Rubber Meets the Road – Part 1

By ty dehner

That FedEx guy was pretty damn cute. They always look good in their deep purple uniforms. If he knew what might be in the box that i just signed for, he might just be staying instead of driving off.

In my hands was the box the Tony said would arrive today. Actually it arrived at the time he said. i took it to the computer room and cut off the brown wrap. There, taped to the top of the box was a note:

Inside you will find directions as to what to do to prepare for our meeting in two hours. Also, the gear that i want you to be is enclosed. Follow the directions as written, do not screw up or be late, or we will not meet this time. Before you open this box, strip naked!

i felt foolish, but i did as the note said, taking off my sweats and socks. As i dug through the drawer, naked, i found a box knife and cut through the tape. As i opened the flaps, i smelt it, rubber. Inside was the black shinny material that always felt so good against naked skin. On top of it was a bunch of 3×5 cards, rubber banded together. i lifted them up and read the first one:

 Do not lift this card until you have completed the instructions on this card. Do the same for all the cards. See you soon!

 The card instructed me to take the lube that was in the box and work a generous amount in my asshole. i did so, it was cold as it went in, but warmed quickly. Next card told me to reach into box and remove the top item. This was a rubber chastity belt, on the back strap was a butt plug with what looked like silver strips on the sides. i had a feeling it might be electric, but there were no wires that i could see so far. The card instructed me to put on the chastity belt. i inserted the plug after pulling the belt up my legs. My cock went through a hole, rather well, considering how much it was growing. There were straps that were attached to the cod piece that i secured my cock upward to. This belt was like a pair of rubber shorts, and i zipped up the front flap. The card concluded by telling me to find the locks in the bottom of the box and locking the shorts on. i found them and put the seven locks in place. Then i realized that i was locked in this thing.

Time to look at the next card. It told me to take the rubber suit in the box and put it on, lube it well and slide in. Dumping the lube in, i made sure the inside of the suit was well coated. Then i started in, pulling up my legs, across my secured cock and ass, over my waist, sliding my arms in, then up and over my shoulders. The zipper went from my crotch to my neck and i was now in a great rubber suit.

The next card told me to find the jeans that were in the box and put them on, followed by the heavy flannel shirt, socks and 20 hole Doc Martins. i put them all on.

The next card told me to remove the final two items in the box, a chain collar and lock, plus a leather bikers jacket. By the time i had the jacket on, i was beginning to sweat. This was July in Seattle and it was pretty warm.

i went on to the next card:

Now you’re ready for us to meet. This part of the instructions must be followed completely. You are to leave your apartment at the top of the hour. Bring with you only enough money to take a ride on the ferry to Bremerton. You will need to be at the dock to catch the ferry at 3.40p. You will walk from your apartment to the ferry, bring no other money or identification. Get on the ferry, contact will be made with you at some point. When contact is made, open the envelope in your pocket. Be ready for fun!

 That was the last card. i felt around for the envelope, i found something in the jacket pocket. i looked at the clock it was three minutes to the top of the hour, 3 o’clock. i lived on Capitol Hill and the walk down to the waterfront will take me a good 30 minutes at a good pace. As i tried to find the $3.70 to ride the ferry i realized i needed to piss. But i locked myself in the belt and didn’t have the keys. Tony was pretty good! He’s got me to where i had to meet him now.

i took only my apartment key, zipping it in one of the pockets on the leather coat after locking the door. i headed out to the ferry dock. Here was one day i wish Seattle was having its trademark rain, but the sun was out in full force. As i walked briskly, i wondered if anyone could tell that i was in full rubber under this heavy clothes and boots. Walking down the hill and across Broadway, i remember how Tony and i met three months ago. i was at the Cuff, in my leather chaps, jeans and logger boots. In he walked in a full rubber suit, i know my mouth dropped. He looked great, and he was pretty bold since few rubber guys go out in public here in Seattle. As he got his beer and headed towards the back of the bar, i followed. Eventually i had to talk to him. i had always wanted to meet a rubber guy, having wanted to own some myself. i had purchased a pair of rubber shorts and hood about a year before, but that was the extent of my rubber collection. i said hello, he greeted back. And before we knew it we were talking about many things, including the kinky rubber things that Tony did and the one’s i dreamed of. i learned he was a long-haul trucker from Kansas City, but travels across the west mostly. He was in Seattle for the night and thought a night at the Cuff would be a good way to relax. He drank really light and was very sane in his discussions. Oh, he was as kinky as i was, but he knew where fantasy started and reality ended. As the night got late, he told me that we had to meet when he was back in Seattle. i told him that would be great. He left that night, me thinking i wouldn’t hear from again.

But we had exchanged phone number and email address. That next night, he called me from Boyse. As the weeks went on, we keep in communication. Sharing our thoughts with each other. Then a week ago he told me that he was returning to Seattle, staying the night and heading out the next day. He wanted to meet. The timing was good since i was starting my vacation the day before he arrived. i knew it would be one night, but getting to play in a big rig was always one of my dreams.

Thinking back on how we met, was getting me excited. i could feel my cock stretching the rubber restraint it was in. Of course, walking quickly down Pike was not helping that plug in my ass. Those that walked by me must have wondered why the sweat was running down my forehead. i saw the clock at 4th and Pike, i had twenty minutes to catch the ferry. i was making good time.

i made it to the cashier’s booth at Coleman Dock three minutes before the departure time. i paid and walked on the ferry. Now i was sort of screwed. It was a good hour before getting to Bremerton, and if Tony wasn’t there i would have a long walk back up the hill to my place since i had no money. As i sat on the upper deck, the boat pulled out of the dock. i sat in the shade and enjoyed the wind and the ferry picked up speed. i was sweating like a pig as my body slowed down from that work. A part of me wanted to open that envelope. But the other part was stronger. All the things we talked about, i had no clue as to what Tony had in mind.

At times i was self-conscious about what i was wearing, wondering if people could tell i was encased in rubber. i couldn’t tell if i was really sweating inside, since the lube kept me moist. Time passed, no contact. We arrived at Bremerton, i watch the cars get off, then the others get on. There was a big rig that got on the ferry, perhaps it was Tony. i had never seen his truck so i didn’t know. i went back to the front of the boat as it left Bremerton. And waited. There was no contact, i went and walked over the main deck, as well as to the car deck, even checking out the truck. Nothing. And i really had to take a piss also. He had played a good trick on me alright. i was starting to get a little pissed. Literally. So i went to the bathrooms, sat in a stall and let it flow into the rubber. i could feel it pool around my ass. As i stood, it ran down my legs and into the boots. i was a sweaty, piss mess now.

Eventually, we pulled into Seattle again. It had been well over two hours on the boat, i headed back to the Hill. As i did, got a huge jolt in my ass. Not sure what people around me thought as i yelped. Then i got another one, this time i tried to keep in my surprise. Then it dawned on me, the plug was remote controlled. Tony must be around. i looked from the bridge over Alaska Way, nothing. Then i remember the envelope. This was the contact. i reached in the pocket and ripped open the envelope:

 Boy, your ass is your compass. Start walking, if you head the wrong direction you will be shocked more, if you head in the right direction, you will be shocked less. Keep your head about you boy.

 i put the card back in the pocket and headed across the bridge. i received shock after shock. i stopped turned around and headed back across the bridge and down the stairs onto the street. Walking to the north, i was shocked as i passed a cross walk. i crossed the street, then more shocks as i headed the wrong direction. Over and over, back and forth i went. i was getting shocked, then not shocked. i was in pain, a sweaty piss mess and now getting confused as i walked the waterfront of Seattle looking for Tony. Walking around the city streets, i went around complete blocks. Then finally, there was a big black Kenworth. It had to be his, for the stripes on it where those of the leather flag. As i approached there were no shocks. i went to the driver’s side and out stepped Tony in snug Wranglers, boots, t-shirt. He smiled, giving me a hug, “Glad you could make it boy!”


After climbing up in his cab, he gave me the tour. It was beautiful and more spacious than i could imagine. We talked about my trial, he enjoyed it all. He had purposely walked me around the city with that butt plug just for fun. Before i knew it, he had ordered me to my knees to lick his boots. i did so without hesitation. The leather tasted great. His hand stroked my head. He told me we were going to have a great time tonight. i worked my way up to his denim covered cock and he allowed me to chew on it through the denim for a while.

We were enjoying each other for a while, touching, feeling, glad to finally be together. He led me back to his sleeper cab. He ordered the clothes and boots off, telling me not to spill the piss out of the boots. i was now in my rubber only. He came behind me and pulled on a full rubber hood with only a mouth hole. The hood was wet as he pulled it on me, he told me it was lubed with the piss from my boots. After that he installed a piss type gag that keeps the mouth open. He helped me onto the bed, putting my legs in rubber, and as i slipped in, i realized i was going into a rubber sleep sack. He zipped it up to around my hooded neck. Then he started to secure it more with rubber straps. i couldn’t move. The plug shocked my ass. i tried to struggle, but couldn’t escape. As he shocked my ass, my mouth began to fill with liquid. He was pissing in me. i had to swallow fast. When he was done, he stopped the shocking. He talked into my ear, “Boy, i need to pick up the load. So you’ll be good and relax. Believe me you’re gonna have a great time! Now listen to some music and i’ll see you later.” With that music filled my ears, there were headphone in the hood. i could feel a vibration, then i realized i was in a rubber cocoon in the back of big rig, heading to the freight yard!


To be continued …


© copyright 2015 Ty Dehner All rights reserved




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