Under the boot of Jared

Here’s another update from Dream Boy Bondage — scroll below the pictures and description for a video clip:

Jared orders his whipping boy to get down on his knees. After hours of torture, Matie is broken. He knows he must suck this man’s cock and pleasure him. But first he must suffer some more. “Lie down on your stomach!” Jared orders. He stomps the captive’s back wounds with his boots and sprays them with alcohol. Matie’s screams get Jared hard inside his jeans. “Back on you knees!” he commands, whipping out his erect cock and grabbing the prisoner’s hair. “Suck it!” he demands, pushing his encouraged cock deep down Matie’s throat. He fucks the stud’s mouth for 15 minutes then spews a huge load of cum all over the whip scars on his chest. Matie hopes against hope that he now will be released. But Jared’s lust is not sated. An ass like Matie’s must be beaten even harder.

Here is a video preview:


Title of this shoot: Matie – Whipping Boy – Part 9

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