7 Days in Berlin – Part 01

By Takeo


Lausanne, Switzerland. The temperature is high for the beginning of summer. It feels so good to be able to walk around in shorts and t-shirt after the long months of a particularly harsh winter. I am standing on the platform of the main station, waiting for the early evening Intercity train that will take me to Basel. I check on my mobile phone to make sure that I have the ticket for the night train which Sir Flo sent to me a few days before.

Found it. Monday, June 10th 2022, Departure 21.13 from Basel, arrival 07.20 in Berlin. The ticket indicates a cabin with four couchettes. Being shy, I would have preferred a private compartment, even if I had to pay something extra myself, but Sir didn’t give me this possibility. I have nothing with me, not even a backpack. I followed the instructions left by Sir and took only my phone and my ID, nothing else. To spend seven days at the SM Apartments, I would have thought that Sir would ask me to take a few outfits and some gear with me, in addition to my personal belongings, but no, nothing. Not even my chastity cage. Not even money.

The 2hr trip to Basel is a formality, even though deep down I am torn between the joy of meeting my Master, the excitement of being tied up and used, and the apprehension of surrendering myself completely. It is what was agreed and for which I committed myself, though.

I have allowed enough time for the connection, so as to be sure not to miss the night train. With nothing else to do, I wander around the station, getting lost in my thoughts and letting my imagination anticipate what will come in the next few days. Dressed in my sports kit – no underwear, baseball cap on my head – as I was ordered, my excitement starts to show. I hate this feeling. The thought that other people might think I am some kind of a perverted guy makes me really uncomfortable and not enjoyable at all.

Other travelers begin to stream onto the platform, the screens now announcing the composition of the convoy and the destination stations. As I move towards the area where my sleeper should stop, I observe my future travel companions. All kinds of people are present at this time of the year; families, businessmen, students, couples. Inside of me, I imagine the reasons that push all these people to travel. Some are visiting their family, traveling for an important meeting the next day, going on vacation, or preparing to be a guy’s plaything for a week… Am I the only one in my case?

In the low light of the early June sunset, the train arrives at the station on time. I step up in coach Nr. 12, a double decker, and walk down the corridor looking for cabin 9. I get in and find two guys who appear to be friends who kindly welcome me aboard. My travel companions for the coming 10hrs, both quite handsome, are in their early thirties like me. One rather lean but quite muscular with a military haircut – the typical physique of the guy who practices mountaineering – the second with a hipster look, more urban but also well defined. Mark and Fabian. After the usual banalities, Mark asks me where my bag is, surprised to see that I didn’t have to make the usual effort to place something in the too-small storage area of the cabin. Frozen by the unexpected question, I improvise a quick excuse and tell them I forgot it on the previous train. I will only realize later that the smile on Fabian’s face was not as innocent as it looked.


Me, Myself and Flo

My name is Stefano. I am 32 years old, and I grew up and still live in a small village of the countryside near Lausanne. I like outdoor activities, which is ideal both in summer and winter in a country like Switzerland, and I practice several types of sports: running, climbing, hiking, skiing, etc. I like to be outside whatever the weather and I spend a lot of time taking care of the garden of my small house. A little shy at first, I am easy to talk to once the ice is broken. I have a normal physique, some muscles but not those of a gym-goer. In short, your perfect “boy next door.”

As far as sex is concerned, I consider myself to be bisexual. For a long time I believed I was strictly heterosexual. I’m not someone who has had many girls, I have always been in stable and rather long-lasting relationships. I have always loved sex with girls, and I still do. But as a teenager, I also felt an attraction to men that I didn’t quite know how to define. It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t attracted to men in such – I didn’t dream of spending the night in a man’s arms, and a man’s naked body didn’t give me a hard-on – but rather to the power and authority that some guys exude. This became clearer to me during my military service, when I noticed that most of the officers looked sexy to me, while my roommates did not at all.

Later on, I came across some blogs and dating sites that opened my mind to this part of my sexuality that I didn’t know. And I decided to test it. I made a few experiments, and I met guys who introduced me to bondage and SM. The more I discovered, the more I liked it. I had a few encounters a year, mostly with locals, while having a couple life in parallel.

At this point of my life, I identify myself as such: sex, love and family with girls, submission, bondage and SM with guys.

