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I love it when guys on Tumblr write hot captions like this

Anyone can re-blog a picture on Tumblr but it takes a special gift to “add value” by writing a hot story line, like Do Not Open Til Christmas has done here:

long term bondage


Side note: Personally, I am going to miss Tumblr when it’s gone. It’s apparently just a matter of time before the religious right succeeds in forcing the Republicans in Congress to shut down so much of what we freely see and enjoy — according to this article by Kristofer Weston.

David Stein: Writer, editor, activist and publisher

I learned with great sadness last night that David Stein, also known as slave david stein, has died. I do not know any of the details.


David was an author and publisher of BDSM-themed books, both fiction and nonfiction. His most popular works included “Carried Away: An SM Romance,” an erotic novel; and “Ask the Man Who Owns Him: The Real Lives of Gay Masters and Slaves,” a non-fiction book in which a number of real-life Master/slave couples share their stories. David self-published his books — along with many more by other authors — via his publishing company, Perfectbound Press. His fiction and non-fiction writing was also published in Drummer, DungeonMaster, Mach and many other gay underground magazines back in the day.

David was one of the founders of GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists), which was a New York City-based organization of gay men dedicated to “safe, sane, consensual s/m.” As an officer of GMSMA and longtime volunteer and editor of NewsLink, the organization’s newsletter, David helped educate countless others on safety and technique. He wrote a column on safety for Bound & Gagged magazine, called “Bond+Aid.” Over the years he was a volunteer, speaker and presenter at many leather and SM events, including numerous International MAsT (Masters and Slaves Together) weekends, the Leather Leadership Conference, the Master/slave Conference, South Plains Leatherfest, and Leather Pride Night.

He was also an active on many online discussion groups over the years, including FetLife.

His most recent project was “Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships From Ancient Times to the 21st Century,” a non-fiction anthology edited by Peter Tupper, which he published under Perfectbound Press. His books are also available on Amazon.

According to his profile on FetLife, David was in service to Sir Brian. He is also survived by many former Masters and fellow slaves, as well as countless friends. He will be greatly missed.

No on 60

There’s a “condoms in porn” ballot proposal under consideration in California that everyone I know who works in the porn industry is vehemently opposed to. In addition, just about every major newspaper in the state is against it.



You can learn more at Stop60.com. If you are on Twitter, you can use the hashtag #NoProp60.

Metal would like to thank @EricPaulLeue for providing information on this.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Metalbond endorses Clinton for president — and Roy Cooper for governor of North Carolina, who must be elected to defeat the anti-LGBT bully Pat MCrory in that state.



NYC Gay Pride 2016

I watched almost all of the Gay Pride parade this year from Madison Square Park. I got tons of pictures and videos, and I posted a whole bunch to my Metalbond Twitter feed and to my personal (non-kinky) Facebook page. Here are a few shots I took of the guys from the NYC Eagle, the leather contingent with the leather pride flag, as well as a guy from the rock climbing club in harness and ropes:

Eagle_00_fm Eagle_02_fm eagle_03_fm Eagle_04_fm LeatherPride_00_fm LeatherPride_02 LeatherPride_03_fm Rock_climber_01 Rock_Climber_03 Rock_Climber_fm



Today, I attended the official dedication ceremony for the Stonewall National Monument, where representatives from all levels of government offered remarks. It was a memorable occasion, and I was so proud to be there. Pictured below is NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, one of many elected officials who spoke: