10 Days in Detention – Part 17

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

John stood me up and walked me into the cell. Inside I was made to sit against the wall and the wrist shackles were padlocked to a ring on the wall, forcing me to sit there. John looked back at me as he walked towards the door, closed it and a moment later the lights went out, leaving me in complete darkness.

I had been in the cell like this before so it wasn’t the hard, difficult bondage I had expected to spend the night in. Yes, if left this way for a long time with wrists cuffed behind my back the shoulders would start to experience that deadening pain that is so hard to contend with after a couple of hours. But I had made it through this before and could do it again.

It wasn’t to be, though. After a short time the cell door opened and a little light from the dungeon space partially illuminated the cell. John was standing in the doorway holding lengths of chain. He entered the space and let the chains drop just short of the center of the cell’s floor.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you like this all night, did you? This would be too easy,” John chuckled as he came and stood over me.

He had me lean forward and released my wrists from the wall. Next he removed the length of chain going from the front of the steel collar to the ankle shackles. He also removed the ankle shackles, leaving the steel collar and the wrist shackles on me. John picked up the chains and shackles he removed from me and left the cell for a few moments.

When John returned, he had another set of shackles and some padlocks.

John looked at me and commanded, “Sit here,” pointing to the center of the cell and just in front of the D ring that was embedded in the floor.

“Legs in front and crossed, slave,” John commanded. I made sure I was sitting on my butt and legs crossed in front as I looked up at John, hoping for some sort of indication this is what he wanted.

“Eyes down, boy,” he said, and I looked towards the floor.

John reached in and placed the new set of shackles on the floor in front of me. He opened them up and placed them on my ankles. The shackles only had one link between them, so my ankles would be staying close together. I didn’t like where this was going.

Next, John took a short chain from the floor and two padlocks and stepped behind me. He padlocked one end of the chain to the links between my wrist shackles and then yanked up slightly on the chain to force my wrists off the floor and into the small of my back. The chain was then padlocked to the collar.

John stepped in front of me and took another short chain length and padlocked it to the collar in front. He made sure to look at me in the eyes, as the chain only had about five links in it and was barely reaching halfway down my torso. He took the padlock and let it hang from the end of the chain and gave this evil smile to me. What came next I didn’t expect.

John stood up and said, “Sit up straight, slave with that back straight and eyes forward.” I did as commanded. He opened up his leather jock and took out his cock and pointed it at me. I had gotten used to being pissed on by now, and he let the stream flow all over me. It was enough to make a point.

He put his cock away in the jock and walked out of the cell. He came back with a bucket. He then proceeded to pour its contents over my head. It reeked of urine smell, and I was completely soaked in it.

“I’ve been collecting all week waiting for this moment, boy,” he said. “I wanted to make sure the stench was in here all night for you.”

He then reached down and pulled on the chain and padlock and forced me to bend forward very uncomfortably. This was to be my stress position for the night.

When the padlock was closed, John picked up the bucket and walked out. He came back a few moments later with another small chain and padlock, which he used to attach to the front chain and then to the D ring in the floor.

“That’s to make sure you can’t move tonight,” he said. “It’s more than a few hours until morning. You will remain like this until I decide to release you from these chains sometime tomorrow. The slave will continue to have its status reinforced each time it submits. The stench of the piss will remain with you all night even as you suffer physically from this bondage. If it becomes too much you can yell, you can scream, but you will be the only thing that hears it. The slave wanted to be tested — to continue being tested. It will only get worse for it, and it better figure out how to handle what is coming.”

When he was done talking he walked out, closed the cell door and plunged me into darkness.

It was probably no more than an hour before my back started to hurt. I attempted to shift around a little here and there, but there was little play since he had connected the front chains to the D-ring in the floor. The smell was also getting to me. Other times once the piss dried it was sort of a background odor, but he poured so much over me I was sitting in it and it wasn’t drying.

