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Extreme edging with advanced bondage positions

At Men On Edge, yoga stud Elijah Wood endures extreme edging with advance bondage positions.


Elijah Wood does a lot of yoga, so they take full advantage of his flexibility. They start him off tied to the bed and blindfolded with his thick cock bound. They stroke him, suck his cock and toes, edging him repeatedly as precum drips from him. He is tickled like crazy shortly before he cums a first time. He is then bound in a suspended yoga position and edged again and again as he begs to cum. Upside down and sucking cock, he finally blows his huge load a second time.

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Rank puts his rubber gimp in stressful bondage

In this scene from SeriousMaleBondage, Rank tests the endurance of his rubber gimp with some stressful bondage. Rank’s trick is to stimulate the gimp with a vibrator so he is able to tolerate more extreme suspension positions provided by an overhead winch. It’s friggin hot how he struggles. Poor guy!

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Title of this update: “TOE THAT LINE”

Arm splints by Sinvention

Rank rubber bondage gimp


By Steellock

Matt rang his agent again. This was a hard month. The guy had only found him one brief appearance at a club opening, and the rent was coming due. More than that, his gym membership was too.

‘Well we had one offer come through but you always said that you did not want any weird stuff just posing and such,’ said the guy.

‘How weird?’ Matt asked. ‘Weird sex? That’s not for me.’

‘Well just weird I guess. It’s from one of the galleries, they have a new art exhibition and one of the exhibits is a guy in bondage. They need a whole group of guys to be the models in turn, and you fit the shape they want.’

Matt thought about it briefly but – hell – if there were several of them there then they should be able to look after themselves surely? And anyway it was a well-known gallery, never heard of them showing this kind of thing before.

‘OK when do I go?’ he said.

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Displayed – Part 02

By Pickle

~ Chapter 6 ~

Day Two –

I wake up barely being able to move.  Even getting dressed in jeans and the red and black shirt that Gunnerson told me I had to wear today, “So you’ll be more noticeable when we “scarecrow” ya tomorrow, Bo”, was all I could do.

I grab a fast coffee and a banana before picking up my gym bag, and heading out the door to the driveway.  By my phone it’s 5:55, but Moore, with one of the other guys I met when I was leaving the “Farm” yesterday afternoon, was already there.  I had learned he was Sergeant Sutherland by checking out the various sections of “The Country Boy Punishment Club” website last evening.  I had been able to view not only my own punishments from the day, but also a lot of shit the other “Recruits” were being put through, ranging from a number of different tortures, but also being put through rigorous PT, and running several different obstacle courses set up to be even tougher than any of the Tough Mudder courses I’d seen.  They were all covered in muck by the time they made it to the end of the courses, IF they made it all the way through these sadistically designed obstacle courses, at all.

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More pictures: Jimmy USMC in metal head cage and chains

Here are a few more pictures of Jimmy USMC, who is featured extensively at both Men In Chains and Serious Male Bondage:

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage

These pictures will look familiar to those who enjoyed the multi-part movie at Men In Chains, called “The Appleville Strain.” Now, Serious Male Bondage is sharing additional pictures and video footage of not only Jimmy USMC, but also Dart Tech, Bind and many others from the feature.

So, if you want to see the bondage but not necessarily follow the “plot,” the newly added videos at Serious Male Bondage are for you. Or maybe you are already a huge fan of the movie and you just can’t get enough.

Either way, you can find the videos at Serious Male Bondage under the title of APPLEVILLE BONDAGE CLIPS.

Jimmy USMC in heavy metal bondage male BDSM