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Sebastian Keys at Butt Machine Boys

Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines at Butt Machine Boys

Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a deep dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there, a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. Next the annihilator fucks his ass hard as the masked stranger works the controls. Even though he doesn’t know the man who’s taken him, Sebastian doesn’t want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favorite machine and shoots his load all over it.

Model in this shoot: Sebastian Keys

Title: Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines

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Dominic Pacifico is tied up and fucked by machines

In this vintage shoot from Butt Machine Boys, The Ass Master has Dominic Pacifico chained up in his dirty prison cell.

After a long period, Dominic is ready to give in to the twisted Ass Master’s wishes. Dominic is made to stretch out his hole over the toilet with the metal balls and a huge black dildo. There’s nothing like having a Scorpion (machine) up the ass in prison. When Dominic’s hole is nice and wet, The Ass Master completely ties him up for the Annihilator machine. First, it fucks him doggie style. Then, it fucks him on his back with his cock and balls tied up. Will Dominic be set free after this torment or will the Ass Master keep him for more sick games?

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 12

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 12: This Season, Brown Is Trending

They let me loose and I fell back, panting.  Automatically, my hands went up to my neck.  But it wasn’t my neck anymore; it was a thing wearing a collar.  “Yeh mon,” Malcolm said, “you a slappie now.”  I twisted, holding my stomach, trying to get my breath.  My eyes were level with their waists, and I saw that their shorts were tented.

“OK slappie, straighten up,” Jojo said, kicking a chair in my direction.  “Sit on it,” Malcolm said.  My balls slumped down on the wooden seat.  “Keep still,” Jojo said.  “This doan take long.”  He plugged a shaver into the wall, and in two minutes he had shaved me bald.

“Get up,” Malcolm ordered.  “See that wall?  Stan’ there.  This is a camera, slap boy.  Hol’ still, gonna take you picture.  I said hol’ still.  An look pretty—this is you audition, dude.  I mean it—how you think I get this great job?  You keep lookin unhappy, dude, this gonna last all night.  OK, that’s better.  Now turn left.  Turn right.  Lemme see you butt.”  So now my white naked body and my white bald head were fully recorded.  “Through that door,” he told me, pointing.

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Patrick Rouge and the Ass Master

In this video from Butt Machine Boys, Patrick Rouge ends up in the Ass Master’s dungeon. He is made to spread his muscled ass and show his beautiful wet hole. Patrick stretches his hole with a large black dildo, and he’s ready for the Monster fucking machine. It pounds on his prostate and makes him cum prematurely. The Ass Master punishes him with the Buddy Fucker. The long hard strokes of the Buddy Fucker make him screams in agony and pleasure. He finishes off with a second load of cum.

Patrick Rouge gay bondage anal sex

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Title of this video: Patrick Rouge and the Ass Master

male BDSM Patrick Rouge

Captured by The Cavalry — Part 01

By Rubrpig

As soon as all of the travel bans and restriction were lifted as the vaccination program had finally been completed which meant the pandemic was finally beaten, I needed to get away from the house where I had been working and living without much human contact since the start of the pandemic and the loss of my Sir to Covid-19.

I decided a trip to London was in order and I smiled thinking about walking through the cool fall weather of England and enjoying myself by reconnecting to the world. As an out and proud Leatherman I wear my hides and boots proudly so I finished making the travel arrangements and packed up my leathers and several pairs of boots.

After checking into my British Airways flight and finally clearing security as my leathers and boots always attract attention. The fact that I have a solid stainless steel chain welded closed around my neck always slows the security inspection down. The man who had put the collar on me had contracted Covid-19 at the hospital where he worked as an ER nurse and had struggled with the disease for 7 weeks before he died while on a ventilator struggling for air. The loss of my Sir devastated me but I managed to come to term with my loss and grief so the trip to London was to honour a promise we had made to each other to visit London.

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