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7 Days in Berlin – Part 08

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Back to the apartment

I am totally freaking out. I am locked in a straitjacket, wearing a muzzle with a leather insert in my mouth, in the trunk of a car of someone I don’t know. My cock still caged, and still wet from the juice of three guys who jerked off in my tights.

I can feel the car making its way through Berlin traffic. With every turn and every braking or acceleration, I shift a little in the trunk. I am not blindfolded, but it is completely dark inside.

My main fear is that the gag will make me vomit and suffocate to death in this trunk. Yet in the various discussions we have had, Florian has always seemed to be very attentive to safety, and I cannot conceive of him leaving me like this. He probably doesn’t even know if I get motion sickness?

I try to relax and breathe calmly. Actually, no, I don’t get motion sickness, and the gag isn’t too big and I have no trouble swallowing. There is no reason for it to go wrong. The moment of panic passing, I start to enjoy it, and immediately my chastity cage reminds me.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 07

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Going Out

So far I have never experienced dog training, even though I have worn a plug with a dog tail once or twice. But I remember expressing my desire to try it to Florian during one of our chats. Yet what attracts me most is the look, with a tail and a dog hood, a leash, and the fact of being on all fours. As for eating out of a bowl, I had carefully avoided the subject. I like being humiliated by a dom, but this is a little too extreme for me, I thought.

As these thoughts run through my head, I try to understand why I am in this situation. It does not make much sense to me; Flo’s pleasure should be in watching me being humiliated by having to eat off the floor from a bowl, but he is not there.

I realize that I have been up for a while, and that I am hungry. So I resolve to try and eat something. One bowl contains water, the other food. Rice, apparently with bits of vegetable and chicken.

My hands are trapped in the mitts, so if I lift the bowls I risk spilling everything. So I am forced to leave them on the ground and really eat like a dog, even though I am alone and nobody is actually forcing me to.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 06

By Takeo

Day 2 continues …

I stay in this kneeling position in the cell for a while, the fresh air of the apartment making me shiver. I can feel all my muscles after the gym session Franz put me through this morning. Not that it hurts, but I can feel the work that has been done.

I hear a door open and footsteps approaching the cell.

“Hello, boy,” says a beautiful rocky voice.

“Good morning, Sir” I reply.

I am not wearing a gag under the gas mask, so I imagine a response from me is expected.

“Come on,” orders Sir Flo.

I scramble to my feet, Florian taking me by the arm to help me. He leads me into another room, which I imagine to be the playroom. The temperature is a little higher, more pleasant than the coolness of the cell. Florian removes the chain linking my wrists and ankles and ties my hands above my head. In this basic position, I feel very exposed. Florian tenderly caresses my chest. His hands roam all over my body, sides, arms, back. He ventures farther down, to my buttocks. His caresses on Franz’s gym shorts provoke immediate arousal. He puts his hand on my chastity belt and whispers in my ear.

“So it looks like you’re horny boy, do you like it?”

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 05

By Takeo

NOTE: This is the continuation of a story that began many months back. To start at the very beginning, click here.

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Gym & Stress

The position I am in isn’t too uncomfortable. The hardest part is not being able to stretch my legs or arms, but otherwise I am able to move quite well whenever my muscles feel the need. The cage is relatively small, and I bump into the bars several times as I try to find a comfortable position. I imagine that even without the chains, I wouldn’t have been able to stretch out to my full length.

In the end, the hood and mitts are the harder to bear. Keeping the fists closed for a long time is much harder than it looks. The mitts are small, and they fit my slender hands well and thus allow almost no movement inside. The hood, too, is tight, and although the mouth opening is large enough to allow me to breathe without difficulty, my head feels like it is clamped in a vice, the hood exerting permanent pressure on my skull. The insulation pads over my eyes and ears, and the straps that keep them pressed against my head, are amazingly effective. I perceive absolutely no light (to tell the truth, I don’t even know if the room is lit or not), and I don’t perceive any sound apart from the inner sounds of my breathing and of my heart.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 04

By Takeo

Day 1 – Tuesday – With my Sir

I have no choice but to wait in this position. Anyone who has ever tried something similar knows that being like this on your knees, sitting on your feet, doesn’t look difficult from the outside, but is far from obvious when you’re strapped in and can only move a little. Fortunately, my rangers are rigid enough that I can sit on my heels without mobilizing the flexibility of my ankles too much. On the other hand, this also means that the pressure on my knees is greater, and Franz was careful not to provide any soft support, so I’m kneeling on the concrete floor.

