A Day at the Renaissance Faire

By Rubrpig

Josh and his buddy Marc were not your typical gamers. Both men were tall, athletic and stars on their local semi-pro hockey team. Josh was the starting goalie and Marc was the star defenseman on the team. The team had taken their league championship several weeks prior and the two men were enjoying some well-deserved time off. Both men were huge fans of World of Warcraft, and both had worked through the game and now were highly ranked warriors.

Both men signed out of the game and remained online chatting about what to do over the weekend. Josh mentioned that he had seen an ad for a renaissance faire that was opening on the Friday and it had potential, as there was also an event listing that showed that there was going to be a jousting tournament as a part of the faire. Both men decided it was worth checking out and made plans to hook up the next morning, which was the opening day and head out and check it out.

The next morning, the two buddies hooked up and headed out of town to the site where the Faire had been setup. It was a beautiful warm day and the 90-minute drive went quickly. After arriving, parking and paying for their tickets, the two buddies dressed in tank tops, board shorts and flip flops and their team ball caps on backwards looking like typical jocks wandered through the faire.

After wandering through the marketplace and watching the story tellers and other performers they wandered over to where the jousting arena had been set up. The large flat area was surrounded by bleachers, and in the middle of the side was the royal box that was set aside for the King and Queen of the faire and their court. Down the middle of the field was a high wooden fence. The buddies wondered why the fence but decided it must have something to do with the jousting. They wandered around the arena and came to the camp for the knights, which had been set up just outside of the arena. There were horses being saddled and prepared with their own armour and also heavy fabrics to cover the horse’s body.

They watched as a group of very muscular men walked out of several tents wearing tights and padded tunics. They walked over to an area setup with tables and chairs and a number of other men who were polishing pieces of metal. Josh pointed and told Marc that those must be the knights who were going to joust. They stood and watched as the men were slowly and carefully armed in heavy plate armour and after nearly an hour, the knights were fully armed including their helms and small shields strapped and mounted to their left shoulders.

Josh and Marc slowly approached and were spotted by one of the knights who beckoned them over. The two men walked over and were greeted by the knights who asked them if they were there for the jousts. They nodded and told the men that they were not really sure of how jousting worked but they were very interested. The knights noticed both of the young men were looking at the heavy armour with a lot of interest. One asked Marc if he liked the armor that the knights were wearing and both men nodded and Marc admitted that they really were really into World of Warcraft and they were armoured priests in the game. They had always wondered what it was like to wear real armour. They were surprised that the men seemed to have no difficulty in moving despite being laced and buckled into the heavy steel plates of the armour.

The knights were told by one of the faire staff that it was time to mount and get ready for their entrance to the arena. The 2 men watched as the men easily got on their horses and rode off to wait for their introductions. They headed over to the arena and easily found seats as there were not many people there despite it being a Friday in the middle of summer. They settled down and watched as the knights were introduced and one by one rode into the arena.

The joust began and 2 buddies enjoyed the joust as each joust had 2 of the knights riding toward each other with heavy lances pointing at their opponents. The high fence was there to insure they did not collide and injury their horses. The lances smashed onto the small shields each knight wore on their left shoulder and one of the knights was knocked out of his saddle during his match. The tournament lasted nearly 2 hours and finally ended. The 2 men left and finished wandering around the faire grounds and eventually left.

That evening, over pizza, Josh looked at Marc and said they should go back to the faire and get into the grounds. He went on and told Marc that most likely all of the armour was simply in those tents by the arena and if they were careful, he bet they could help each other and put on armour so they could experience what it was like. Marc nodded and looked at his buddy and nodded. Josh was always up for anything and was crazy at times but he was up for it. The 2 buddies left and headed back to the faire site knowing by the time they got there it would be closed for the day. After parking a little ways off they walked over to the faire site and found that the site was fenced off with chain link fence, which they easily climbed and jumped down on the other side. They walked through the woods and soon found themselves in the main grounds of the faire. They quietly headed for the arena and the tents they saw the knights come out of. Finding they quietly approached and entered the largest tent and switching on the flashlights on their phones, they saw the armour spread across tables, where it had been cleaned and polished after the afternoon jousts. Sitting on smaller tables were the clothes that the knights had worn when they first saw the men.