There was no way I was going to be able to sleep. The tension on my back being pulled forward, the aches now starting in my legs from not being to move them too much, and the smell of the piss were all sensations that were building. Sitting in complete darkness heightened my other senses, which, in this case, was not a good thing.

The breathing pattern became labored, and I concentrated on regulating it as I found myself breathing quicker as the pain got worse in my back and legs. The arms and shoulders were starting to get more than just uncomfortable, too. This was slow torture being in this position. I found myself talking to myself at times.

“You can do this. Just work through it,” I heard myself say. A few moments later there was this screaming in the cell. It was me. I calmed myself down. I vowed not to cry and find other ways to deal with this torture. I screamed again.

“Let me out,” I yelled.

No response.

“Let me out,” I yelled again.



Each of my screams was met with silence. I knew he had to be watching me through the hidden cameras in the cell corners. He couldn’t leave me like this, I tried to reason with myself. Then again, he was probably sleeping. John could be sadistic, and this was that side of him. We agreed no safe word, no matter how bad it got. I was truly alone to cope.

“Argh!” Another scream that was almost ear piercing as the sound reverberated within the cell walls. The pain going through me was relentless. I started trying to rock on the floor. Any slight movement to try to make things easier was now my goal. And through it all, the stench was still there.

Hours passed. Hours of screaming, hours of begging and hours of silent whimpering but somehow there was no crying. I have no idea how I was making it through. The pain was almost unbearable.

I had no idea how long it had been. I only knew I was ready for this to end.

Eventually the cell door opened. The light was not turned on. Only the little light from the dungeon slightly illuminated the cell.

“Thank you, Sir,” I heard my raspy voice say. I thought it was over and I was going to be released.

The figure in the doorway was holding something. It rotated what it was holding and water started flowing at me. He was washing me down with a hose. The water was cold, and it hurt when it hit me and I screamed. John continued hosing me down despite my protestations. I begged for him to stop.

He turned off the nozzle and dropped the hose outside the cell and walked in. He knelt down and lifted up my chin with his hand.

“Did you just beg me to stop, slave?” he said. “Clearly you still don’t understand your place and the power I have over you.”

John stepped out and came back in with another bucket. He once again poured an entire bucket of piss over me. It was cold and wretched.

“That was Dan’s piss that he collected for you,” John mused.

“You have to learn, slave. What you want, what you desire, what you need is of no consequence when you submit. When you learn that, you may get relief.”

And with that he took the bucket, walked out of the cell and closed the door again and left me once again in darkness.

I started to scream again. This time it was anger, and I was moving around uncontrollably trying to break the chains. This outburst went on for several minutes. I calmed down and returned to my inner self again as I attempted to cope with what was happening.

What seemed like a couple of hours later the cell door opened again. John walked in wearing jeans and nothing else.

He knelt down in front of me and said nothing. I said nothing. I just sat there in terrible pain and breathed. I knew not to say or do anything this time.

John finally broke the silence.

“Is the slave learning its place?”

I waited a few moments and then whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

“We shall see,” John shot back at me.

“I told the slave it will need to be broken several times and rebuilt,” he continued. “This night was just one aspect of that process. I won’t tell you how long you’ve been in here or what time it is. But you have a choice. You can be released now, and it all ends. The pain will end, but so will your chance at 10 days. Or you can fully submit to me and your slave position. How long you will stay in here is up to me. What I do to you is up to me. Complete submission. What is the slave’s choice?”

In some whispered volume I heard a voice say, “complete submission by this slave to you, Sir.”

It was my voice.

John stood up. He walked out of the cell and closed the door.




The cell door opening woke me up. I can’t believe it, but at some point I must have dozed off. Either I was so tired or the pain got the better part of me. But upon waking up, the pain returned. It was everywhere from my shoulders to my arms, my legs and especially my back. I had no energy to look up to see anything when the light from the dungeon filled the space.