While chatting on the internet, I started discussing with a guy in Germany. Cute, well built, he seduced me very quickly by his side that I call “benevolent dominator.” I felt a kindness and a humanity in him that I had never perceived in other dominants. I felt that he respected me as a somewhat shy guy who was attracted to guy power and that he had the intention of building something that would help me progress smoothly. Gradually, I started calling him “Sir” and he called me “boy.” We would write to each other at night about sex things when we were both excited at home, but also during the day, on various everyday topics.

It took us a few months before we had the opportunity to meet, together with another bondage buddy, at another dom’s in the south of the country. This weekend could be the subject of a separate story… it confirmed the fact that we get along well and that we both wanted to continue the way we started. He was fully aware of my state of mind and my limits, which he intended to push little by little.

We had the opportunity to see each other a few times, each time great moments. We vacationed like two close friends would – sightseeing, hiking – but we always found a way to incorporate bondage and SM, even if it meant doing it in a tent on camping trips. We really did call it «games» and along with our dom-sub relationship came a real friendship.

As I said above, I am also attracted to girls, and I am not really attracted to men as such. However, with Florian, our relationship based on friendship became intense, even from a distance. So much so that finally we became a couple. But it was not a conventional relationship, and he was still “Sir Flo” to me.

Several times we had discussed to evolve and trade our sessions of a few hours for a dom-sub relationship only, where he would use me as he wanted during a longer period. But each time, we were caught up with reality and the desire to experience and enjoy time together outside of BDSM.


The Preparation

I didn’t have a girl at that time, only Flo. I was still open to find the person with whom to start a family, but in the meantime I was enjoying as much as I could the relationship with the one who had become my master.

Actually, we didn’t like this term. We used to talk about “Sir and boy” instead of “Master and slave.” It seemed more natural to us, a slave being in my opinion useful to carry out tasks, whereas the boy is brought to be raised and educated, which corresponded better to me.

I was supposed to go on vacation for two weeks at the beginning of June, heading to the Italian Alps with a friend, but he fell from a MTB a week before and broke his collarbone… The trip got cancelled.

Flo was not very busy at work, and it happens so that he could get free and be available the following week. He proposed me to take the opportunity to meet somewhere and spend a few days together. This prospect excited me and was a good way to forget the disappointment of the last-minute cancellation. I started to make some proposals. I thought it might be nice at this time of year for him to come to Switzerland to enjoy the mountains. A stay in Leukerbad seemed perfect: day hikes and thermal baths in the evening.

But the message I received from Florian was in a different set of mind: “I’ll organize something, you’ll get instructions later. Good night boy.”

This somewhat abrupt ending was rather unusual. I stood there in front of my computer lying on my bed wondering what had happened, and especially what was going to happen. My curiosity was triggered by the unusual turn of the conversation and even though it was usual for Flo to make the decisions, the tone of the message was surprising.

The next day, Sir Flo invited me to a chat for that evening at 21.00.

“Good evening, boy.”

“Good evening, Sir.”

“I will give you my instructions for your next vacation. You don’t interrupt me and don’t ask questions. Everything will be clear. Once my instructions are given, we will stop this conversation and have no further contact until we are together next week.”

I was surprised. He certainly is a dominant guy, but that prescriptive, I had never experienced. This resulted in a rapid rise in my excitement. I responded with a timid “Yes Sir.”

“boy, you’ve mentioned several times that you wanted a session where we would be just master and boy, with no normal moments, no small talks, but we never got it right. The time has come.

I booked one of the SM Apartments in Berlin for 7 days starting next Tuesday. I have booked you a ticket for the night train from Basel on Monday evening, you will receive it later on. Make sure you are in Basel by 20.00 at the latest. From the train station, you will come directly to the apartment, I will send you the address.

Outfit: sports shorts and t-shirt, sneakers. Your choice. No underwear, no socks. No other belongings or equipment except your phone and your ID.

From now on, you are forbidden to come. You will jerk off once a day until you are on the verge of orgasm, but without coming.

You will fill in the excel sheet that I will send you by e-mail to clarify your likes and limits, we will go somewhere we have never been and I want to make sure that everything is clear between us. When you fill out the chart, you will put on your chastity cage and a plug. You will return the questionnaire to me by Wednesday night.

Once there, you will give yourself over to me completely. There will be no breaks, no escapes and no safewords. You know you can trust me. I will do with you what I want to do. And you will do what I command you. If you disobey me, you will be punished. The purpose of this stay is to make you progress as a sub. The punishments will not be from the list of things you like, but real punishments that you will want to avoid, believe me.

Together we will think outside the box and push your limits.

Cheer up boy, you’re in for the week of your life.”

