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One day from a prisoner’s life

At Russian Captured Boys, Anton has been imprisoned for 10 years. Due to strict conditions of detention, he cannot wear clothes except flaxen underpants and has to wear shackles all the time. They only can remove shackles when they interfere for other kinds of punishments and tortures. Yes, Anton is subjected to tortures every day! Every morning an overseer awakes Anton with an ice-cold water bucket and the head of the prison announces the list of punishments for today…

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Title of this shoot: “One Day from Prisoner’s Life. Part I”

Yuri is sentenced to imprisonment and corporal punishment

At Russian Captured Boys, Yuri Safronov is accused of hooliganism for being participant in a fight that occurred during the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a small snack bar. He tried to appeal against the verdict imposed on him by the judge that includes imprisonment and corporal punishments. However when the judge saw a handsome young man, he rejected Safronov’s complaint in the hope of satisfying his sexual desires with him during his stay in the inner prison of the Court.

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Title of this shoot: “The Defendant Yuri Safronov. Part I”