10 Days in Detention – Part 27

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

“If you can sleep at all, we should try to doze off for a while,” Matt suggested.

I nodded my head in agreement and looked straight up at the evening sky. It was a nice night out. I closed my eyes and drifted off to a fitful sleep.

There was a shooting pain to my balls that woke me up unexpectedly. I yelled loud enough to startle Matt spread out next to me. When I gained my composure I saw Daniel standing over me with his boot on the rope leading from my balls to the stake. He was looking directly down at me. He placed his full weight onto the rope again pressing it down into the dirt and eliciting another scream from me as the rope pulled on my balls.

It was still dark out. I had no idea what time it could be or how soon before the sunrise would take place. My shoulders were on fire from being stretched and my balls were aching from the abuse Daniel was inflicting.

“That’s enough,” I heard Matt say to Daniel.

“What’s that pig?” Daniel said looking over at Matt and then stepping on the rope again causing another sharp pain to travel through my balls into my body. I felt like I was getting close to having to vomit.

“He’s had enough. Leave him alone,” Matt said.

“You realize the more you defend him the more I’m going to cause pain on him, right?” With that Daniel took his boot off the rope, knelt down next to me and used his hand to lift the rope going to my balls into the air. I screamed as the rope got higher and my breathing became short and labored.

“Please stop, Sir, he’s had enough, please.” I heard Matt beg now. His tone had changed to one of pleading. It certainly wasn’t the cocky guard persona he used when he was on the other side of what was happening. It was a quite a change to hear the previous sadistic Matt become protector Matt.

Daniel let the rope go and it snapped back into place. The tug on my balls was still there but not the intense pain they were subjected to for the last few minutes. I was relieved. Daniel turned his attention to Matt and was kneeling over him.

“The question now is what are you willing to take for me not to play with pig 1 any longer?” Daniel said to Matt.

I looked over at Matt spread out tight just like me and saw him turn his head to look at Daniel. There was a look of part fear and part resignation on his face.

“Whatever you want, Sir,” was Matt’s response.

Daniel looked directly at Matt and was thinking when his facial expression changed and a cynical smile came across it.

“In that case, you will get a 100 lashes after you’ve been properly splayed wide between the posts.” Daniel paused after saying that. His smile was getting wider as he looked over at me. “And you, pig 1, are going to administer the punishment to pig 2 since he’s taking them for you. Since he doesn’t want you to suffer, you will be the one inflicting the pain on him.”

Daniel stood up chuckling to himself and walked away from us into the moonlight.

I looked over at Matt and he just gave me a smile. I asked him why he was smiling and he reminded me that Daniel would play us off each other. He told me not to worry and that he could take what I was going to have to dish out.

“I’ve never flogged a guy before nor tied anyone up before,” I told Matt.

Matt looked over at me and said, “Don’t worry about it. I know Daniel. You know Daniel. He’s safe. He will show you how to do the flogging. But he will also expect that you give it everything you have or you will end up being punished, too.”

“You’re not worried,” I said.

“No. I trust all of you. I’ve also taken 100 lashes of the flogger in the past. It sucks. But I know what to expect.”

Matt’s comments gave me some comfort but I still didn’t know if I could actually flog him. I guess I was going to find out. Somehow I drifted off to sleep.

Voices woke me up from my sleep. When my eyes opened I saw the guards along with Daniel untying Matt from his spread eagle. He let out a loud cry as he was pulled into a sitting position and his arms were pulled roughly behind him and handcuffed. They got him into a standing position and then grabbed his camo pants and slipped them back on him. Matt was then forced on to his knees.

Likewise I was released from my five way stretch with the arms being last. Just like Matt I was forced into a sitting position and my arms pulled behind me and handcuffed. Pain shot through my arms and shoulders and I yelled out. It was excruciating. After having spent the night spread out tight and then all of a sudden having the arms pulled behind it was pain at the upper threshold of what I could tolerate. I was pulled to my feet and my camo pants were slipped on and buttoned at the waist. Matt was then pulled to his feet and we were marched to the whipping frames.

It was daylight but early. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and back as we walked but the full heat of the day was a long time off, yet.

When we reached the whipping frames I was motioned to my knees. The Guards positioned Matt between the posts. The handcuffs were removed and leather suspension cuffs were placed on his wrists. Ropes from the upper corners were then tied to the cuffs and pulled so Matt’s wrists were in the air and pulled apart. Similarly, cuffs were put on his ankles and he was stretched out. He looked good from behind. His back was clearly well developed and he tapered down to a nice waist. Matt looked pretty good from behind.

