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Video: Ian Levine is crucified

gay bondage crucified

Ian’s body is stretched out as the deep, long agony of the cross sets in. Then Jared hangs heavy weights from the crucified captive’s balls. Check out this free video preview, courtesy of Dream Boy Bondage:


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Title of this shoot: Ian Levine – Final Consent IV – Part 5

Dream Boy Bondage free preview

24 Hours in Jail – Part 3

By Prisoner805

Waking Up In Jail

I couldn’t believe how well I had slept. I rolled over and adjusted a number of times during the night, each time feeling the wet spot at the opening in my chastity belt, noticing the musky smell of crotch and cum. That only made me throb more in the belt. This whole thing was one vicious cycle. I thought to get up and call out a number of times, but I corrected myself. When AR wants me up, he’ll order me up. If I’m smart, I’ll get my rest while I’m able.

AR did come to the bars, and wasted no time pointing to his crotch. I quickly got to my knees and made myself useful through the bars. I had always wanted to be used through the bars of a jail. I’ve previously sucked cock through the bars of a cage so I knew it was going to be right up there on the “gotta try it” scale. Sure enough, it was amazing. After a little bit, AR was done with my mouth.

He passed my boots and muzzle in and told me to put them on. Then came the 4 buckle hand restraints and leg irons for over my boots. Once I had them all on, he told me to get up against the wall. He came in and inspected me, then told me to turn so that he could take in his work for a moment.

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24 Hours in Jail – Part 2

By Prisoner805


It happened. I was in jail. As I heard him turn the key to the door lock, I leaned back on my bunk and felt the cold cinder block behind me. I raised my foot and kicked what must have been the toilet. I extended my foot and was able to touch the wall. AR came back after I had a few moments to rest. AR took off my transport chains and told me to strip. My hoodie, shorts, socks and shoes were gone. He locked them away out of my reach. AR did another search. I had asked to be treated like a high escape risk. That’s exactly what I got. He wasn’t taking any chances.

I had never seen this place before. AR told me that first thing, he’d show me the facility. Still hooded and gagged, AR put me in the rigid collar and cuffs. When that was secure, he took off my muzzle and my hood. Looking around, I stammered “The shit I get myself into…” while I looked on in amazement at where I was, and the state in which I was present there. My cock throbbed then as it does now while I write thinking about it. I was a prisoner for use by a sexual dominant.

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Montana – Part 05

By ty dehner

I hung there for a while, feeling my cock soften after being so close in one of the hottest sexual times I’ve experienced. I was glad my cock was free from the steel but sure wish Austin would come back and pick up where he left off. The air was getting warm as the sun was rising in the sky. Of course, I was in darkness with the hood locked on my head and my arms were starting to ache.

Austin startled me as I felt his rough leather work gloves start to work on my cock as he was returning it to its prison of steel. I moaned in the hood and I heard him chuckle to himself. I barely hear the lock click as he grabbed my cock and balls and tugged on them to show they were his. As he tugged them I could sense his face next to my leather covered face.

“Boy I really want to fuck you, really want to fuck you. But the time isn’t right and frankly I want you to want me more. We’re going to head into the house and get some breakfast. I’ll remove your hood once your inside.”

He worked the ropes holding my arms above my head, off and let me free. Then he leads me across the dirt. Once in the house he had me sit on the cold wood floor and removed the hood. As my eyes adjusted I found I was the only one naked as Austin and his posse were in their rodeo gear eating breakfast. They looked me over and then returned to their dialog over the food. Austin went in the kitchen and came back with eggs, bacon and some fruit in a couple of dog dishes. There was another with orange juice. He ordered me to eat, which I happily did as I was damn hungry.

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