A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 03

By R8080

“Sit,” his Master said and Alex put his rubber-covered ass on the ground.

They were back in the kitchen. The heavy rubber overalls Alex had worn when he first arrived were still in a heap by the door. Alex felt his dick grow as he saw them again and he tried to touch himself with his elbows in their rubber sleeves.

“Leave your bone boi.”

Alex looked up quickly at his Master’s face and let his rubber paws drop to his sides.

“Good boi.”

His master scratched him behind his ears and Alex eagerly licked at the sleeve of the gloves he wore. He could taste the gauntlets in his mouth as his Master moved his hand around to his face and he began to suck harder. The rubber was thick, hard, but he could feel the heat beneath.

“Chow time,” the Master said.

He pulled his fingers out of Alex’s mouth and began opening cupboard doors. He took down two silver bowls. Alex watched as He filled one with water and the other with some kind of oats mixture. Setting them down, his Master looked at Alex.

“Do you want to eat boi?” He asked.

“Yes Sir,” Alex said.

“Pups can’t use human words boi. Do you want to eat?”

Alex didn’t even hesitate. He let out a little woof and then another, louder and more excited as he saw his Master smile. He looked quickly, from the bowls to his Master, and woofed again, letting his tongue hang out.

He’d never even thought of pup-play as a thing. All the videos online, it looked childish. Grown men, running around on all fours and barking at bones. But now Alex didn’t have a care in the world. Covered in rubber gimp suit, his neck locked in a heavy collar and a man making him bark for food, Alex was freer than he’d ever been in his entire life.

His Master nodded and Alex charged at the bowl, making a sloppy mess as he crunched through the kibble. The bowl was wide and deep and he could reach most of the food, pushing it up against the edges and using his tongue to lap it up. Drinking posed a different problem and soon Alex was slurping at the water, trying to get a decent mouthful.

He didn’t notice his Master had moved behind him until he was almost finished and he felt the cool air reach his ass. His Master was opening the rear zipper on his suit and Alex whimpered softly. He’d been fucked before, but it was never an enjoyable experience for him.

“Shh, easy boi,” his Master said, running a hand over his ass. “Don’t worry.”

Alex felt the pressure of the butt plug and momentarily relaxed, allowing it to probe deeper. His Master had used plenty of lube and he worked it in, slowly, pushing in and out, deeper each time. Alex put his head on the stone floor in between the bowls and let out a deep breath.

The plugged slipped in and his sphincter gripped it around the base. The zip was closed and he stood up on his elbows. The plug felt weird, oddly heavy and as he moved it seemed to take on a life of its own. He turned to look and felt the heavy rubber tail attached to the plug slap against his ass.

“Woof,” Alex barked and he smiled.

“Come boi,” his Master said.

They walked towards the living area of the downstairs space, Alex waddling along as quickly as he could beside his Master’s booted feet. His Master sat on the end of the large couch and patted the spot beside him.

Alex managed to hop up eventually, after a few tries, and stood haphazardly on the couch. His Master put a thick finger through one of the loops on the front of his collar and pulled him closer. Alex flopped against the cushions and his head rested in his Masters lap. He looked up at the Man who had taken him in.

“Are you a good boi?” He asked.

Alex woofed happily and wriggled his ass, getting comfy on the couch and enjoying the feeling of the tail moving with a mind of its own.

“Good bois get a bone, don’t they?”

Alex woofed again, his excitement growing along with his dick.

“Do you want to suck my bone boi?”

Alex didn’t even stop to woof. He buried his face in his Master’s leather breeches, his hot breach making the leather sweaty, and he pressed harder, eager to get at the treat within. His Master pushed Alex’s head away and pulled down the zips on either side of the sailor-like front of his breeches, letting the flap fold down to reveal the most amazing cock Alex had ever seen.

“Suck my bone,” He said, and Alex went to work.

He took the entire nine inches in his mouth, letting his spit collect before working it in with his tongue. He ran his tongue over the ridges, feeling the blood pound within. He sucked at the tip, the circumcised end bobbing against his lips.

Alex came up for air and began kissing the balls that hung beneath. They were full, ready and powerful and Alex took each one into his mouth, tugging on it as his Master’s entire body shivered beneath him.

