What Do You Do When You Know You’re Being Mind-fucked?

By unknown

What do you do when you know you’re being mind-fucked?

That you’re having behavior modifications installed into you? Do you think that just because you know it is happening you can stop it? Short answer is no. This actually happened to me, I know you may find it hard to believe this, but it’s all real.

I was taken and I was placed in an area where my life was completely controlled. I had thought that it would be a gradual thing, but it wasn’t. First thing was to get me into my new uniform, first part of training, to remove individual identity. I was given 2 minutes to change into my new outfit and have my old clothes folded neatly, as soon as this was done my clothes were taken and locked away. To say I would draw attention in public in what I was wearing is a slight understatement.

I was kept busy right up until my bedtime, I wasn’t given even half a minute to myself, I was given useless tasks to perform and a completely unreachable time limit to complete it in, once I inevitably failed the task I was given the task to do again with even LESS time to complete it. When I finally fell into my bed exhausted I wondered if I had done the right thing.

The next morning I was woken at 6 am. I was forced to stand up straight, I was then told I had 10 minutes to shave, get dressed and remake the bed I had slept in. I didn’t make it of course and was told that I would pay for that later. The day was filled with me being instructed on how I was meant to behave, I was given contracts to read and sign and then I was asked how I was meant to behave and I had to repeat back what I had been told earlier. Since I had not managed to get my timing right I had to get into my bed in my assigned sleeping uniform (I forgot to mention I was assigned sleeping uniform) and then lay in bed and then was told to get up and perform the activity again, shaving and all, since I was more awake by this stage I managed it — after two tries.

My training was done over a number of weeks, each morning was exactly the same, it took me 4 weeks to finally manage to get the timing right in the morning, each night I had to redo it until I got it right. I was assigned 4 more uniforms. I had to keep them in an assigned space. They had to be folded in a specific way that was with certain size dimensions, these would be measured as well to check. Each day I was told which one to wear, sometimes on the VERY rare days where I didn’t fuck up I got to play a “game , ”  the game was that I would stand by my bed and be told which uniform to put on, when I was done I was told I was in the wrong one and to change into another one, I was then asked why my other one wasn’t folded and then told to fold it and then once it was folded I was told I had to change back into it.

I should tell you a bit about my living space. I was totally cut off from the world, no newspaper, no TV, no phone, all around me was the list of my agreements, my meal times were very specific, I was given 15 minutes to eat. I wasn’t actually forbidden from jerking off, but my sex drive was diminished through exhaustion. In 7 weeks I didn’t jerk off once, not through choice but by the pure fact that my surroundings were so sterile and controlled, I would wake up with a hard-on but I was so exhausted I would just fall back asleep.

At times I was given an item that had to be no more then a meter away from me at any time. I was allowed to put it down, the tasks I had to complete stayed the same — cleaning, ironing, etc., but at some stage I would be told to freeze and told that without moving my feet I had to pick up the object. If I couldn’t manage it I would be punished.

Sometimes I would wake up and panic thinking I had lost my item, and then remember that I didn’t have it anymore. This was when I started to realize that the mind-fucking was taking place! Once I realized that, I started to realize that I didn’t feel comfortable in anything other than my assigned uniforms. I was allowed to talk to some of my friends for 10 minutes every third day, but I found I had nothing in common with them, and after a few times I eventually stopped calling.

This is my life now. Where did this take place? In the military, now I am a soldier.


Metalbond would like to thank the author of the narrative above.



2 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Know You’re Being Mind-fucked?”

  1. Reading your text at the gegining made me think to my recruit course in the army. I thaught I lived the same…
    and actually was right!
    Excelent description!!!

    1. Same happend to me, but when I was at the military service in Argentina (when it was mandatory) 20 years ago. I only had one uniform and I think it had been used by other soldier before me….

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