A mechanic gets caught beating off on the job

A horny mechanic thinks he’s alone in the office, but when the boss catches him jacking off — he quickly learns a harsh lesson: “Time is Money!”

At Bound Gods, hot muscular motorcycle mechanic Lance Hart thinks that the boss is away, which means he can play — but once his hardass supervisor Max Cameron catches him jerking off on the job, Lance quickly learns that his hot tattooed boss likes to play in a much different way. Max ties Lance to his desk chair and shoves his massive cock down Lance’s throat, fucking his face fast and hard before tormenting him with a merciless clothespin zipper and flogging him all over the floor of the office while he writhes helplessly. After being dragged downstairs and bound tightly to a metal motorcycle frame, Lance is subjected to hot wax being dripped all over his body, with Max’s giant cock soon to follow. Max pounds Lance’s tight ass vigorously as his helpless subordinate struggles and protests, his cries of pain and pleasure intensifying as Max puts a cock extender on to stretch Lance out even more. Soon the two studs are bursting with cum and blow their loads all over the place, surrounded by gorgeous choppers!

Models in this shoot: Max Cameron, Lance Hart

Title: Horny Mechanic Gets Reamed by the Boss!

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