Daniel walked over to me holding a flogger.

“I’m not sure I can do this, Sir,” I said.

“You will or else,” Daniel replied. He showed me the flogger and continued talking to me.

“I’m going to show you how to handle the flogger. You will watch carefully and then you will have a chance to practice before we start the series of lashes you will administer to pig 2. If you do not put your best effort forward you will suffer the same ordeal and then more so that you understand this is never a choice for a pig when told to do something.”

Daniel stepped towards Matt and while talking to me he demonstrated how to swing the flogger. He was using very light strokes on Matt’s upper back and shoulder area. Daniel explained how to get used to swinging the flogger and what areas of Matt’s body to avoid in order not to cause injury. All strokes today would be on the upper back and shoulder blades. As Daniel was talking and demonstrating the strokes became harder with more force. The last few Daniel put all his strength in to and Matt cried out a couple of times.

Daniel stopped and stepped over to me. He pulled out his keys and removed the handcuffs handing me the flogger.

“Get up. If you try to run or escape those two will hunt you down quickly,” he said motioning over to the guards.

Daniel walked over behind Matt and pointed to the ground where he wanted me to stand. I walked over.

“Taking the flogger swing it slowly in the air back and forth to get the hang of it,” Daniel commanded. I did as he said. I spent a couple of minutes getting used to the rhythm of the flogger. Daniel talked me through the finer points. He then directed me to start taking light swings at Matt’s upper back. Over time I got used to the stroking of Matt’s shoulder area and what it felt like to make contact. Daniel continued to provide feedback and at times even placed his hands on my arms to help demonstrate how to follow through. Over the next few minutes I started to swing with more force. I surely wasn’t an expert but I got comfortable with the stroking. Daniel then ordered me to provide six full effort strokes to the shoulders. I hesitated and Daniel reminded me what the cost would be. As I let loose I focused on aiming so as not to hit any part of Matt’s body I wasn’t supposed to. The first couple of strokes were too weak for Daniel’s taste and he yelled at me to put more effort in to it. The last four connected well, I assumed, as they elicited a small yelp from Matt.

“That’s more like it, pig,” Daniel commented. I wasn’t sure whether to be proud or not as I was about to hurt the guy that kept me from getting hurt.

“Before we start go stand in front of pig,” Daniel pointed,” and make sure he’s ok. You will be checking on him every now and again over the course of his punishment.”

I walked over to Matt’s front and looked him in the eye. Matt smiled at me. Instinctively I took his head in my hand and massaged his neck.

“It’s ok,” Matt said. “You’ll do fine.”

I stepped closer in to Matt so we were face to face and he leaned in and gave me a kiss. It was just enough to let me know he was good with what was happening. I mouthed a silent thank you to him and brought our heads side by side for a moment.

“Enough of that pig,” Daniel chimed in. “Get over here and let’s start.”

Daniel nodded at me when I took my place behind Matt. The two guards were close by watching and nodding in approval. Daniel gave me a look that said I had better start. I took the flogger and one by one began alternating slowly between shoulders. Daniel watched and after about five strokes told me to put more power behind it. The next set of strokes elicited yelps from Matt.

Daniel stopped me and said, “Now that you have the hang of it we will start keeping track. Start with ten at full force, boy.”

I thought to myself none of those last strokes counted. I hoped Matt really was up for this. I started again and Daniel counted out as I made my efforts. Matt was breathing heavily and moving slightly with each stroke. After the first ten Daniel told me to check on Matt. Matt smiled at me again when I walked up and nodded his approval. He was a trooper not that he had much choice in the matter.

I took my place and started again when directed by Daniel. This went on with breaks between each set of ten. By the time we got to one hundred Matt was letting out a scream every now and again. His upper back and shoulders were a bright red.

Daniel took the flogger from me and smiled. I looked him in the eyes not sure if I should say anything or just stand there. I opted to place my hands behind my back and lower my head. He took his hand and placed it under my chin and lifted my head up to make eye contact again.

“Good job, pig. I thought at the beginning I would have to string you up along with pig 2 and flog both of you. But then again, maybe that’s what you want, huh, pig?”

Daniel read me. As I was flogging Matt I couldn’t help but wanting to be splayed out with him and taking what he was taking. Daniel walked me over to in front of Matt and the two guards met us there. Within seconds restraints were being placed on my wrists and I was joining Matt spread out between the beams with our bare chests touching each other. Matt leaned in to me and started kissing me. To say we were having a moment would be an understatement.