Just then they heard something and froze and waited for a few minutes then walked over and began to examine the armour pieces up close and tried to figure out which suit would fit them. They were so into the armour they did not hear the men walk into the tent and light lanterns. They turned around and looked for a way out but realized they were surrounded and the only opening in the tent was behind the group of seriously pissed off looking hard muscled knights.

One of the knights walked over to them and asked them what the fuck were they doing here and doing with the armour. Both Josh and Marc looked at each other and at the men were all about 15 to 20 years older and extremely fit and realized that they had better come clean. Marc told the men that they were really into armour and were just curious as to what it felt like to be in armour and to wear it. They were sorry for breaking into the grounds and disturbing them. The knights looked at each other and the leader walked over and looked the 2 men over and nodded.

The lead knight spoke, “Well boys, since you want to experience armour it is only fair that you do after coming all this way and breaking in here.” The men laughed and 2 of them walked over to several large trunks and brought them over to where the boys were. The introduced himself as Sir Roger and looked at the boys and told them that they would have to be punished for the break-in and they had just the way. He pointed to the trunks and told the boys that there were 2 very special suits of armour in the trunks and if the boys agreed to the punishment they would be put in the armour but the catch was that they would remain in the armour 24/7 for the entire run of the faire, which was 2 weeks.

They would also be punished in other ways as by agreeing they were agreeing to become the indentured slaves to the knights and their squires. This meant the 2 boys were going to be used and abused in ways the knights would enjoy but he could guarantee the boys wouldn’t. They either agreed to the punishment, or they would call the faire organizers and tell them that they had caught the boys stealing armour. Since the armours were worth over 30,000.00 each it would be grand theft and would mean long jail sentences. The boys looked at each other and knew they had no choice as if they were arrested and convicted they could kiss the contracts they had just signed with NHL teams goodbye.

The boys nodded and looked at Sir Roger and told him that they agreed to the conditions and would accept the punishment as outlined by the knights. Sir Roger smiled and told the boys to strip and then as the boys began removing their clothing, the 2 trunks were unlocked and the armour spread out on empty tables along with the clothing the boys were going to be wearing. Once everything was readied, the boys were split up and each boy was surrounded by at least 4 of the knights. The first thing that was given them was the tights or hose that they would wear. They pulled it on and the ass and crotch were open and the next thing was the winding clothes which formed the underwear that medieval people wore, but the knights put the winding clothes on in such a way their asses and cocks were be easily reached.  What the boys did not know was that the knights were all close friends, gay and were all hard core Leather Sirs. Once the knights had gotten this on each boy properly, then a linen shirt was handed them and the boys pulled them on. The next thing were boots. Each boy was given a pair of soft leather boots which they pulled on and one of the knights knelt by each boy and showed them out to lace them and tie them so they did not fall down. Then the padded jacks or padded tunics where given to the boys and the tunics were pulled on and they were told to lace them up like a pair of shoes and make sure the tunics were snug. Once they had gotten them on then the arming doublet was given them and also laced up and a heavy leather belt put around their waist.

Standing there prepared they looked at each other and noticed that they were excited and both boys knew each was hard as a rock simply by how they were reacting. The knights recognized it as well and nodded at each other. With the arming doublets on the boys were ready for the chain maille and heavy plate armour. Each boy was handed a pair of chain maille leggings which they pulled on and using a second heavy waist belt to hold them up. Then a heavy maille hauberk was handed to them and with help it was put on like a steel t-shirt and fell below their waist. The knights began to put the armour on the boys beginning with the leg and foot armour. As each piece was put on and buckled tight, the leg arms formed a total coverage of the legs and to insure that they remained properly in place on the legs they were tied to the heavy waist belt. The chest plate and back plates were put on and strapped into place and soon the hanging tassets which protected the space between the bottom of the chest armour and the upper legs. Then the arm and shoulder armour put into place, laced to the arming doublet to hold them in place and strapped tight. Any opening in the plates was protected by the heavy maille the boys wore.

The knights then put a padded cap on each boy and tied them under their chins. They then lowered the heavy jousting helms over their heads and buckled them down to the chest and back armour. They opened the visors so the boys could easily see. The helms had built-in heavy padding as well to help protect the knights’ heads and hearing. The heavy padded muffled all the sound as well. They stood quietly as the knights checked over the armour to make sure it was all properly fitted and they were amazed at how well the armour fit the 2 boys. As they were checking the armour, each buckle was fitted with a small stud that went through the loop of the tongue of each buckle and the studs were screwed together and effectively locked each buckle so the boys were now securely locked into the heavy jousting armour.

