10 Days in Detention – Part 28

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I was half asleep most of the time in the pit.   Even though it was dark it wasn’t completely black out conditions and my eyes adjusted to some vision after a while. Matt was still lying next to me with our shoulders touching. The sweat was pouring off of us with the pit becoming hotter as the day progressed. Our chests were slick with sweat and the camo pants we were wearing became damp from the sweat. It was impossible to wipe the droplets from our faces with our hands cuffed behind our backs. Every now and again a bead of sweat would end up in my eye and the stinging sensation would catch my attention.

Matt and I didn’t talk much to each other after our initial conversation when first placed in the pit. Every now and again we would smile to one another, put a head on the other’s shoulder or share a kiss. They were simple gestures of encouragement that didn’t take much energy.

I knew I was starting to get dehydrated in the heat and I could tell Matt was getting to that point, too. Neither of us had even had to take a piss the entire time we were in the pit which I guessed was dragging on to late morning or noon time.

We both sort of sat up when we heard sounds outside the steel door above us. My shoulders were aching and on fire from having the wrists cuffed behind my back without any relief for so long.

The door was lifted open. Daniel and one of the guards was with him looking down at us. Nothing was said. After a few moments the door closed again and plunged us back into darkness. Within a couple of minutes the door was pulled open again.

“I bet you two could use some water,” Daniel said looking down at us.

I looked back up at him as did Matt but neither of us said anything.

“I think I asked you two pigs a question,” Daniel barked. “Those that answer may get some water.”

Matt spoke first. “Yes, sir, we could use water, please.”

“Please, sir, water,” I chimed in.

Daniel smiled down at us.

“Water you shall get then. I don’t want you two getting dehydrated. Your time isn’t up yet, boys.”

Daniel stood up and came back almost immediately holding a garden hose. There wasn’t a nozzle on the end. He motioned to someone with a head tilt and pointed the hose end towards us. The water started flowing. Daniel aimed the stream at Matt’s head first and Matt thought quickly enough to open his mouth, tilt his head back and start to take in some of the water. Daniel then pointed the water stream to me and did the same thing. Daniel went back and forth with Matt and I attempting to drink as much of the water each time the stream pointed at our heads. Water was getting all over the pit soaking us. The water was cool and it felt good. Of course, since we were in a pit of concrete walls and bottom the water had no place to go and started pooling. By the time Daniel motioned to have the water turned off the water was about six to eight inches deep.

“Both of you on your knees, now,” Daniel ordered. Matt and I were each able to get up on our knees with some effort.

Daniel then gave the next order, “Bend over and drink, now.”

Matt and I looked at each other. We weren’t fast enough in our response, apparently.

“Bend over, drink, and do it now or face severe punishment when you are eventually let out of there,” Daniel warned.

We bent over and each started to slurp up some of the water that had pooled in the bottom of the pit. It was still cool and refreshing but I wasn’t sure how sanitary this all was.

“Keep drinking, pigs,” Daniel said. After a few more moments Daniel said enough.

“You have water now if you need it. Your time in there continues.” With that he closed the steel door putting us back into semi darkness.

“Are you OK,” I asked Matt.

“Yeah, I’m doing all right. This is a new experience for me in here. You of course realize that with all the water he just made us drink we are going to have to take a piss at some point and into this water. And he’s serious about this is the only water we are going to get to drink.”

It took me a moment to process what Matt had said and then it hit me.

“He’s a sadistic SOB when he wants to be, isn’t he?” I said. “He puts us in here, gets us to the point of dehydration, gives us water and makes us keep drinking while creating this pool. Our piss is going to mix in with it and we will have to drink at some point.”

“You’ve been pissed on, but have you ever had to drink it?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, Daniel has pissed on me and even poured a bucket over me. It was impossible to keep the taste from getting into my mouth but I haven’t had to drink it from the tap if that’s what you mean.”

“Are you OK if you have to drink any of this water mixed in with our piss, then?” Matt asked.

I thought for a moment and replied, “I guess it won’t be much of a choice if I need some water. Why are you asking all of a sudden?” Matt smiled a little at me from what I could tell in the darkness. “Oh I get it.”

“He just gave us water, Dave, and made us drink until he told us to stop. What do you think is happening? And we are kneeling in several inches of it. I don’t know how long I can hold it,” Matt said.

“Do what you need to do. I may not be that far behind you,” I said.

“On the count of three then,” Matt ordered. “One, two, three.”

I closed my eyes and focused. It was like I wanted to go but had pee shyness which is amazing considering all that I’ve gone through with these guys. The stream finally let loose inside the camo pants. It was warm as it ran down my leg. I could hear Matt’s stream going, too. Our piss was mixing with the water we had to sit in and eventually drink if we needed to.

We eventually ended up sitting in the water as staying on our knees wasn’t an option for too long. Time went by slowly again. The pit started to heat up with the midday sun beating down on the steel door. It was like a sauna with the water becoming warm and the humidity rising. Even sitting in the water didn’t stop us from sweating. At one point I decided to sink my entire body down into the water to cool myself down. It didn’t really help.

“Are you OK,” Matt asked.

“I’m hot and thirsty,” I responded.

“I guess it’s time. Water, sweat, and piss all mixed in for us courtesy of the warden.”

Matt was right. I got on my knees, bent over and started to slurp up some water. It was warm which made it somewhat disgusting. I never really tasted any particular aspect. It was just really bad, warm water. Matt drank some water, also.

Time moved slowly.

When the steel door opened Daniel was standing there along with both guards.

“Stand up,” came the command.

We stood and waited. A ladder was sent over the side and into the pit.

“Get on the ladder and don’t fall with those wrists cuffed behind your backs, pigs,” Daniel said.

There was enough of an angle in the ladder to be able to get up the few rungs safely with the guards grabbing our arms part of the way up. Once up on the ground they pushed our dripping bodies towards a dirt area. We had to step up and over some wooden railroad ties that bordered the plot.  It wasn’t all that big an area. The dirt was loose and fresh. As I was pushed onto my knees towards the center of the area the dampness of my pants turned the loose dirt below me into light mud. Matt was similarly placed next to me.

The guards worked to remove the handcuffs and then used rope to cross tie our wrists behind us. My shoulders were still on fire after all these hours but I knew better than to say anything. Once that task was completed Matt and I were pushed over on to our bellies in the dirt. Again, the dampness of our bodies having come out of the pit and the water made the dirt muddy.

The guards worked to cross tie our ankles together. Using more rope they pulled the ankles up and back and put Matt and I into hogties. We were facing the pit the way they placed us in the dirt.

Daniel had left and come back. He had something in his hand which he let down into the pit with a hose attached to it. He brought the other end of the hose to the dirt area we were in.

“Can’t leave all the water in the pit, now, can we?” he chuckled as he placed the end of the hose in the dirt area between Matt and me.

I heard the sound of something start up and then the water started to flow from the hose. Daniel was pumping the water from the pit into the dirt area Matt and I were lying in. With the railroad ties around it became apparent Daniel’s intent was to create a mud pit for us to lie in. And that he did. When he was done pumping the water out of the pit he turned on the hose he had used to fill the pit with water and started to fill the dirt pit. Within a few minutes Matt and I were filthy as the dirt turned into slop mud. Daniel turned the water off when he was satisfied.

“Pigs deserve a mud pit to be in, don’t you think?” Daniel asked mockingly. He laughed to himself and walked away.

“My shoulder is on fire,” I said to Matt.

“I know what you mean,” Matt responded. “You have to give him credit for imagination. He knows how to find ways to humiliate us and keep us uncomfortable. This really sucks. The mud is seeping into every part of my body.”

“Try to keep your head up and your face out of the mud,” I said.

Matt thought for a moment and then replied, “That’s probably part of the torture aspect. We are hogtied and will have to keep our faces raised up. Our backs are not going to like being kept arched all this time. The only way to get around this is to swing over on to our sides.”

We both looked at each other, nodded and did exactly that. Of course the result is what was expected. We both were rolling around in the mud, just like two pigs. I ended up rolling all the way over onto my back with my head lying in the mud and getting into my hair. Matt noticed and did the same thing.

