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The Resort – Chapter 08

By TklBndg516

Weekend at The Resort, Day 2

Morning came and Steve was the first one out of bed.  That’s because the others were shackled and could not get out of bed until he released them.  Steve could have done that without getting out of bed, but he wanted to see them shackled.  He asked them how they slept.  Jeff and Brad said they woke up a few times during the night and had difficulty getting back to sleep, but that overall, they slept alright.  David said he slept well, but then David was used to being restrained at night.  Steve released them and said they should shower together before going to breakfast.

In the shower, David started soaping up Steve’s body and signaled the others that they should help.  Steve had three guys bathing his body.  The feel of their soapy hands felt so good.  They paid special attention to certain areas, like the nipples and penis.  They were very thorough in bathing him.  It felt wonderful.  When they were done bathing Steve, the rest of them showered quickly.  Steve was the only one who needed to get dressed.  Once Steve was dressed, they headed to breakfast.

As they were leaving the room, Steve asked David for suggestions on where to have breakfast.  David said there were a few sit-down places, a buffet, or a couple of fetish places that serve breakfast.  Steve was curious, so he asked about the fetish restaurants.  David told them that the leather and rubber themed places have a breakfast menu, but also a dress code.  The ones for pups and ABDL recommend a dress code but allow spectators.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 08

By Hunter Perez

The sergeant sat on the platform at the base of the pillory and gave me another of his toothy overbite smiles. “You know, I never truly appreciated this thing until you came along. Normally, I prefer throwing guys into solitary confinement – the whole out-of-sight / out-of-mind thing. But you really are sexy when locked in – you have a nice lean body and I like watching it wiggle behind those boards. Too bad Thomas Edison won’t be inventing the movie camera for another 20 years, otherwise we’d be getting a jump start on the bondage flick genre.”

At this point, I couldn’t tell whether the sergeant was trying to be funny to amuse me or to amuse himself. Between the soreness of having my head and wrists locked in the heavy pillory boards and the shock in learning that he is also a time traveler, I would have welcomed the notion of solitary confinement just to be away from this assault on my senses.

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Twinks in a dimly lit sex dungeon

Benji Dawsten has his arms bound and his mouth gagged in a dimly lit sex dungeon. His olive skin glistens with sweat, even in this darkened place. His smooth body is framed with nothing but his black jockstrap and leather choker. Tyler Tanner walks in, his hard cock protruding in front of him. He’s wearing nothing but a leather harness. He finds the submissive slave waiting for him, and he taunts and teases the slut, who moans and whines through a leather gag. Tyler tongue-fucks Benji’s twink hole before sliding his rigid dom cock into the sub’s hole.

Twinks in a dimly lit sex dungeon


With his arms in straps, Benji can’t keep his balance as Tyler begins the pounding, so Tyler holds him steady by the neck and throat. The dom top begins to growl and moan as he feels his balls tighten. As his orgasm draws near, he’s ready to flood Benji’s hole, just as he’s done the night before, and the night before that…

Benji Dawsten has his arms bound and his mouth gagged in a dimly lit sex dungeon


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Title: Tyler Tanner & Benji Dawsten Encounter 2

The dom top begins to growl and moan as he feels his balls tighten

The Prison Writer – Chapter 11

By Joshua Ryan

The gate was stuck in the wall like a black tooth.  “Cargo of eight,” we heard the driver say.  “Yeah.  OK.  Thanks.”  Soon there was the sound of an old motor reluctantly starting up, and half of the double gate swung back on its hinges.  The bus moved through and halted, blocked by another enormous gate.  The first gate closed behind us; we waited in the stone box between the gates, engine switched off.  Finally two men in gray were seen, walking around the bus and inspecting it.  Then the engine came on; the second gate opened; the bus crept into the prison.