“Good boi,” his Master was saying, over and over, running a rubber hand through his hair. “Good boi, that’s it.”

Alex took his Master’s cock into his mouth again and felt the tip press against the back of his throat. He looked up at his Master. He looked up into those powerful eyes and he let out a tiny whimper from around the edge of the cock.

“Yes boi, now!” his Master said.

Alex sucked. He felt his Master’s body shudder and then the first great globules of cum erupt into his mouth. He kept on sucking, swallowing every morsel of jizz his Master gave him, until he had cleaned the cock completely and sat back, panting heavily.

For the longest time they lay there. His Master breathing heavily, his cock going flaccid but retaining it’s length. Alex resting his head against the leather of his Master’s leg, his tongue hanging out, the last vestiges of cum collecting at the corners of his mouth.

Finally, his Master stood, gently setting Alex’s head down on the couch. He zipped up his fly and smiled at his boi. Alex made to move, but He held up a hand and Alex stayed, lying on the couch.

When He returned, Alex had fallen asleep. A day of riding followed by the intensity of the last few hours had robbed him of much of his energy. When Alex woke up, he was staring into the face of a dog.

The hood was made from the same rubber as the suit he was wearing. It looked like the face of dog complete with a snout and even little ears that stuck out on top. His Master held it up and Alex looked at it, before looking at the man holding it.

“We’re going to bed now boi,” He said. “I’m going to put you in your hood and you will spend the night like this. If you’re a good boi, in the morning I’ll let you out.”

It wasn’t a question, it was just a statement and Alex felt a lump rise in his throat behind the leather collar. He was nervous and afraid, his arms and legs would be sore come morning and he would not be able to leave if he decided to. But eventually he nodded and his Master smiled.

Alex bent his head forward and felt the rubber press against his skin. It was cool but soon warmed against his flesh. The eyes snapped into place and suddenly Alex could see again. He felt his Master tug at the back of the hood. As the zip sealed him in the rubber closed in tighter and he tried opening his mouth. The rubber muzzle opened with him and he woofed in delight.

His Master stood up and admired his handiwork. In only a few hours he’d taken a city boy and turned him into a pup a Rubber Master could be proud of. He reached down and lifted Alex under his legs and chest, cradling him like a dog in his arms.

Alex loved the feeling of being lifted in his rubber suit and nuzzled his face against his Masters strong chest. Together they headed upstairs and into the master bedroom Alex had passed earlier, back when all he was wearing was a sodden skinsuit and was worried he’d made a bad decision. Now he found himself dozing in the arms of his owner.

In the bedroom, his Master sat Alex down and Alex looked around. The four-poster bed was big, huge even and each of the heavy posts had iron rings set into them.

Before Alex could even think about hopping on to it though, his Master pulled out a heavy metal cage that had been hidden beneath and Alex found himself backing up. The cage, while not overly small, was sturdy and had a heavy padlock on the door.

His Master opened the door and pointed inside.

Alex looked in, looked at the foam mat on the bottom and the heavy chain that rested next to the pillow inside, and shook his head. If his Master was angry, he didn’t show it.

“Are you a good boi?” He said gently, and Alex felt his fear lessen as he nodded.

His Master patted the top of the cage.

“You’re going to sleep in here boi. You will be safe, I promise I will always keep you safe. I will let you out in the morning, you have my word.”

The Master touched the cage again and Alex took a step forwards, the knee pad of his rubber suit dragging along the thick carpet. He looked up and his Master nodded and he took another step.

“Good boi,” He said once Alex was inside.

He reached through the bars of the cage and attached the heavy chain to the ring at the front of Alex’s collar. Alex lay on his side and felt the weight tug at his neck. He could see his Master now, taking off the rubber and leather he wore.

His dick got hard again in its rubber prison and he started playing with it. He heard his Master’s voice from above.

“Leave your bone boi,” He said. “If you don’t cum all night, there’ll be a surprise for you in the morning.”

Alex reluctantly gave up. He heard the bed groan as his Master lay down.

“Good night boi,” He said.

Alex let out a gentle woof as the lights went out. It didn’t take him long to feel his eyes begin to get heavy. He fell into the deepest sleep he’d ever had and didn’t wake until morning.

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  1. I’m so happy to see this story is being continued. Thank you!!! Looking forward to many more hot chapters.

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