A Day on the Slopes

By Cutieboy90

gay male BDSM fictionCome to Whistler, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Mitch grunted in frustration as he replayed the events of the last several days in his mind. He and his friends were avid skiers, so when they offered a week-long stay at Whistler, Mitch had of course taken them up on it. What he didn’t think about, though he now realized he should have, was payment. Mitch groaned. His body was sore. No, not from hours of black diamond runs, not at all. But from being left hogtied on the couch all day.

He was in his full gear, compression layers, long underwear, ski bib, a sweater, and parka. His thick socks, scarf, hat, and gloves were on too, as well as his goggles and boots. It looked hot as hell, and he certainly was. His hands were tied behind his back, with a simple chest harness. His feet were drawn up as tight as the thick layers of clothing allowed, and tied off to the harness. A rank sweaty sock had been stuffed in his mouth and tied in with another pair, compliments of his buds. The back of the gag was tied back to his boots, forcing his body into an uncomfortable arch.

He’d struggled for hours once he realized his buddies had actually left him there for the day. Cursing under his breath, Mitch tried to relax enough to think through some sort of escape. He was getting stir-crazy, laying here in the hotel room while everyone else was enjoying the powder! He was basting in his own sweat, and every part of him was in agony. Once more he tried to roll over enough to shimmy his way across the floor. A shearing pain through his shoulders put a quick end to the attempt; Mitch’s biceps were lashed to one of his ski poles, preventing him from any side-to-side movement.

As the hours ticked by, the pain came in waves. Eventually, Mitch found himself oblivious to the cramps and discomfort. The stifling heat of his thermal gear was still taking some getting used to, but there was something else that was taking up more of Mitch’s attention. He was hard and horny! He’d barely noticed the large plug in his butt over the excruciating sensations of the rest of his predicament, but he was feeling it now. He tried to hump the floor, bucking as much as he could. To his great frustration, he really couldn’t move that way either. Fuck you guys, he huffed to himself. He wanted out. Knowing his friends though, they’d stay out for some night runs, and then relax with beers in the hotel’s sauna, all before they even think about coming back to the room for him! Fuckers. His mouth was dry from the thick sock. It no longer tasted like his buddy’s foot, it was just dry tasting.

The sky began to darken, not that Mitch could really tell with his tinted goggles strapped to his face. At this point, he wasn’t in much pain. He was just horny. And very sweaty. It was consuming him, driving him mad. He almost didn’t hear the key in the door, and the light swishing of someone walking in. His friend Skylar, the one who’s socks he’d been gagging on all day, stepped into view.

“Hey pal,” Skylar said cheerily. “Man the powder was amazeballs out there!” He hung his coat up, and plopped himself down on the couch next to Mitch. “And how was your day?”

Mitch gargled through the gag, incensed at the mocking.

Skylar chuckled. “I can’t believe you just wanted to stay in. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll join up out there…” He winked, and then reached down and started untying his captive. He removed the pole, and then rolled Mitch onto his side. Mitch felt like his eyes were bugging out from his head. The blood was rushing to places it hadn’t been for hours. Hell, just the fact he was moving at all was enough to make him dizzy.

“Here buddy, let’s take care of this nonsense, shall we?” Mitch was relieved to feel the layers of his coat being removed, and his bib opened. He was sure he stunk to high heaven, but damn did it feel good to feel some air!

Skylar held him like a baby, gently pushing the thick layers aside. He brushed a finger tip over Mitch’s left nipple, lightly playing with the little silver barbell that pierced it. Mitch tried to buck again, but the ropes were still holding him backwards. He felt like a pretzel, all bent up in unnatural ways. He managed a croak through his dry mouth and throat, as his pecs and nips were teased. Skylar bent down and nibbled the piercing. Mitch felt a hand grip his shaft. He was slick with sweat and pre, and Skylar began to jerk him easily.

“Tell you what, buddy boy, I think you and I should stay in tonight. Just us. We’ve had rather exhausting days, and we still have a whole week ahead of us. I’ll let you cum, but then you’re my bitch for the rest of the trip.”

Mitch moaned. He was so horny, and ready to cum. But he shook his head.

“No? You don’t want to be my bitch? Ah, no, you just don’t want to be cooped up in this room. I get it. Well, that can be arranged. But it’ll cost you. You’ll have to consent to wear a chastity cage, and a gag under your scarf. You’ll also have to keep that plug in your butt. Won’t that feel good skiing over moguls. You’ll still be my bitch, and I’ll fuck you every night.

Mitch’s cock twitched, shooting out a jet of precum.

“You like the sound of that! We have a deal.” Skylar kissed Mitch’s gagged mouth, and let go of his engorged cock. He then untied the gag, and loosened the hogtie. Mitch got up on his knees, grunting and nodding to his throbbing member.

Skylar smirked. “I didn’t say you could cum as part of our new deal. So you won’t. Sit tight while I grab that cage for you, and then I’ll get you untied. The sauna should be empty at this time, and smell like you could use a soak in the hottub.”

Mitch wanted to swear, but found himself nodding anyway. He was too tired to put up any fight, and he really didn’t want to spend the week trussed up in the hotel room. Even if his dick was going to spend it locked in a cage, at least he’d get to enjoy a good pounding from Skylar’s nicely average sized tool.

The sock was finally pulled from his mouth. Skylar grabbed his stubbled chin, and kissed him sensuously, quenching his parched mouth. He dug his fingers into the muscles of Mitch’s back, massaging the aches away.

“Fuck..” Mitch gasped as Skylar broke off the kiss.

Skylar smiled. “Let’s get some food. There’s a pizza place just down the block.”

Mitch nodded, as Skylar untied the rest of the ropes. Ski trips were always fun, but this one was going to take the gold.

The End

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