Once everything was in place, Sir Roger looked at the boys and smiled. He looked at his buddies and told them to finish the preparations. Each boy was bent over the table, and the knights pulled apart the winding clothes and lubed up the boys’ holes and shoved a metal electro stim butt plug in their holes. The boys screamed as the plugs were driven home and then they were flipped over and their cocks worked out and the knights put contact pads on their balls and then lubed up a electro sound and slipped them into the boys cocks. All of the leads were connected to a e-stim box which was then put into a small leather pouch and hooked to the leather strap that held the bottom of the chest and back plates together.

Sir Roger picked up a remote control unit and turned on the e-stim units and told the boys that if they tried to leave the grounds of the faire, they would trigger the units they now wore and he then triggered the units at punishment setting and the boys screamed and almost collapsed but were held up by several knights each. Sir Roger went on to say that if they disobeyed the orders of any of the knight or their squires, they would be punished. The boy tried to nod but the helms they wore locked their heads into position and they quietly told Sir Roger, that they would do anything to prevent them from experiencing that pain again.

Sir Roger smiled and told the knights, it was time to enjoy themselves and break the boys in properly. Josh was walked over to a flat table and helped onto the table and told to lay down on his back. Heavy restraints were buckled around the armour over his ankles and his arms moved over his head and restraints put on his wrists. Josh was surprised by how flexible the armour was and then the knights began turning the wheel, which tightened the chains on the wrist restraints and soon Josh was begging for them to stop and let him go as it felt like he was being pulled apart. The knights had put Josh on a rack and put him into an extreme position so it put massive stress on his joints. He was left begging for release and they turned their attention to Marc. He was walked over to a heavy cross and put on and shackled to the cross. One of the knights fished out his cock and balls and fastened a heavy leather parachute around his balls careful not to disturb the e-stim pads. They then began to hang heavy weights from the parachute causing his ball to stretch and feel like they were being ripped off his body. They walked away after Marc screamed and begged for release after 10lbs were hanging from his balls.

The knights sat back and one of them went for beers and they watched as the boys moaned and groaned from pain they were being subjected too. After an hour the boys were released and allowed to move to chairs and sit down. They were given bottles of water and told to drink. After the boys had finished their water, 2 knights went over and handed the boys the final pieces to their armour, which were heavy steel mitten gauntlets. The boys pulled them on and watched as the straps were tightened around their wrists and the buckles locked. The heavy leather gloves inside the steel helped pad their hands against the steel but the gauntlets were steel mittens and would totally prevent the boys from using their hands for anything but wrapping around a lance or the hilt of a sword.

Sir Roger told the boys that they would remain in the armour as it was now on their bodies for the next 2 weeks. They would be allowed to phone their families tonight and tell them that they had gone on a sudden spur of the moment trip and would be back in a couple of weeks. Once the boys had made the calls, they were told that each day the visors would be lowered and locked by the latches and the boys would spend the day wandering around the faire as knights, posing with guests etc. At all times a squire would accompany them to insure that they did not try anything like telling the guests they were being held prisoners. If the squire heard any speech, he would report it and both boys would be gagged. The boys both indicated that they understood.

After the faire closed each day, the boys would be in the tent and would be used in any way the knights wanted. They would be fucked and taught how to suck the cocks of the knights and squires. The boys shuddered as they were not gay but somehow, they were excited it showed in their faces.

Sir Roger signaled the others and the boys were ordered to their feet and the butt plugs pulled from their holes and Sir Roger and his second in command Sir Travis lubed their cocks and slammed them into the boys holes and rode the armoured boys hard and finally came deep in their holes. The other knights waited their turns and finally the boys had been well fucked and used by the knights. Their electro plugs were shoved back in their holes and connected again. Sir Roger looked through their clothes and found the keys to their jeep and left. He found the jeep on the side of a nearby back road and got in. He moved the jeep into the small car park for the faire performers at the rear of the faire grounds and parked it. He returned to the tents and told the rest of his troupe of knights that the boy’s car had been moved and parked in with the rest of the vehicles.

The boys were lead over to a small tent that had a couple of cots in it and told that this would be their tent and that as it was late so they should lay down on the cots and get some rest as they would have long days ahead. The boys sat down on the cots and laid down and tried to get into a comfortable position considering the amount of steel plate and chain maille they now wore and finally they managed to get everything adjusted and laid on their sides and fell asleep.