“He’s ingenious. He calls us pigs and we roll around in the mud just like a pig. We’re completely covered,” Matt laughed.

“Yeah, he sets up the predicament and the choice is ours to deal with it. Why do I think he’s such a hot stud even as he puts me through all this?” I asked.

Without missing a beat, Matt responded, “Because he is a hot guy.”

We were only in the mud pit for an hour or so when Daniel and the guards returned. By then, the water had receded into the dirt and it was starting to dry out. Matt and I were caked in mud and it had dried on to us.

We were ordered to turn over onto our stomachs and the ropes were released connecting the wrists and ankles.   Soon the ankles were free and we were told to stand up and get out.

Matt and I rolled around to get into a position to stand since Daniel and the guards weren’t helping. Once out of the pit our wrists were untied. They had brought waist chains with cuffs on the sides and those were secured onto us. It was good having the wrists on the side instead of behind my back. The shoulders slowly started to get feeling back in to them. Leg cuffs were attached to our ankles and were marched to the barn.

Inside the barn we were herded together into one of the stable stalls and forced to kneel in front of a trough. In the trough was this disgusting looking mixture.

“Time to eat, pigs,” Daniel commanded. “Everything in that trough had better be gone when I return.” With that he and the guards stepped out, locked the stall door and left the barn.

I looked over at Matt and we sort of nodded at each other and bent over placing our face into the mixture. It was as disgusting to taste as it was to look at. We knew better than not to eat it though. We hadn’t been fed all day and it was almost evening and Daniel’s threats are not idle threats.

“What do you think that was?” Matt asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I think I saw a piece of carrot in there at some point. I just hope I never have to taste it again.”

Matt and I curled up together along a wall.

“You stink,” he said to me.

“You stink, too, piggy,” I laughed. “Thanks for being my pig buddy. It makes taking all of this easier. Not easy. Just easier.”

“Any time,” Matt answered.

Matt and I shared a kiss and since our hands were at our sides and somewhat mobile we felt each other up a little.

“If you weren’t caked in mud I might take this a little further,” I said to Matt as we both were getting hard.

“I don’t think Daniel would like his prisoners getting it on. Another time, maybe,” Matt said.

I nodded my head and we exchanged another kiss. We were both spent physically after the last 24 hours. It’s interesting how none of it was particularly taxing on our bodies but the process of being in the pit and left to sweat, then placed in the hogties took so much strength out of us. I can understand how simple acts of humiliation and stressful situations can work on the mind and body. If I had been alone to go through all this I’m not sure how I would have handled it. Being with Matt made it bearable. He was a stud. We still had tomorrow to get through. It was the last day of our confinement. I’m sure it’s not going to be an easy day. After some time I drifted off to sleep with my head on Matt’s shoulders.

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5 thoughts on “10 Days in Detention – Part 28”

  1. Another hot chapter. It is hard to believe that Dave still has his punishment coming for being over weight! It is tough to imagine something even harsher. Perhaps electro or being crucified. Or even both! Hope the next chapter comes soon!

  2. I think there are a lot of us who would like to “star” in the video version of this great story. Certainly ticks a lot of boxes for me with the kind of abuses I enjoy.

    Thanks for getting us all horned-up Socalbd!

  3. Re-reading this story after a couple of years I have the same gut feeling as I had then, that the author has, at some time, been both the Dave and Dan figures. The details of place and strengths of the emotions are so real I can’t think they are all fiction. Nothing that happens to Dave is by accident, including Matt’s involvement. They all contribute to the goal that Dan intends Dave to reach. It’s a real team effort.
    Hot doesn’t do this story justice, it’s still one of my top reads in this genre.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. Yes, in real life I do switch in BDSM. I honestly haven’t experienced everything in the story – maybe 50%. 25% are experiences I hope to have in the future. 25% are experiences I know I would not handle well especially as one gets older and not as physically ready as earlier in life. It is fiction, after all, with some life lessons shared. I appreciate all the kind comments. Many thanks!

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