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Max Cameron gets tied up and water tortured


This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment called ‘The Destruction of Max Cameron’

gay_bondage_max_cameron_02 gay_bondage_max_cameron_03 gay_bondage_max_cameron_04 gay_bondage_max_cameron_05 gay_bondage_max_cameron_06

Here is a preview of this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE WALL – Chains hold Max Cameron against a wall while hard hands grip his balls, and batter his body. The open hand corporal is only the start of the torment to come. Max has yet to feel the hot wax about to coat his skin. THE PIT – Max is bound to two wooden pillars and mercilessly flogged. The intense flogging sends Max bent over in agony, leaving his ass open and ready for a visit from the fucksaw. THE WATER STATION – Max stands against a stone pillar, ready for more torment. First he feels the brutal intensity of the cane smacking against his body, before clover clamps clasp over his balls and nipples. All of it is foreplay leading up to the raw power from the blast of high-pressure water that crashes against him. The water blast leaves him demolished, with just enough strength left to blow his load.

gay_bondage_max_cameron_07 gay_bondage_max_cameron_08 gay_bondage_max_cameron_09

Title of this shoot: The Destruction of Max Cameron

Model in this shoot: Max Cameron

See the video here.

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A mechanic gets caught beating off on the job

A horny mechanic thinks he’s alone in the office, but when the boss catches him jacking off — he quickly learns a harsh lesson: “Time is Money!”

At Bound Gods, hot muscular motorcycle mechanic Lance Hart thinks that the boss is away, which means he can play — but once his hardass supervisor Max Cameron catches him jerking off on the job, Lance quickly learns that his hot tattooed boss likes to play in a much different way. Max ties Lance to his desk chair and shoves his massive cock down Lance’s throat, fucking his face fast and hard before tormenting him with a merciless clothespin zipper and flogging him all over the floor of the office while he writhes helplessly. After being dragged downstairs and bound tightly to a metal motorcycle frame, Lance is subjected to hot wax being dripped all over his body, with Max’s giant cock soon to follow. Max pounds Lance’s tight ass vigorously as his helpless subordinate struggles and protests, his cries of pain and pleasure intensifying as Max puts a cock extender on to stretch Lance out even more. Soon the two studs are bursting with cum and blow their loads all over the place, surrounded by gorgeous choppers!

Models in this shoot: Max Cameron, Lance Hart

Title: Horny Mechanic Gets Reamed by the Boss!

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Bathroom pig Connor Patricks worships Max Cameron’s huge cock

Also at Bound Gods, greedy bathroom pig Connor Patricks is perched in a grungy stall in the public bathroom anxiously awaiting more steaming golden showers when Max Cameron comes in, armed with a giant cock and an extra full bladder. Max drenches Connor, letting his fluids stream down the dirty slut’s body and into his steadily filling funnel gag before dragging his filthy new plaything out of the stall and throwing him to the floor.


After shoving his crotch in Connor’s face and throat fucking him with his thick hard cock, Max spanks and hand gags Connor while playing with his tight pink asshole, enjoying Connor’s screams as they echo throughout the bathroom. Connor is then tied up tightly and flogged mercilessly while gagging on Max’s dick, his own spit dribbling down his body as he struggles helplessly. Finally Max decides it’s time to give his captive his just desserts, and fucks him hard and fast against the urinals until Connor blows his load all over Max’s boots. After Connor has licked all of his cum off of Max’s boots, he sucks and worships Max’s cock until he’s rewarded with a huge thick load all over his face.


Models in this shoot: Connor Patricks, Max Cameron

Title of this shoot: Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock

More of this shoot here

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Prison bitch turned into a brown fuck pup

Max Cameron is fresh out of jail, and through an ex-con work program, he has started working at an assembly line. The only problem is the constant harassment by his coworker in the paint department, Tyler Rush. Max quickly tires of Tyler’s condescension, so he binds Tyler with duct tape, and gives him a taste of some prison-style harassment.

Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_01 Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_02 Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_03 Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_04


Max starts by knocking Tyler around with a broom, and pulling out his cock while he is pushed against the ground. Tyler keeps resistant until Max wraps his face in duct tape and quiets him by thrusting his hard cock in Tyler’s mouth. Tyler still needs to learn to keep his teeth out of a good blowjob, so Max tapes Tyler’s mouth completely open and attaches him to a sawhorse. Next in Max’s prison bitch lesson plan is a good flogging. Tyler is suspended on one leg while Max unleashes the flogger across his body. Max finds good use for the paint supplies by turning his prison bitch into a brown fuck pup. Tyler is fully coated in brown paint, and given tape dog ears, and a tape pup tail. Max gives his pet the privilege of sucking on his bone, before ruthlessly cropping him. Tyler’s pup tail is then removed, revealing his open hole just waiting to get fucked. Max fucks his plaything until Tyler blows his load across his chest and opens his mouth to receive max’s cum on his tongue.

Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_05 Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_06 Max_Cameron_and_Tyler_Rush_gay_bondage_07


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Title of this shoot: Sadistic Parole Gives Creepy Coworker a Brutal Lesson

Models in this shoot: Max Cameron and Tyler Rush

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Trenton Ducati spanks and flogs Max Cameron


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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Max Cameron has one day left in prison before going on parole, and Officer Trenton Ducati makes sure to give the parolee a proper send off. Officer Ducati puts Max over his knee and spanks him for every day he has spent in prison. He then pulls Max’s face down to his lap, and has him polish Trenton’s meaty cock. Officer Ducati suspends Max and brutally flogs him. Max takes the flogger like a good prison bitch, so Officer Ducati presses him against the cell bars and starts binding his arms and legs with belts. The belts hold Max to the cell while Officer Ducati covers his body with saran wrap. Officer Ducati then fills Max’s cock with different electric devices. Officer Ducati sends electricity through Max’s most sensitive areas until Max is begging to cum. Officer Ducati then rips Max off the cell wall and throws him onto the prison bed, where he sticks his hard cock up Max’s tight ass. Trenton makes sure Max knows that no matter where he is, he will always be a prison bitch to Officer Ducati, and his gaping hole will be indisputable proof. Trenton fucks Max’s ass until he can’t take it any longer and shoots his cum all over Max’s wet tongue. Max spends his final moments before becoming a free man blowing his sticky load all over himself.

Trenton_Ducati_Max_Cameron_gay_bondage_02 Trenton_Ducati_Max_Cameron_gay_bondage_05 Trenton_Ducati_Max_Cameron_gay_bondage_06


Models in this shoot: Max Cameron, Trenton Ducati

Title: Prison Punk Scared Straight by Perverted Officer Ducati

See more of this shoot here.

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