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  1. Same sex marriages are to resume in California in about 25 days. That will make the 13th state (along with DC) to allow it. Two states, NJ and NM, do not allow it but do not ban it. The other 35 states ban it either statutorily or constitutionally. It will be interesting to see what happens in these 37 other states that do not allow it in light of the supreme court ruling. See http://www.cnn.com/interactive/us/map-same-sex-marriage for state by state breakdown.

  2. I sat on the ottoman in front of the Television waiting to hear the announcements about DOMA and PROP. 8. It was a major victory for us. Let us work to keep the momentum!

  3. Mr. X is right. It will be interesting to see what happens in the other 37 states, from now on.

    New Jersey and New Mexico will likely move to legalize gay marriages, if the fact that these states haven’t banned them is any indication.

    And Pennsylvania is a surprise. Perhaps she’s the next state that needs a push to bring gay marriage in.

    But Rob is right. Let’s keep the momentum going. Perhaps you should try to join up the orange areas, on the CNN map.

    But does any one know what happened in Illinois? Its 1996 date is early, against the predictable Two-Thousand-and-Odd dates in the other states.

    Keep the momentum going. And there’s no reason why gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized in the other 37 states, over time.

  4. When I reported that same-sex marriages were to resume in California in about 25 days, that was what state officials announced. That turned out to be wrong. Some local officials have already started conducting same-sex marriages.

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