And then nothing. I started to get a hard-on as I reread the message one more time to make sure I got it right. Wow. I was speechless. The authoritarianism of the message immediately made me sweat. I had to remain silent for a while and a notification brought me out of my contemplative state.


“Yes Sir, understood Sir” I replied respectfully.

“Very well, boy.”

And then nothing. Florian’s profile disconnected from the app, nothing but emptiness.

It took me a moment to come to my senses and realize what had happened, and more importantly what was potentially going to happen.

Immediately, I opened my e-mail inbox and found the famous file. I immediately recognized it, a table from a French Master which lists more or less all the possible practices in SM games, and that has to be filled in by indicating with a note from 0 to 5 if an activity seems attractive to you, 0 being a strict limit. It is also necessary to indicate if one has already had experience in each activity.

Being overexcited, I immediately went to put on one of my plugs and my chastity cage that I had trouble putting on. I set to work to fill the table.

It took me more than 2 hours. I made sure to put a comment on each line, to make sure it was clear and understandable.

But in general, nothing new compared to what Florian already knew about me. I love bondage, everything that concerns bondage, accessories such as hoods, gags, blindfolds etc. I am less into anal, my hole is tight and I have only been fucked by Flo, it is not something that attracts me. I do like plugs though. I like everything related to sportswear, neoprene, lycra, etc. and leather too, even if I don’t own any unfortunately. I don’t like too much kicking, except for a little spanking but I’m not very resistant. I’ve never tried uro, but why not get pissed on, depending on the context. The last part was about playing in public. I am not an exhibitionist at all and am shy. This is a no go for me. But in the excitement of the moment, I checked 1 in the box about playing with other kinksters.

I reread the whole thing once to make sure I didn’t forget anything and sent it directly to Sir Flo. Having jerked off the whole time, I considered my task for today accomplished and went to bed.

The next morning I found a message on my cell phone.

“Well done boy, but was it really wise to fill this up when you were so horny? [devil emoji] Take care boy and see you next week.”

And for the first time in a long time, we didn’t send messages to each other that week. The busy days of completing urgent tasks at work before the vacations passed quickly. The evenings, on the other hand, gave me plenty of time to think about what might happen to me. As the days passed, the excitement grew, but so did the worry, to the extent that I wondered if I would find an excuse to get out of it.

I wrote to Florian and asked to speak with him. No answer. The next day the same. On Sunday, I decided to call him. No answer.

On Monday I tried again. Probably knowing that I was starting to doubt, I just received a text message: “Don’t worry boy, you will be fine. See you tomorrow.”

I thought about it some more and went through the excel file again. This time I focused on all the things I knew I loved – bondage, hoods, outfits – and that made me feel more confident. It was already mid-afternoon. In order not to bail out, I immediately went to my closet, took off my clothes, put on a sport outfit, took my phone and my ID, locked the door and left for the train station. On the way, I realized that my semi-erection should probably be visible, which made me blush.


Berlin – The Journey

Nightjets are Austrian trains, the only country in Western Europe that believed in the profitability of night trains and continued to invest in modern equipment. In recent years, as a result of a relative awareness among young people of the consequences of climate change, the demand for alternative travel solutions to flying has exploded. As other operators had already withdrawn their equipment, they were forced to rent it from the ÖBB until they received their own cars. Our train is no exception.

In our compartment, the bunks are not yet installed. My two future travel companions are eating a snack; bread, chips, vegetable dips, dried meat and a bottle of red wine. Mark and Fabian are two pretty cool guys and a good connection is quickly formed, despite my natural shyness and despite the fact that they partly speak  in dialect, which I do not completely understand. It is when they offer me to share their meal that I realize that I haven’t eaten anything since noon and that I wouldn’t even have money to buy a sandwich. So I accept with pleasure, and start to feel comfortable with these two guys, almost forgetting the fact that I am in sportswear, without underwear, as if it was finally something natural.

We are mostly talking about mountains and sports when I get a text from Sir. “Are you on the train boy?” I quickly answer by sending him a picture of me which I took on the platform. I confirm that everything is fine and that my fellow travelers are very friendly. In response, I just get a devil emoji, the meaning of which I do not get. With the help of alcohol, the conversation becomes more spontaneous. Mark and Fabian start to be a little more interested in me and to be a little teasing about my forgotten bag on the train and the fact that I have no stuff with me. By the way, how am I going to spend the night, Mark asks me. It’s true that when I had been instructed not to take anything with me, I had imagined that I could sleep naked, but I didn’t pay attention to the fact that I would maybe not be alone in the cabin. My heart speeds up. Still, it’s not hard to get under the sheet and then take off the shorts. I need to stop stressing over nothing, Mark and Fabian can’t suspect what’s going on and my kinky tendencies. From their point of view the situation is quite natural, just a guy who put on a comfy outfit to travel and forgot his bag on a train.

After leaving Offenburg station at 22.31 we decide that it’s time to set up the bunks for the night. The two guys sitting at the window tidy up and fold the table, and I get up to take down the top bunk assigned to me.

At this moment, the world stops revolving. In less than a second, two hands are on my face, one on my mouth and the other over my eyes, and a body leans on me and presses me against the compartment wall to block me. In a reflex movement, I try to fight and send a good elbow on my assailant, but this one doesn’t waver and on the contrary increases its embrace to immobilize me. I can feel all his force and his power acting on me, and with my size and my less built physique I do not manage to get out of this situation. Another pair of hands grabs my wrists and pulls them behind my back to put metal handcuffs on them. This sequence of events happens extremely quickly, and I begin to panic, my head clenched by powerful hands, my wrists slashed by tightly fitting handcuffs. It’s only when I feel the grip on my mouth loosen and the hand being replaced by what feels like a large leather pecker gag that I understand that I’m not dealing with delinquents who are after my person or my property, but with something more prepared, organized, and probably perverse. The prospect of what is going to happen to me afterwards frightens me. Have I stumbled upon two perverts who are looking for fun and who are likely to hurt me? Or do they know about my penchant for these kinds of games?

My head is vigorously enclosed in a hood, probably made of neoprene, recognizable by the smell. I don’t know which model it is, but I cannot see any light at all, despite the gag. However, when the hand withdrew, I had time to see Fabian’s face holding the hood. His expression was more tender and amused than aggressive, having the effect of reassuring me about what was going to happen next.

Once the hood is in place, Mark’s grip on my body loosens, but not completely. I hear a soothing whisper in my ear, Mark’s voice.

“Calm down, little sport boy, calm down. You’re panicking but deep inside you know you’re excited”.

Gradually, still pressed against the wall of the cabin, I catch my breath. My breathing and heart rate slow down and my muscles relax. The same goes for Mark, whose grip gradually loosens until it is completely off me, leaving me standing alone, my hands cuffed behind my back. I remain silent in my gag, my two assailants too. I gauge my bonds a little, impossible to get out of them. The gag is big and fills my mouth completely, but soft and not unpleasant. The kind of gag Flo could make me wear for several hours without any sound other than grumbling coming out. At this moment no one moves, leaving the cabin in a soothing silence, leaving only the background noise of the convoy heading north. Hands turn me around and move me forward a few steps. I spread my legs slightly to ensure my stability against the swaying of the car. It is already late, and as much as I hoped at the time I was caught that the sound of the assault could have been heard in the neighboring compartments, I am now hoping that no one comes into the cabin and finds me tied up and hooded.

The atmosphere is now calmed down in the compartment and the tension is reduced. I hear some noise. Mark and Fabian are moving, without talking. I am startled when one of them hugs me. Nothing to do with what happened a few minutes ago, the gesture is full of tenderness and reassures me. I feel his hands subtly caressing my chest, my arms, my abdomen. He brushes my nipples and lingers there for a few seconds. The hands go down and once arrived at the height of the hips, hang my shorts and take them down a fast and sure gesture. I find myself half naked in front of two strangers. The caresses had the effect of provoking a beginning of erection, which falls down immediately under the embarrassment that I feel. And then nothing for a moment, only a few metallic noises, until fingers take hold of my penis. I feel a cold liquid being applied – lubricant? – then contact with an equally cold object, probably metallic. My penis is inserted into a kind of tube. A chastity cage? Probably not, I did not feel a ring placed at the base of the scrotum. The rest happens fast, the four hands are busy, placing an object over my sex, passing something between my chicks and adjusting a kind of belt on my hips, removing the handcuffs and taking off my shirt. I am naked, shaking slightly due to the cool air and the anxiety that is rising. They tie my hands again, but this time in front of me. The contact with the handcuffs is however more pleasant than before, a rather soft material.

Then Mark and Fabian take off the hood and the gag. I can see by their smiles that they look rather proud of themselves, like two mischievous children laughing, proudly looking at their latest achievement.

