I feel the spikes. It will be a long night. Yes, a very long night.

It was not a very comfortable night and I had spent most of the day in confinement so I wasn’t as tired as I normally would be. The box got very warm, but I was thankful that I wasn’t being shocked or tortured while I was locked away. The helmet became claustrophobic as the night went on. It was hard against the back of my head and feeling that steel so close to my face. I couldn’t move it as it had been secured down. I admit that a couple of times I yelled for Jonas, but it probably wasn’t clear as I had my mouth secured by the rubber of the hood plus inside the helmet and the box. It was the first time that Jonas really had pushed my limits. But I kept myself in check and I knew I could make it until release.

And release finally came. I heard the box open as I realized I was able to fall asleep at some point. Someone reached in and started poking and tickling my restrained body. I am ticklish and I couldn’t help but struggle against the restraints that I was trapped in. It also made my breathing harder in the rubber hood and helmet which got my dick hard in the steel. Fuck, Jonas or Bart or whoever was very sadistic this morning.

Eventually they let me out of the box and both Jonas and Bart were with me. Both were in full leather uniforms and looked amazing. They stripped me out of dry suit, helmet and hood where I was naked before them. Bart made a comment that he was really impressed I had spent the entire night in that box. I didn’t tell him that I had wanted out a couple of times. It also made me feel good hearing that coming from Bart. For some reason I really wanted to impress him. I keep looking into his eyes and he was so handsome.

They walked me to a cage where I could sit and locked me in, fed me some breakfast and allowed me to rest some. The food tasted good as I hadn’t eaten in a long while. I felt vulnerable being naked and them in their heavy leathers. But it also put me in a submissive mood, and I think they both appreciated that.

After an hour or more they returned, and Jonas took me from the cage and secured me to a large wooden cross with locking wrist and ankle restraints. He put a full leather hood on me where I was not able to see or speak. Then there was silence.

Soon I heard the boots of one of them on the concrete floor and the whoosh. My back was struck by a heavy stinging leather flogger. It was slow and methodical. Each strike was to get my back ready for the next as the frequency increased in pace. The man beating my back then changed to a thinner flogger that cause a biting pain and made me yell into the hood while trying to move my body away. Each strike was a reminder that I well secured and totally exposed to Jonas and Bart. I would picture them behind me in the full leathers. Wesco boots, heavy leather pants that were tucked into their boots. Jonas wore a leather motorcycle style jacket while Bart had a leather shirt with a Sam Browne attached to his belt. They both wore their leather gloves and Jonas had a leather cap on. The space was smelling like leather but that was probably because of the hood I was locked in.

Suddenly right after the first flogger hit me, there was another strike and I was sure that they both were using me now. The pace was constant but the strength that he were using on me would vary. I had no idea who was who but as my cock caged bobbed after each strike, I would feel myself wanting release. I was dripping pre-cum as it had been over a week since I had been able to shoot my load.

They changed their floggers again one was using a rubber one that stung intensely. They moved off my back and soon were hitting me on the back of my legs, my ass, my armpits and my arms. Once or twice they even hit my head and it felt like a large thud on the leather hood.

They stopped and I heard their boots and they were standing next to me. Their leather gloved hands cooled my skin as they gently touch and stroked the tender flesh that was exposed to them. My body was so warm because of the flogging but was cooling now that they stopped.

One of them then stood directly behind me and slowly I felt a cock aligning with my hole. A gloved hand came up and around my hood and firmly pressed against my lips, blocking the air hole of the hood. Without warning the cock pushed right into my hole and I yelled into the gag. The Man that was using me was taking full control of my naked and restrained body. He pulled out and then pushed back in, over and over he did. Another hand took to squeezing my tits and I struggled in the restraints as he would release his hand over the breathing hole then return it.

Soon he didn’t remove his cock all the way and just piston it as he increased the tempo. I kept wondering who was using me like this and deep inside hoped it was Bart. He was so handsome and seemed in control the moment we met. Jonas and i were just bondage friends and never really talked about sex. This moment seemed more serious than just some bondage fun. This was a Man being full animal with a hole of a naked slave that he had just used to torture and abuse. I know why he was hard as a rock and needing to breed me. The hand on my mouth stayed longer this time and I really struggled as the air was out and I need to breath. But he wouldn’t let me go and I struggled even more and a voice with warm breath on my neck could be heard.

“Fuck you are a hot fuck, take my seed slave, take it all.”

It was almost like a whisper but very much in command. I truly couldn’t tell who it was. As I was down to my last breath, he shot his load and I heard a loud roar and I could breathe again as his hand released my face. He plowed me deeply a few more times before he slowed down and held onto me in a strong embrace. His hands stroked my body some as he chewed on my neck before removing his cock and his juice dripped out of my ass.

I was straining on my wrists as I has lost some of my strength. It was quiet and I felt alone for a long while. Then I heard Jonas.

“Bart needs to head out. I’m going to see him out and then I’ll return, and we’ll take you home.”

I heard their boots leave the room and was left hanging. A spent naked slave that had been well used and obviously pleased one of them. I tried to shoot my load, but it just was no use with the fucking spiked cage on it. I enjoyed the cool air and let myself relax and wonder who I had pleased so much.

After a while Jonas returned, releasing me from the cross and removing the hood and restraints. He was wearing is street clothes and I realized it was time for us to head home.

“You ok?”

“Oh yes, I couldn’t have imagined all this. You are pretty fucking devious!”

“Well I can’t take credit for it all, after all Bart had a hand in some of it.”

“I can see why he is your friend.”

He smiled and we hugged. I wasn’t expecting it, but Jonas had me back into the dry suit, put the full rubber hood back on me, with the collar, and secured me to the bed of his truck for the drive home.

We arrived late to my place as Jonas backed the truck into my garage and unloaded me from the bed of the truck. I was returned to my bedroom and made to kneel. Jonas released the collar but left the hood on. I could tell he was standing in front of me.

“I hope you had a good time this weekend.”

I nodded that I did have a good time.

“I hadn’t planned on encountering Bart, but it seems he added to the fun and you didn’t mind. When you were locked up yesterday he asked me about you. Seems he fell for you the first time he saw you at the casino. He was very impressed that you spent the night in the box and took the flogging that you did.”

As Jonas was telling me this, I felt my cock growing in the steel cage I was locked in. Jonas reached down and felt it.

“Damn, I was right, you are into him, aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“You and I were always good friends and I think we understood that we were only going to play that I am not the settling down type. You know I’m most a sub and really have done these things because you are a cool guy and I wanted you to have some fun. I admit I have enjoyed topping you, you are fun to play with. That said I could tell that Bart really wants to connect with you. I did think about letting him take you for the week, but I know you need to work and would have to have your computer.”

I felt the hood come off and I saw Jonas standing before me. He sat on the bed and patted the mattress asking me to join him.

“I know you have been looking for a permanent situation and I think that is what Bart is looking for. You know he has been into leather as long as I can remember. He had a slave back in the day when he was at Camp Pendleton, but they broke up about 10 years ago. As you saw he is serious but with a good temperament. He is a romantic and I think you need someone like that in your life.”

“Yes, I’ve learned that can be a great part of being with someone.”

“Like I said, he wants to connect with you. He lives up in Redding and is part of the California Highway Patrol.”

I look at him in a bit of disbelief, a Cop as a leather Master, that is like every piece of leather fiction in the world. Jonas nodded that it was true.

“And you’ll like this, he is in the motorcycle patrol.”

“Now I’m thinking I’m dreaming and in one of my fictional stories.”

“No, what I’m telling you is true.”

My cock was straining against the cage now and I adjusted myself on the bed. Jonas laughed.

“Oh, I forgot you’re still locked up. Sorry about that. I’m not sure how you feel getting involved with something long distance but if you are interested, I can let him know. I’ll give him your contact info and I’m sure you will hear from him right away.”

I looked at Jonas, concerned about our friendship.

“What about us? Are you ok with this?”

“Hell yes. I know what you’ve been wanting and here an ex-Marine, CHP motorcycle cop wants you as their leather boy. You’d be stupid to not explore it. And you and I are cool, man, I think it would be great for you.”

“I could never have imagined that it would actually happen. That you know him and he is a good guy is good enough for me.”

“I will let him know you want to hear from him and give your into to him.”

I adjusted the rubber around the crotch.

“I hate to tell you this, but he asked me that if you wanted to meet him again to keep you locked in the chastity.”

I looked at him again and he confirmed that I had to stay locked, Jonas had already given him the key.

Jonas got up and I asked about the dry suit and he said I could keep it for now and he’d stop by tomorrow night and he’d pick it up. We decided to do dinner also. Before he left, I had to ask him a question.

“So, I need to know, who fucked me?”

Jonas looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh, come on.”

“You’re a slave, you don’t need to know that.”

Fuck, I am not going to get that information out of him. We headed to the garage and Jonas left and I stayed in the suit for a while. I laid on my bed and my mind filled with thoughts of what I was getting myself into. I moaned as my cock got hard and strained in the cage. What will I have to do to get out of this cage and what will it be like to finally taste the Dehner boots of a CHP officer?

The end

© Copyright 2019 by ty dehner. All rights reserved.

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  1. As always Ty writes a great story that has us all grinding our cocks, locked or not, and thinking of a lucky slave!!

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