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A Game of Chance – Part 05

By Robmacz

Six weeks later Tom was sitting on his bunk in the cell he shared with a guy name Mitch. He was waiting to be called to the visitors’ room to meet with Chris. Mitch had already been called down there to meet his wife and boy, on whom he doted. Tom had been incarcerated for only a tiny fraction of the time he had to serve, but he had already gone through a long series of emotions. He arrived at the prison having been chained up for several hours in a plane and then in a van.

As the van pulled up outside the intake area of the prison Thompson leapt out and shook hands with one of the guards. He signed some paperwork and the guard opened the door and ordered Tom out. Thompson and Peel had delivered their package and only followed Tom and the guard inside in order to retrieve the chains that Tom was wearing. As they took them off Tom was ordered to put his hands on his head. Peel and Thompson left immediately, without a word to Tom.  They had spent the last six hours with him, but he was a package, not a person.

Tom, having arrived on his own, was processed on his own. He had to strip off and put his clothes in a plastic box that was put in front of him. He was now getting used to this humiliation, but as his dick leapt to attention as he pulled his boxers down he hoped he would be able to control himself and not shoot a load as he had done at the role play jail. For here he knew he would be getting a cavity search.

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Tyler makes sure his captive knows he is safe

Andrew’s mouth struggled beneath the thick, black tape. He couldn’t make more than a moaning sound as Tyler touched him all over, taking full advantage of his vulnerable, restrained state. With his arms and legs shackled in place on a leather fuck bench, Andrew’s ass was presented to Tyler like a gift waiting to be opened. And for Andrew, that sent trembles throughout his body.

The idea of being tied up and used was something Andrew had always fantasized about, but once he was locked in place, his natural fears began to rise to the surface. He tried his best to keep them out of his mind, but every strange and scary scenario ran through his mind. Luckily, Tyler knew what to do.

Kissing along his smooth, soft skin, moving back to Andrew’s hole, Tyler made sure to let the captive twink know he was safe with him, that Tyler had no intention of harming him or hurting him. After all, Andrew was his new favorite toy, and he wasn’t about to break him. At least, not right away. Tyler did assert his dominance by slapping him once on the ass, raising a beautiful red mark on his otherwise spotless backside, branding him as his personal slave.

Andrew felt himself relax as Tyler expertly tongued his hole, making him feel pleasure beyond his fear. Andrew even felt himself start to get aroused inside his jockstrap, getting turned on by the dom twink’s power and presence. And when Tyler came around to fill his mouth up with his hard tool, Andrew happily began to take it into his mouth.

It was only a matter of time before the tense bottom began to crave more of his captor. And despite being unable to speak or move, he welcomed Tyler’s bare cock into his tight hole as the dom mounted up behind him. Tyler was eager to leave a load inside Andrew, making his submission official. And as Andrew looked forward into the black, he could feel every inch of Tyler owning him and making him submit.

The idea of being tied up and used was something Andrew had always fantasized about

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Title of this shoot: Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt Encounter 1

Tyler did assert his dominance by slapping him once on the ass

Guy’s Real Bondage Experience – Part 01

The Start

By JakBond

Guy got off the Friday afternoon train at Paddington and made his way slowly to the end of the platform, all the other passengers leaving the Bristol to London train swirled around him, but he really didn’t care, he had plenty of time and he was just enjoying the excitement coursing through his body. He was finally in London, and he was actually about to meet Paul, one of THE best bondage tops he’s found on Recon. It was a typically sunny & fresh day in London, and the busy city bustled and heaved its normal rhythm as Guy followed the directions on his phone.

Within 15 minutes he’d found the address with the blue door he was looking for but he was still 30 mins too early. There was a pub on the corner down the road and Guy grabbed a table outside and ordered a pint, sitting and watching the world rush past him. After all the excitement, the chats, the almost sleepless night(s) before and the very horny thoughts on the train the last hours, he was feeling very, very calm. The time arrived, and Guy, looking at his watch just thought, right, I’m doing this. Standing up, he pulled his bag over his shoulder as he crossed the road and went up to the blue door, pressing & holding the buzzer.

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Pleasure comes from handing control over to someone else

Now that Myott understands how it works in the dungeon, he decides to live out the fantasy. Tyler is glad Myott is getting into the swing of things. That makes bondage play all the more fun! After tying nearly naked Myott’s hands to the overhead poles, Tyler pushes a ball gag into Myott’s mouth and leaves the room. Myott gets into the vibe once Tyler re-enters. Naked except for his leather harness, Tyler is now the dominator and will do as he pleases.

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Title: Tyler Tanner & Myott Hunter Encounter 2

male bdsm VIDEO at Bound Twinks

New site: Bound Twinks

Tyler can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and his eyes wide with nerves. Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his captives in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his puppet.

male bondage twink action


See the VIDEO at BoundTwinks.com

Title of this shoot: Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton, Encounter 1

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Update from Metal: Lots more bondage stories and male BDSM porn coming!

Hey there fellow prisoners,

An update: I’ve been totally swamped with life in general these past few weeks, as I am in the middle of switching day jobs and this has taken up much of my time. As soon as I can come up for air, I will be posting lots more content.

There is brand new fiction coming from Kinkytwinkboy, Practicerestraint, ty dehher and others. There will also be a big announcement coming about the “10 Days in Detention” series!

There’s also a brand-new website that just launched — called Bound Twinks — so watch for some scene previews in the coming days and weeks, featured here on Metalbond!

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