A Day on the Beach

By Cutieboy90

male bondage stories Cutieboy90They said it would be a relaxing vacation. They said it would be several care-free days of lounging on the beach and soaking up some tropical sun. They never said Mitch would be doing any of that.

Mitch growled into the thick towel knotted in his mouth. His tongue was dry and his lips felt chapped from being stretched and cleaved by the towel for so long. At least the towel had been clean. He sighed in exasperation.

“Be grateful, Mitch,” he told himself as he chewed on the gag. This was the only movement he was allowed, though. The rest of body had been rendered immobile for several hours, having been buried up to his neck in sand. His friends had prepared by digging the hole in advance; all they’d had to do was manhandle Mitch into it in the dim light of dawn and fill it back in. They’d been sure to pack the sand down tightly around him.

Initially it was even difficult to breathe. But once he’d been gagged and forced to calm down, the only difficulty was simply the boredom. Restlessness set in once the sun came up and his captors wandered down the beach.

“Keep an eye on our stuff, would ya?” They’d called back to him.


That was hours ago. By now, it was probably close to noon and Mitch was getting thirsty and stir crazy.

A tiny white crab scuttled into Mitch’s field of vision. It blinked its beady little eyes at him, claws flexing curiously. Mitch held his gaze glaring at it for a few minutes. The little creature eventually seemed to shrug and crawled away. Mitch watched it quickly disappear against the white sand and bright glare, its teeny little legs too small to even leave tracks.

Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

Mitch turned his head to see his sadistic friend Skylar approaching.

“Enjoying yourself?” Skylar smirked down at Mitch’s head.

“FFUUUUUUGHHHH OOOOO!!” Mitch glared up through his sunglasses.

Skylar ignored him, casually pulling a chair up and settling himself down.

“Such a nice day out here…” Skylar mused aloud. “So peaceful and relaxed. How anyone could possibly be… I dunno, stressed, or in a foul mood is beyond me. Huh, boy?” He reached out and caressed Mitch’s cheek.

Mitch seethed. His fists clenched, irritating grains of sand rubbed between his trapped fingers. Friction and pressure were bothering his nipple piercings. With every breath, his sensitive wired nips got a rough swipe, the heavy barbell piercings dragged through the damp grit.

Skylar stretched for a minute, looking out to the ocean seemingly lost in thought. Mitch could see right up the legs of Skylar’s board shorts, hiding in the shadows of fabric and hair was Skylar’s semi-flaccid average-sized cock. Comfortably free in his shorts, relaxing in the tropical air. Skylar’s hefty nuts were visible too, they hung loose and low.

A pang of envy shot through Mitch. His own cock had been locked in a tight metal cage for half a year. His nuts were full, tight, and fit to burst, but so far hadn’t even gotten to feel the breeze. Looking up was putting strain on Mitch’s neck. He lets his gaze fall back down to the sand. No use tormenting himself any more than Skylar already was.

Pop! The sharp click was accompanied by the equally-sharp scent of sunscreen. Mitch turned his head and saw Skylar rubbing the acrid-smelling lotion onto his arms and chest. He poured a little more onto his palm and carefully applied it to his face, his fingertips brushing the white goo in small circular motions.

Skylar noticed Mitch watching. He smirked.

“Lucky you,” Skylar boasted. “You don’t really need this crap. But not to worry…” He dabbed a finger in the sunscreen and smeared it on Mitch’s nose. “I got you.”

Mitch glared silently as Skylar slowly and seductively massaged his legs with the cream.

“Ah fuck…” Skylar purred as he dug his fingertips into his calf muscles. “These are like rocks. I’ll have you work on them later, perhaps.” He worked lower. “And my feet too. I know how much you enjoyed my feet last time, huh?”

How could Mitch forget. He’d spent the better part of his ski vacation gagged with Skylar’s disgusting socks.

Skylar knelt down and gently applied the excess lotion to Mitch’s face, ears, forehead.

“Close your eyes,” He ordered. Mitch obeyed. Skylar removed Mitch’s sunglasses, and carefully spread the sunscreen around his eyes. “There we go.”

Skylar replaced the sunglasses and stood back up, tossing the tube of BananaBoat into a duffle.

“Alright boy,” Skylar announced. “I’m off. The others are collecting shells and surfing or whatever romantic gay shit happy couples do with eachother on the beach. We’ll all be back in a few hours, and remember, we’re having a bonfire tonight. So try to save your appetite.” He winked slyly.

Mitch groaned in frustration as Skylar swaggered away down the beach. That bastard! But there was nothing Mitch could do about it. He could only rest his chin on the ground and stare forlornly down the beach, where his friends were having the time of their lives. Studly Josh teaching his sub boyfriend Alex how to surf. Masculine athletic Kyle and his beau Luke building a sand castle. And asshole Skylar doing whatever it is he does, no doubt taunting everyone in the process.

Down in the sand, Mitch’s cock strained in its confining cage. It wanted out, even more than Mitch. His balls were being caressed by the damp grit of sand. He’d be showering this fucking sand out of his ass and pubes for days, and his nipples would be sore for a while too. Why did the idea make his cock throb even harder!?

Eventually the strong smells of sunscreen and sweat gave way to the salty air and wet sand. A gull called from somewhere. The roar of the ocean gradually faded into the background.

With a resigned sigh, Mitch surfed the waves of horny frustration crashing through his mind and body. Sweat stung his eyes, coquina exfoliated his skin, thick cloth desiccated his mouth as relentlessly as the sun beat down on the world around him.

Relaxing vacation. Yeah right.

The End

Thanks, Cutieboy90, for this story!

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