What’s the first thing you see when you enter the walls of Maskawa?  You see crap.  You see a giant wall with razor wire attached to its top and a line of prison trucks parked at its foot —white bugs ganging in a basement.  You see a garage made out of an old Quonset hut.  You see delivery trucks — Philly’s Farms, Industrial Needs, Plastics Plus — backed into a loading dock.  Then you see a low brick building with glass blocks where windows used to be, and RECEPTION carved in stone over the door.  That’s where the bus stops and you have to get out.

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Sling sex with bondage and a duct tape gag

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling, clad in all the requisite leather gear a captive like him should wear: nothing but a collar and black jockstrap. His hands are bound by taut leather cuffs at one end while his ankles are locked in stirrups at the other. His mouth is duct-taped shut and his cock bounces with excitement as he waits for his dominant twink top, Andrew Bolt. He needs Andrew. He needs him in this dimly lit dungeon. He needs to be used and abused. Andrew makes his way in wearing a sinister red-lined leather harness. He taunts, teases, and titillates Tyler by stroking the sub’s rigid dick. The bound prisoner can only respond with pleasured moans muffled and lost by the duct tape sealing his mouth.

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling


After he’s had enough of teasing his plaything, Andrew moves to the sub’s hole and prods it with his tongue, fingers, and a toy. Eventually, though, the top tires of these games, and needs to pump and unload. He slides his cock into Tyler’s starving chute, and pumps his rock-hard meat in and out of Tyler’s hungry hole. Soon his balls tighten, and his cock spews another load into his muffled bottom. He leaves Tyler there, dangling, dripping. When he’s ready, he’ll use him again.

clad in all the requisite leather gear a captive like him should wear


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Title: Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt Encounter 3

Andrew moves to the sub's hole and prods it with his tongue

Total Behavioral Solutions – Part 02

By Sang Freud

Total Behavioral Solutions Case Study: Conversion Therapy (Part 2)

In the back of the ambulance, Thomas Hathaway, the youngest son of Senator James Hathaway, lay strapped to the gurney. Nylon webbing is pulled tight across his chest and legs, pinning his arms tightly to his sides. A mask had been fitted over his nose and mouth delivering a heavy dose of nitrous oxide. Strong muscle relaxants flowed into his veins through an IV port in his right arm. The sedatives from the spiked drinks were wearing off, but even so he drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Let’s get this one ready for intake so we can get out of here by midnight.” The ambulance driver hopped out of the cab and helped the attendant in the back unload Tom’s gurney. They checked through the paperwork they were given for acquisition. “Just the basics, right?”

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A bound twink’s sex dungeon

Chris came back to Tyler’s sex dungeon willingly for a second helping of BDSM. His arms are tied and suspended by a chain in the ceiling. He is stripped down to a black jockstrap. His mouth is taped, and the only sounds he’s capable of are moans and the clink of his leather collar as he writhes in Tyler’s grip.

bondage twinks videos

Tyler pulls away and steps back to admire his handiwork. He cradles Chris’s flank, slides down his jockstrap, and starts jerking him off. Chains rattle. Tyler spits on the twink’s dick and keeps up the pace — only to inform his captive bitch that he has to earn his release. And he means both from the bindings and for his orgasm! When Tyler tires of one toy, he starts playing with another. The top swivels to the other side of the bound captive and starts fingering his vulnerable rear. He laps at his asshole hungrily, which would normally cause Chris’s knees to buckle — thank goodness his straps are in place to keep him standing!

With his backdoor nice and prepped with spit, Tyler pushes his big cock into the tiny hole waiting between athletic cheeks. He fucks Chris wildly — the only thing louder than the slap of flesh-on-flesh is the clanking of Chris’s wrist binds! Tyler rams that beautiful hole over and over again, fucking the gagged twink until he can’t take it anymore. With one hand holding onto Chris’s waist, Tyler shoots into his waiting ass! Cum dribbles out of Chris’s hole — and Tyler pulls out, leaving the captive restrained and full of his seed.

He never said he was done, after all.

A bound twink’s sex dungeon

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Title: Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton Encounter 2

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