I look down and see that they have put a chastity cage on me. Not a little cage on my sex like Sir Flo sometimes makes me wear, but a real metal chastity belt that I recognize, having already fantasized about this type of object, as being from the Carrara Designs brand. Immediately, I try to move it and to take it off, but nothing makes it. In spite of the speed with which the two companions installed it on me, the cage seems to be perfectly in my size and very well adjusted. I remembered that Sir Flo had asked me to take measurements a few weeks ago when talking about a birthday present. I begin to see what it was all about…

My hands are tied in front of me by leather cuffs, locked by padlocks and connected by a chain of maximum 10 cm.

So I find myself naked, wearing a locked chastity belt and handcuffed in front of two guys I had met not even 2 hours before and who I had no idea could like this kind of games.


Mark and Fabian smile at me, and understanding that I’m uncomfortable, the two of them walk over and hug me. We sit down and, instead of explaining what’s going on, they ask me how I felt about the experience. I tell them about my panic, about the moment I started to understand what was happening to me, but also about my apprehension for what was coming next.

“You’re the one who chose to be handed over entirely to your master, boy, it’s just starting a little earlier than expected” Mark tells me.

They won’t tell me more, despite my repeated questions. It is now 23.00 and I’m getting tired. Mark and Fabien set up the bunks for the night and help me to climb in mine, not without taking the opportunity to tickle and caress me. I had imagined that I would be forced to provide them with some kind of sexual service, which frightened me a lot, but Sir Flo must have given them very clear instructions and he knows very well that I am very intimidated by doing something with strangers, I need to be on familiar ground and in confidence. What just happened is already clearly outside my comfort zone, and Sir Flo knows it. But on the contrary, from the moment the hood and gag were removed, Mark and Fabian did everything to make me feel comfortable. Once in my bed, they put the down on me, when… three knocks on the door.

“Billette bitte, tickets please!” My heart stops.

Fabian winks at me, heads for the door and lets the conductor into the compartment. He takes their tickets from his bag and presents them to the controller. He then turns his head towards me, asking for my ticket. After 5 seconds during which I remain paralyzed, he repeats his question:

“Könnte ich bitte Ihre Fahrkarte sehen?”

I glance at Mark and Fabien who look at me with a mischievous smile. I understand that they have no intention of helping me out of this situation. I have no choice but to take my courage in both hands, I take out my phone and present it to the controller, wrists tied, shirtless. Fortunately, I am already under the comforter and the belt is not visible. To my astonishment, the controller doesn’t even raise an eyebrow, scans my ticket, thanks us and leaves the compartment, a bit hastily.

My two captors burst out laughing once the guy has left and laugh at me nicely. I laugh too, as the situation seems unreal.

“We should have filmed that scene” says Fabian.

It is late and it is time to say good night. I observe the two of them taking off their clothes to discover well defined and smooth male bodies. They are only in white boxers when they kiss passionately while wishing each other good night. They turn to me and also come to kiss me tenderly, provoking a beginning of erection immediately constrained by the belt. I had not really felt this device until then, but the judgment is clear, nothing can happen and it will be a challenge.

The lights are turned off and I think back to the events of the last hour. I play with the belt a little, to see what my room for maneuver is, but it is very small. Sleeping with a cage is always complicated for me, so I don’t dare imagine with such a belt. I am already preparing myself for a sleepless night, spent in a slightly second state caused by the constraint on my sex. However, in a few minutes, I fall into a deep sleep.

The announcement on the loudspeaker wakes me from my dreams: “Nächster Halt: Berlin, Endbahnhof, bitte alle aussteigen.” We will soon arrive at the terminus. I wake up gently and sit up in my bed and… the compartment is empty. Fabian and Mark are no longer there, neither are their backpacks.

I am disappointed, we had a pretty good contact the day before and I am vexed that they left without saying anything. We didn’t even exchange our numbers. It is while removing the blanket that reality catches up with me. I am still handcuffed, with a locked belt!…

I get up, put on my shorts and search the whole cabin for the keys. They must have left them somewhere! Nothing. Through the window, it is already daylight and the constructions are getting denser. The station is approaching. I look again. I don’t believe it, they cannot have done such a thing! With my hands handcuffed, I can’t even put on my shirt.

I start to sweat profusely. I try to call Sir Flo, no answer. We enter the station. I’ll have to find a strategy. Even at this time of the year, the air is cool at 7 o’clock in the morning and a shirtless guy would inevitably attract attention. Even more so with handcuffs on. And worse, the belt is clearly visible without a t-shirt! I am starting to realize the implications of all the chatting and talking to Flo that I’ve been doing in excitement. I might as well be caught up by reality…

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