I saw two bare feet in front of me and the bottom of jeans and chain that was set on the floor.   A hand reached in and removed the padlock from the D ring in the floor and from the collar and ankle restraints. Since having been bent over for so long I couldn’t sit upright just yet. Next John removed the chain from my wrist shackles to the collar. He then removed one wrist shackle and let it hang. He stood behind me.

Over the next few minutes I slowly pulled my wrists in front of me and attempted to sit up straight. I was able to put my legs out in front of me even as the ankles were still shackled together with the single link.

Next thing I knew John reached over me and put the open wrist shackle on, locking my wrists in front of me. He then reached for one length of chain that was pretty long and padlocked it to the collar, then to my wrists at chest height and then to the ankles. Another long length of chain was attached to the wrist shackles and pulled to the far end of the cell, forcing me on my side so I was lying down on the concrete. He then took another length of chain and attached it the ankles and again to the opposite end of the cell. John had effectively placed me lengthwise in the center of the cell on the floor, unable to get up.

He looked down at me and then walked out and closed the door. He never said a word to me. I tried to get comfortable and fall asleep.




My eyes opened, and I realized the cell light was on and the door was open. John was sitting against the door jamb.

I knew enough not to say anything. John sat expressionless as he looked over at me.

He finally stood up and walked over to the far end of the cell. He worked to remove the padlocks and chains from the walls and then from me. He also removed all the shackles and the steel collar, leaving my naked body lying on the floor. He picked everything up over two trips and removed them from the cell.

When he returned he stood in the cell doorway and waited, looking at me.

I gathered myself up and worked myself to the center of the cell on my knees. I spread my knees open and placed my wrists behind my head with my head slightly bowed. I could feel my cock getting hard and thought, you’ve got to be kidding. I just went through a night of pure hell, and now I’m hard.

John left me like that for at least five minutes before he broke the silence.

“What did the slave learn last night?”

In barely an audible voice I said, “Complete submission, Sir.”

“The slave was in great pain, was it not?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“The slave got a taste of submission but it hasn’t learned complete submission yet. More trials and breaking will be needed for that to happen. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Is the slave ready to leave?”

I can’t believe I was about to say what came out. “Sir, the slave is on a four-day weekend through Tuesday, Sir.” This was true. I just didn’t tell John I was taking a long weekend. I thought if I ended up staying through Saturday afternoon I would have all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to myself for some fun and relaxation.

John just stood there after I said that. He didn’t respond right away.

He walked in the cell and stood directly in front of me.

He reached down and pulled my chin up to look at him with his hand and said, “The slave understands what it just did, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded, “complete submission and breaking to continue, Sir.”

“Very well, then,” John said. “Hands behind your back,” and I immediately complied.

He took a chain collar from his jeans pocket and a small padlock and locked it around my neck.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said, and let out a heavy sigh.

“The slave will not leave this cell the remainder of its stay this time,” John remarked.

He walked out, leaving the door open and returned with a pair of standard handcuffs, which he put on my wrists as they were still behind my back.

He then stepped out again and brought in a dog bowl with water.

“Drink,” he commanded. I bent over and started lapping up the water, as I was thirsty having had nothing to eat or drink since the night prior. I almost finished the bowl when I stopped and got back up on my knees.

John moved the dog bowl to the side and said, “protein time.” He opened up the crotch on his jeans and pulled out his cock. I hungrily went for it and started to service him. It didn’t take long for him to start moaning and shoot his load down my throat. I made sure to take it all in and lick off his cock as he removed it from my mouth and put it back in his jeans.

He picked up the dog bowl, walked out and moments later the light went out.

In the darkness I shuffled over to the wall and leaned my back against it and sat down on the floor with my legs sprawled out in front. Nap time again.


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  1. It looks like it picks up at the end of the previous chapter (cheaper 14), so I assume the Chapter 17 in the tittle is a typo. Just want to make sure we are not missing two exciting chapters in the middle

  2. Glad to see the next chapter made it out. When can we expect the next installment? I agree with buzzedchris —best series ever

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