The next morning, several squires walked into the tent and shook the boys awake and they woke up and were told to get up and report to the knights in the main tent. They walked in slowly as they were still adjusting to walking with the additional weight on their bodies. The knights were waiting for them and told them to get down on their knees and they now needed to learn to suck the cocks of the squires who would be in charge of them while they were on duty in the faire grounds. The squires walked over to them and surrounded them and 2 of them moved in front of the boys and shoved their cocks into their mouths once the boys finally opened them. It took a small jolt from the e-stim units to get them to obey and soon the boys were sucking cocks and taking the loads of cum. Sir Roger walked over and looked at the 2 boys kneeling and told them that they sucked cocks like a couple of pros and as far as he was concerned, they were gay even if they did not admit but their reactions as they were being fucked and sucking showed that the boys were gay even if they denied it.

After the boys were fed and allowed to use the toilets which took some getting used to having someone pull aside the under clothes so they could sit on the toilets properly. After the boys had been checked and everything adjusted properly again, the visors on their helms lowered and latched. One of the squires ordered them to follow him and they left the tents and walked into the main faire grounds. As the day wore on the boys were proving to be popular and they were popular with the visitors who wanted their pictures taken with the knights. Every hour or so they were taken behind a building or into a tent so the visors could be opened and the boys given water and gatorade to help prevent them from dehydrating.

When the jousting began they were taken over to watch the jousts and pose with the visitors. After the faire closed for the day they were taken back to the knights tents and allowed to sit down and relax. They were given food and drink and then the knights put both of the boys on the rack as a second one had been assembled and both of the armoured boys were restrained and their bodies stretched to the limit where their joints were under tremendous pressure and the pain was intense.

As they lay there dealing with the pain, several knights pulled out their cocks and began to stroke them so they got rock hard and then began edging them and that continued till the boys were screaming to be released from the racks and allowed to cum. They continued the edging and then they were pushed over the edge and they began to scream as they came, shooting cum over their chest plates just as the ratchet mechanism on the racks were released and the tension came off their arms, shoulders, knees and hips. They literally passed out and then came too and sat up with cum dripping down their armour. Several squires came forward and wiped off their armour and helped them to stand up. The boys were then taken to their tent and allowed to rest.

Once Josh and Marc were alone in their tent, they sat on their cots facing each other and all they could see of each other beside the armour was the little of the face which was exposed with the visor of the heavy helms. They sat there and finally Marc looked at Josh and asked him if the thought what Sir Roger told them was true and they were actually gay. Josh nodded and said it would definitely explain why he felt the way he did in the locker room when the team was getting dressed and why he always got hard when he looked at Marc especially when Marc was getting dressed in his gear or in the shower. Marc nodded and admitted he felt the same when he saw Josh getting dressed in his goalie equipment or when they were in the shower together as well.

The boys sat there staring at each other and finally Josh looked at his buddy and admitted that he loved Marc and that he had been in love for a long time. Marc nodded and stood up and walked over to Josh who stood, their armour clanking as the two boys moved close and hugged each other and then struggled to kiss each other through the openings of their helms. Finally they let each other go and wished that they could fuck and Josh knelt by the bed and Marc tried to pull the plug out of Josh’s hole but failed because of the steel mittens locked on his hands. Frustrated the boys stood up and moved their cots together and laid down and huddled together and fell asleep.

The next morning they woke up and walked out of their tent and into the main tent and reported to Sir Roger. They were taken by a squire to the toilets and then fed and given water. The day passed and the faire was extremely busy and they were proving to be a big hit with the visitors. After the faire had closed they were back in the tent with the knights who again found a way to torture and work over the boys despite the armour they wore.

Finally, the 2 weeks of the faire passed and the final night after the jousting was complete and the winner declared. It was Sir Edward who had won and was given the right for the first fuck and he chose Josh and the butt plug was removed and Sir Edward quickly rammed his cock in and fucked Josh hard till he came deep in the boys hole. After the nightly fucking of the boys by the team had finished, Sir Roger told the boys it was time to remove their armour as their punishment was done. The squires began to remove the locking studs from the buckles of the helms and removed them along with the padded caps. For the first time in 2 weeks the boys were able to move their heads and turn their necks. It felt so good. And then the rest of the armour was removed, then the chain maille and finally their clothing. They stood there, hot dirty and sweaty. Unshaved for 2 weeks they sported short beards which gave them a more mature appearance and made them look hot especially when they were still in their armour.