When we broke it off Matt whispered in my ear, “I know you have feelings for Daniel. I didn’t mean to cross a line. You’re a hot guy, Dave.”

“It’s ok and yes I do,” I responded. “I’m guessing Daniel is OK with it since he has a shit eating grin on his face behind you watching us.” Matt chuckled at that. Daniel moved around and behind me.

I felt the flogger lightly on my back. It was almost erotic and it felt good. Matt whispered into my ear that Daniel was warming me up. He said that while I was learning to use the flogger it had the dual purpose of doing the same thing to him. By warming us up we can take more as the session progresses. I was starting to understand. I had been flogged before in the dungeon and the same progression happened there. I was putting two and two together and learning in the process.

As the strokes became heavier Matt was talking to me and alternatively kissing me and snuggling me as he could. It was Matt checking on me instead of Daniel between sets. I understood why the breaks, the checking in and the tenderness in these moments contrasting with the strokes at full force. It was a means to elicit trust and submission. Matt was the surrogate for Daniel today with regards to me.

The last couple of sets were hard for me and I screamed at times. Matt continued to provide encouragement throughout the ordeal.

The guards eventually stepped over and let Matt and I down with me falling to my knees and Matt standing above me. Both of us had our wrists placed in handcuffs behind our backs and then I was forced up on my bare feet. We walked over to a heavy metal plate in the dirt. It was pulled open and a shallow pit was below it with concrete sides and bottom. We were directed to sit on the edge with our feet dangling over and then to jump in. We did as commanded. The space was maybe four feet square and only five feet deep. We were then ordered on our knees which had the effect putting us below the top of the pit. Then the lid was closed putting us into darkness. I felt Matt get close to me and find my shoulder with his head.

“We had better sit down on the floor. It’s going to get hot in here after a while as the sun beats down on the steel,” Matt said. We both sat down and I snuggled over to where Matt was sitting. He essentially invited me into his space and I put my head on his shoulder this time.

“Are you OK?” Matt asked.

“Yeah,” I responded. “I wasn’t sure I was going to get through that flogging but I think Daniel let up on the force from time to time and then got heavy when he wanted to make a point.”

“He’s good at taking a guy for a ride. You did well. And yes, it could have been worse. That flogger he was using was the easiest of what he has in his collection. He has other floggers that will cause immediate pain at a level you did not experience today.”

“How long are we going to be in here?” I asked.

“As long as they want. I suspect several hours we will be in here. They will want the steel to heat up and have us sweating until we are soaked before they pull us out.” Matt paused and then started again. “And you really are ok with me kissing you? I don’t want to get between you and Daniel. I do want you to know that I think you’re a hot guy and what you are taking for someone as new to this as you are is amazing. You are a definite bondage pig, Dave.”

“This is what I think, Matt,” I said and I leaned in and we kissed some more.

“Thank you,” I whispered to him.

“For what? I was a pretty sadistic guy towards you.”

“For being that sadistic guy and also for being my coach and talking me through last night and this morning. I appreciate that you are all in on both sides of the cuffs.”

“Thanks,” Matt said. We just sat there like that for a while. At some point I nodded off for a nap and when I woke up I felt wet. It was getting hotter inside the space and the sweat was starting to pour off of me. The camo pants were getting wetter by the minute. I felt Matt still up against me and he was slick, too. He was still asleep, though. I thought back to the weekend so far. A smile slowly crossed my lips and I realized I was being given a very different kind of gift by these men. They were helping me to realize a part of myself that I had hidden for most of my life. Allowing me into their world was a gift. What was transpiring between me and Daniel was a gift. What Matt and I were experiencing I would have to figure out. I found him cute. I liked him. But I didn’t have the feelings for him that I have for Daniel.

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  1. Thanks for the latest chapter of such a long running series! It’s definitely still going strong!

  2. Every chapter adds a new twist. I love it. The pigs should have been kept naked to emphasize their “captivity”.
    How long until the next chapter? Please don’t keep us waiting.

  3. This is, by far, the hottest story this pig has read in a long, long time! Every single installment has so many great things going for it. The characters are great, the writing is excellent, and the content is extremely exciting. The way it is written, this pig can totally see itself in the scenarios, experiencing these things right along with the characters.

    Hoping that another installment is coming soon! There’s so much more to be told here, for sure, and we’re still a long way from the actual 10 Days of Detention in the title!!

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