As time goes by, I am surprised by the effectiveness – despite the simplicity – of the bondage. I am not constrained in the sense that my movements aren’t totally hindered as they were previously when I was in the cage, but the chains linked behind my back keep my arms in a fairly strict upright position, and prevent me from standing up or leaning forward. My only means of relieving the strain on my bonds would be to flip over onto my side on the floor, but I want to hold this position so that Flo finds me presentable, and not stranded on the floor like a worm.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 03

By Takeo

Day 1 – Tuesday – Awaiting Sir’s arrival

Time passes slowly, blind in a cell. I have no temporal reference, it is the absolute silence in the apartment, I perceive only the noise of the chains when I move.

Already, I feel a tension in my arms, pulled horizontally. My fists closed in the mitts are also sore, and the chain which pulls on the top of my head is also rather tense. I try to move a little to lean my back on the wall and relieve myself, impossible, the chains are too tense. Even if I am not in a bondage that prevents me from moving completely, I feel a growing tension and constraint in the muscles.

I don’t know how long I’m going to hold on like this – or how long I’m supposed to hold on…

I replay the last events in my head, from leaving home in my gym clothes to being stuck here in my uniform alone in a cell. I can’t believe what’s happening to me. I’ve already gone beyond many of my limits, including willingly submitting to strangers. But this time, unlike my previous encounters with Florian, I really want to go further to satisfy him, to do whatever he asks me to do without reluctance and to really be in my role as a slave seeking nothing more than to satisfy him. My cock is hard in my cage as my imagination wanders and I think of the multiple possibilities of bondage and games that I will be able to experiment during these few days.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 02

By Takeo

Arrival in Berlin

Just as the train stops, I hear a noise. An envelope slips under the door. I hastily tear it off and find a key. I immediately try it and manage to open the padlock of the chain that links my wrists. I take the envelope back to look for the other keys, but nothing, the envelope is empty. I hear the controller going around the compartments. He knocks on the door and asks me to get off. I tell him I will be out in a minute. I have no choice than to accept the situation, there will be nothing more.

I put on my t-shirt and get down on the platform, leather cuffs padlocked on my wrists and chastity belt under my sports outfit, fortunately not too tight. I hide the leather pieces by putting my hands in my pockets. But finally at this hour at the Berlin train station, people are in a hurry to go to work and nobody pays attention to the little Swiss guy in sportswear. I walk down the platform thinking about the events of the day before and what is to come. I feel my cock start to harden, stopped immediately by the cage…

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 01

By Takeo


Lausanne, Switzerland. The temperature is high for the beginning of summer. It feels so good to be able to walk around in shorts and t-shirt after the long months of a particularly harsh winter. I am standing on the platform of the main station, waiting for the early evening Intercity train that will take me to Basel. I check on my mobile phone to make sure that I have the ticket for the night train which Sir Flo sent to me a few days before.

Found it. Monday, June 10th 2022, Departure 21.13 from Basel, arrival 07.20 in Berlin. The ticket indicates a cabin with four couchettes. Being shy, I would have preferred a private compartment, even if I had to pay something extra myself, but Sir didn’t give me this possibility. I have nothing with me, not even a backpack. I followed the instructions left by Sir and took only my phone and my ID, nothing else. To spend seven days at the SM Apartments, I would have thought that Sir would ask me to take a few outfits and some gear with me, in addition to my personal belongings, but no, nothing. Not even my chastity cage. Not even money.

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