Finally, the e-stim devices were pulled from their bodies and the boys asked if they could go piss for the first time without the sounds in their cocks. They were told they could and they ran for the toilets and pissed and sighed from the relief of being able to piss. Their asses felt empty as they had gotten used to the plugs.

They walked back in and thanked the Knights and the squires for the discipline and punishment. it taught them so much and gave them a unique experience. Sir Roger asked them if they had come to terms with their sexual orientation and that they were obviously in love with each other. The boys nodded and told them that they were looking forward to being able to hold each other, suck each other’s cock and for Marc to fuck Josh. Sir Roger laughed and told them that he had figured out that out and that they were obviously into pain as they handled what was done to them by the knights which impressed them.

Josh and Marc asked Sir Roger what were the knights going to do next now that the faire had closed, and Sir Roger replied that they were moving to another faire in California which opened in a week. Josh and Marc looked at each other and smiled and asked if they could come along and again be the armoured displays for that faire. And if the armour could be locked on again would be a huge incentive for the two of them to behave. Sir Roger laughed and told the boys that they could come along and the faire was for 3 weeks and could they take being locked in the armour for that length of time. The boys looked at each other and said they would just have to accept it and would happily agree to be under the total control of the knights. Telling the boys they could come and that they would be locked in for the entire time, Sir Roger told them to take off and get some rest. He told them that they would find their clothes and other possessions in their jeep. But they had to report to the knights in 1 week in California and they were provided with the address. The boys knew that they had time as they did not report to their training camps till 3 weeks after that so they had time to get back here, pack up and report to their teams. The hard part was they were on different teams but the cities they were going to be in were only about 5 – 6 hours apart by car or 45 minutes by plane so they could still spend time with each other.

The boys got back to Josh’s apartment and ran in and showered together and once dried, they fell into bed and Marc proceeded to fuck Josh long and hard till Josh begged for Marc to cum. Falling asleep with Marc still buried in Josh’s hole. They left 2 days later and told their families that they were heading to California for one last boys trip together before they reported to their new teams. After 2 days of driving, they found the faire grounds and reported to the main tent of the knights. They walked in and reported to Sir Roger. Within hours of their reporting, they were once again dressed in the under clothes and then the maille and their armour which the squires once again proceeded to lock.

The faire began the next day and the familiar pattern resumed of being on display during the day and being fucked and abused by the knights during the night after the faire closed. Finally the faire ended and the boys were told that they were welcome to come back the next summer and work the faire circuit with the knights. The boys told Sir Roger to count them in and they headed off the next morning to clear up at their apartments and to head for their new teams training camps.


Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story!



8 thoughts on “A Day at the Renaissance Faire”

    1. The same here. I had a suit of armour and chain maille made a few years ago now and have worn it a lot and have been fucked while in it.

      1. Oh my god!I have dreamed about it for years.But I just 18 years old,and I have no money to buy one.You make me feel jealous.

  1. Great story! I’d love to read more of this!
    And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one with a plate armour fetish. I’d love to try one eventually… :-p

  2. I have owned a chain maille top for years and have gotten lots of enjoyment from it. I love wearing it either with a leather jock or nothing at all. I have worn it to Folsom and nude the rest of the way. I was constantly fondled and sometimes used while wearing it, man it felt great.

    Great Renaissance Faire story. I was at the Lancaster County faire several years ago. I have my own kilts which I always wear to the Ren fairs I attend so I am particularly observant of other men in kilts. Me and some buds were at the turkey leg area for lunch sitting at a table. I nudged my buddies to look over and we all watched as a hot shirtless scruffy man in a kilt was hanging out with his buddies. What he didn’t realize was that as he stood talking, he had put one foot on the bench seat which raised his kilt and I got a great gaze Of this hot muscular scruff bear’s cock & balls, dangling and swinging as he talked. I stared very obviously the whole time. He never let on but I always wondered if he got into this and secretly loved exposing himself “innocently” for all observant enough to see…I was hard under my kilt.

  3. Man, anything with a rack and I’m in! What do I have to do to get in trouble with these knights? The faire should have a torture demo area, as well as the after closing torture from the knight. Sign me up for several “knights” of torture! Ok, you guys all know I need it for that bad pun alone! ;o)

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