Xmas Domination

By ChastitySub

A few weeks before Christmas, I started to get the feeling that my boyfriend Mike was up to something. There were a number of sizable packages arriving in the mail addressed to him, and he had prohibited me from going down to the basement work room. And by prohibited, I mean he put a padlock on the basement door.

By way of background, Mike and I have been living together for about six months. From the start, he was clearly the dominant sexual partner in the relationship.

Taller by a few inches, stronger and a few years older, Mike met my needs for a dominant daddy-type sexual figure. He liked rough physical sex in bed, and controlling the sexual play. He enjoyed it when I resisted his attempts to control sexual play, and when I tried to play top or mount him. He let me play around, but ultimately he would overpower me in bed and take control sexually.

A few months into living together, he held me tight in the dark one night, laying on top of me, and told me to tell him everything. He wanted me to tell him all my sexual fantasies, how often I jerked off without him, porn I looked at, and all of my deep sexual desires.  It took some prodding from him, but I opened up to him in the dark, telling him everything.  Telling him my fantasies of sexual submission, having my cock controlled with chastity devices, being puppy trained.  As I spoke to him there in the dark, he held me close; licking my neck; whispering in my ear how hot my fantasies were, and how it sexually turned him on.  I could feel his hard cock pressing against my butt cheeks and ass crack.  There were no sexual secrets between us after that night.

The next day, he told me how knowing that I wanted more sexual domination and control had liberated a lot of feelings and desires that he had held in check.  His sexual drive was higher than mine.  He needed to jerk off or have sex every day, and was tired of jerking off on the side because I did not need to cum as frequently.  He told me that from now on, he was going to train me as his daily cocksucker on top of semi-weekly ass fuckings.  I would keep him sexually happy and satisfied, regardless of my own sexual needs.  At the same time, I was no longer allowed to jerk off or cum unless he was with me, and controlling my cock.  He told me he would put me on a cum schedule once or twice a week.  But he no longer was worried about pleasing my cock during our sexual play at night.  His cock would be the priority in our sexual relationship.

From then on, Mike used a combination of reward and pain to train me to keep him sexually satisfied.  It was clear that he was happier and more relaxed getting his rocks off when and how he wanted.  I spent hours each week with his cock in my mouth, sucking and licking it, draining the cum out of his balls.  My own cock stayed locked in one of the two different steel chastity devices he bought from Mr. S. leather soon after midnight confession. If I was a good cock sucker, he would reward me by saying I was one day closer to cumming. If I did not put all my effort into sucking him off, he would spank my ass severely and tell me that my cumming was delayed another 2 or 3 days.  On average I was allowed to cum maybe once a week.  As much as I resisted admitting my need of submission, it was a good feeling to be locked up and controlled by him.

So back to Mike’s Xmas preparations for my increasing submission to him.  When December rolls around, Mike tells me that he wants it to be clear to me that he is my real dominant daddy when we visit my parents’ house for Xmas dinner. The day before Xmas, he takes me to the nearby military base barber shop for a very short military haircut.  I am not sure how I will explain the new haircut to parents. Xmas morning he puts a ball gag and posture collar on me and shaves all of my body hair below the neck.  I am completely shaved down, even the usual little hair patch that he allows me to keep above my cock is shaved off.  All I can do is grunt softly in protest into the rubber ball gag as he works the electric trimmer around my body. He then cleans me out with multiple enemas. Once I am cleaned out, he puts a steel electro shock plug up my ass. It is not very big and rests inside me on my prostate with a rubber base on the outside pressing against by butt hole. The steel plug connects to an electro-stimulator device, and the plug is set to cycle randomly.  It buzzes and shocks my asshole multiple times every hour with different levels of shock and duration.  Short strong burst, long low electric buzzes, and everything in between.

With the plug in place, he straps me into a rubber bondage corset that has a thick rubber strap that goes up my ass crack, forcing me to keep the plug in my ass.  The corset locks in place with little steel locks, making it impossible for me to remove the ass strap and the plug.  The corset is made of a thick rubber and cinches my waist in; and forces me to sit straight up.  It is impossible flex my lower back.

Finally, my cock is restrained into its chastity device. The device consists of a steel cage tube that locks onto a steel cock ring. The cage is roomy enough when I am soft, but too small to hold full erection.   It has been over a week since I have cum and my cock is now semi erect within the steel cage tube.  Desperate for release.

Once the bondage gear is in place, he takes off the ball gag and lets me dress for Xmas day at my parents’ house.  I wear a baggy sweater over my shirt to hide the corset.  The bulge from the cock cage is barely visible in my jeans, as it is held up tight in a jockstrap.

The entire time I am at my parents’ house, Mike smiles at me; knowing my hole is stretched and tormented by him. The electronic plug pulsates randomly and at different electric shock settings. Sometime the electric shock is so mild I can barely feel it. Other times it is a strong electric pulse, and it forces my ass cheeks and butt hole to reflectively clamp down on the steel butt plug.  The random and unexpected stimulation of my asshole keeps my cocks stiff as it can get inside the steel tube of the chastity device.  I am sure my cock is leaking pre-cum into the jockstrap that holds my cock and balls in their chastity device.

It is a long Xmas day.  When we finally get back to our place, I break down and cry from the stress of having my ass and cock restrained under clothes in front of my parents.

Mike comforts me, holding me tight.  I can feel my cock getting harder in the cage as he holds me; squeezing my ass cheeks around the butt plug.  He tells me how hot it was for him to have me dominated in front of my parents.  He says he knows now that there is total openness between us, and that I am truly submissive to him. He says, “Your tears are just a sign of submission to the domination.”

And he likes it.

He tells me to open the last wrapped Xmas present under the tree.  It is a heavy box.  I open it.  It has a full leather dog hood and padded mitts in it.  Mike takes the hood out and works the hood over my head as I kneel on the floor next to him.

“You are going to wear this dog hood for the rest of the weekend,” he says.

I moan a little and he pulls the laces tight. Strapping my head into the hood. Underneath the hood inside the box I see a thick leather shock collar, with the electric shock prongs sticking out from the shock box.  He attaches the collar to my neck, and I can feel the prongs pressing against the skin of my neck.

Mike says, “I am going to shock you if you resist or talk back while you are collared as my pup.”

He attaches a leash to the collar, and says, “Now let’s go downstairs and show the puppy his new cage.”

I pad after him on all fours.





Metal would like to thank his buddy ChastitySub for sharing this story.


2 thoughts on “Xmas Domination”

  1. A very good Story and very realistic….I have the same dreams of Domination and Control. Where can I find it?

    slave Christian

    PS. for more information about your relation I would be glad!!!

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