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Drake Jaden has Dirk Caber in a parrot’s perch

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It’s time to get personal. With a stun baton for protection, Interrogator Drake Jaden forces Dirk Caber to suck his huge cock. Dirk is in a Parrot’s Perch — one of the most uncomfortable and vulnerable positions imaginable.

Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 7

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It’s Not Over Till I Say So

By slavebladeboi

As my bondage goes it was reasonably simple. A collar, a length of chain and a few accessories. Of course, the devil, as they say, is in the detail.

The collar was solid steel, thick, heavy – it weighed several pounds and you certainly knew you were wearing it although several subs have told me afterwards they thought it was wearing them.

The chain was also steel and no light weight. It connected to the front of the collar and ran tightly straight down Greg’s chest, over the abs and connected to a ring round his cock, then to a 5lb ball stretcher weight, after which it forced its way between his ass cheeks where it kept the electro plug well and truly secured before returning with no slack whatsoever to the back of the collar. Quite near to the shoulder blades a couple of links ensured his wrist restraints could not move downwards and he had no desire to lift them, something of a physical impossibility anyway considering their position.

Oh, and a blindfold.

And that was that. I left his legs free to do as he wanted but eventually had to use a gag on him. Moaning and pleading can get tedious for the listener, even over the intercom.

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Julian is crucified at Dream Boy Bondage

Nobody does a crucifixion scene better than Dream Boy Bondage. This video features Julian, a young bodybuilder. Every inch of his amazing physique is in agony, displayed to perfection.

Julian is crucified at Dream Boy Bondage

The cross slowly rises, a muscular victim affixed to it, totally naked. Julian looks around terrified as he feels his chest stretch and his abs tighten. His powerful physique will help him endure the agony of the cross, but the added weight of all that muscle will also add to his pain, as his body slowly pulls itself apart. After just a few minutes, he feels tremendous strain in his arms, shoulders and pecs. The placement of his ankles gives him little leverage, no way to reduce the strain on his arms and upper-body. All he can do is hang there and suffer. And you get the watch the whole thing: A naked muscleman crucified! Sit back and enjoy every detail: The drool dripping down his pec and onto his abs, the nasty lash-mark from a wrap-around blow that landed an inch from his cock, and the ropes of dry cum on his massive thigh.

Here is a free video preview:


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This site is worth the money! It is high quality, and highly recommended.

Title of this episode: Julian – The Wages of Sin – Chapter 5

naled male crucifixion

Dream Boy Bondage

Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 11

By AlphaMetal

Day 4, Morning – Serious Restraint

Cody woke before the others. He started to sit up in bed but felt the steel cuff bite into his ankle as he pulled his leg back; he had forgotten his foot was shackled to the corner of the cot.

Cody reached down to rub his ankle and saw Pretty Boy lying on his side; his thin sheet had slid partly off leaving his ass exposed. He really has a sweet little ass, Cody thought.

Pretty Boy was one of those natural-born bottoms who love sex and love being used and now it was his function at the camp. He had already begun acting differently since yesterday’s announcement. The scared boy who spent the first few days looking terrified now had a flirty confidence around the other boys. Cody’s impression of the change was confirmed as the boys shaved in the bathroom that morning. Pretty Boy removed all his clothes, not just his scrub top, and stood at the sink naked, bending over just a little more than necessary. It looked like he was inviting the Colonel, Wrestler, or Cody to come up from behind and penetrate him.

But there was no time for that. The boys had only 20 minutes. And the day was about to start and Cody, Wrestler, and the Colonel were thinking about what might happen to them. Pretty Boy had some kind of immunity from suffering but the rest of them didn’t and they wondered what the day would bring. Pretty Boy’s ass looked hot as he stood at the sink but they all had other things on their mind.

Anyway, Cody thought with an inward smirk…. I can always use him later.

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A bodybuilder is tied, pleasured and tortured

At Dream Boy Bondage, Anthony Martin works muscle man Stefano’s uncut cock. The bound slave cums despite the nonstop pain of the rack. He’s rewarded by being stretched on the rack even harder! Later, after hanging on the cross for hours, when every muscle in his body is fatigued to the point of failure, bodybuilder Stefano must press 170 pounds or be shocked with electricity!

See the complete video series at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of the scene shown here: STEFANO: Blind Muscle


forced bondage workout

Video: The torture continues for Gabriel

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, Gabriel Cruz awakens after hours hanging from his wrists, bent over a small bench, his back arched painfully, his dick in another man’s mouth.

The torture continues for Gabriel

To have smooth skin and firm muscles, to catch others staring when you take off your shirt – most people dream of being so young and beautiful. But, sometimes, such beauty has a cost – a very steep cost. Gabriel Cruz is paying that cost, stretched-up on his tiptoes, totally naked, steel cuffs digging into his wrists. “Please…” he begs the muscular, young leather-man who is torturing him. Garret Stone, wearing nothing but a leather thong and harness, says nothing; he lets his whip do the talking. He slices the prisoner’s back a dozen times, then sprays him with alcohol. The pain is amazing – terrible for Gabriel, beautiful for Garret. “See you in the morning,” Garret says, leaving the captive hanging in agony. Hours later, Gabriel wakes, bent over a small, padded bench backward, his abs sucked in hard, Garret sucking his cock. This is now his life.

Here is a free video preview — it might take a moment for it to load so be patient:


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Title of this episode: Gabriel Cruz – Taken for Torture – Chapter 3

hot male ballet dancer tied up in gay porn

Gabriel Cruz bondage

The Purchase – Part 04

By slavebladeboi

We were halfway to the truck when Daz stopped. “Hang on, just remembered,” he said and, taking my keys, went back into the house. He came out a couple of minutes later with a smile on his face. “Almost forget the tit clamps, might as well give him full use of my stuff while I’m here.”

“You think he’s going to be ok?”

“Of course, he’s fit and healthy with all that ‘love and attention’ you been giving him.” He said that with a sarcastic voice but I knew what he meant. “Not going anywhere either. No, Chris my friend, he simply needs to know that his position isn’t going to alter just because you’re not some kind of heartless sadist but actually a regular guy, who happens to also like a bit of kinky s&m play and is his Master as well. He’s bloody lucky to have been bought by you and not me.” He grinned even wider and I chuckled at that. “Now, let’s get some in.”

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