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Armoured Dominance – Part 3

By Rubrpig

Jason slowly woke up and stretched, well stretched as much as he could considering he was locked in his heavy armour. He was getting used to being always armed and now that he had been slowly switched to a low waste diet, the need to remove pieces of his armour had declined to only several days a week. Looking back at the 9 months since Sir and himself had left the ranch in California where they had been fitted with their armours had been an intense time due to the changes in not only the way he had to live but also in adapting to being the body servant to his former friend and partner now his Sir.

Their lives had started to settle into a routine. Most days he would get up before his Sir and prepare coffee and start on making breakfast. He was now quite used to cooking and manipulating kitchen tools and equipment with his gauntleted hands. As soon as the coffee was ready, he would pour a large mug and climb the stairs to the large Master bedroom that was now solely used by his Sir. He would knock and enter. Walking over to the bed he would set the mug down on the table and kneel waiting for his Sir to stir, wake and acknowledge him. His Sir usually would get up and stretch flexing his heavily muscled frame. Although Sir was smaller than him in height Sir was still as heavily muscled as he was under his armour. Sir would move over to stand in front of his kneeling servant, unlatch the visor and open the helm that covered his servants head. Jason would then open his mouth and his Sir would shove in his cock and begin pissing. Jason had become very used to being used as the urinal for his Sir and was now very used to the strong rank morning piss that filled his mouth every morning. Once the flow had slowed and stopped, Jason would suck and lick his Sir’s cock.

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