A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 04

By R8080

“Morning boi.”

Alex looked up as he heard the heavy padlock of the cage being removed and the door opened. He backed out, and his neck was tugged by the thick chain he was still attached to. His Master crawled into the cage as Alex panicked in his early morning haze.

It all came back to him as his Master straddled him in the small confines of the cage and kissed him deeply through the rubber dog mask. His cycling, the journey to the farm. He let his arms, bent double in the gimp suit, touch along his Master’s side.

Unlocking His boi, Alex’s Master helped him out of the cage and gently began extracting Alex from his predicament. He pulled the tail out of Alex’s ass, the attached butt plug now dry. Alex sighed into his hood as he felt the invader vanish. Unzipping the suit, Alex felt the cold rush of air against his skin and shivered as the suit dropped away. He stretched his arms as they were freed, the tired muscles enjoying their new range of motion.

Soon he was standing before his Master. The rubber hood was pulled from his head and Alex was smiling beneath. His Master leaned in and kissed him again.

“Come boi.”

Alex fingered the heavy collar on his neck, but his Master had already turned away towards the bathroom. Alex followed him in. They showered together, Alex’s arms recovering as his Master massaged the life back into them before moving on to his shoulders, then his lower back. His Master stood behind him and wrapped his heavy arms around Alex.

“I promised I’d get you back to the city,” He whispered into Alex’s ear. “But it’s Saturday. I’m betting you don’t need to get home until Sunday evening.”

Alex shivered in his Master’s embrace. It was true. He had no plans, no one he had to meet. He turned, still within the circle made by his Master’s arms, and nodded.

“Would you like to stay, boi?”

Alex just smiled and before his Master could do anything, he was sinking to his knees, the hot water of the shower still splashing over them both. He took his Master’s cock into his mouth once more.

“Good boi,” his Master said, gripping the collar around Alex’s neck and pulling him in closer, pushing His cock in deeper. Alex sucked at it, his mind in ecstasy and his entire world reduced to servicing the Man who had taken him in.

His Master pushed him away before he could cum and instead shot his load over Alex’s face. Alex opened his mouth to catch as much as he could. It mixed with the water from the shower and dripped from his lips.

Washing off his face, Alex followed his Master out and they both spent far too long drying each other’s body. Alex’s collar fell to the floor when it was finally unlocked.

Alex let his hands run over his Master’s body. He was strong and powerful from a lifetime of working on a farm and controlling runaway bois. The muscles were tight and they flexed as Alex let the towel collect the last drops of moisture. He kissed his Master’s abdomen as he finished.

“Are you ready to earn your keep boi?” his Master said.

“Yes Sir.”

His Master began dressing as Alex remained kneeling on the floor. He pulled on a pair of tight leather breeches with a wide belt. He finished buttoning up a cream leather shirt and pointed at a shoerack in the corner.

“Fetch the Dehners boi,” He said.

Alex hurried to the corner, still on his hands and knees, and stopped. He looked back over his shoulder.

“The tall black ones,” his Master said.

Picking them up, Alex came back to his Masters feet and held the first shoe out. His Master put his foot in and pushed, using Alex’s bare thigh to press against. Alex’s dick grew hard and rubbed against the heel of the leather.

He stood and Alex sat back on his haunches, taking in the sight. He was beautiful. Alex let his hands fall to his cock and suddenly found himself flat on his back.

“You do not play with yourself without my permission boi,” He said. Alex gulped and nodded. “I know you’re horny but little bois like you need to remember that these,” He said placing a boot against Alex’s balls but not squeezing them, “belong to Me now.”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.”

“Good boi,” He said.

He pulled Alex up from the floor with one hand and held His boi close. Alex nestled against his Master’s strong shoulders and felt his fear recede as quickly as it had come. Tough love. It was what he needed. His Master stroked his hair slowly.

“Let’s get you ready for work,” his Master finally said.

He lead Alex to the playroom he’d gone to the night before. Alex stood next to the table in the middle, completely naked, while his Master rummaged through the cupboards and drawers once more. The pile of rubber and leather grew as Alex watched and waited.

“Suit first.”

He held out a neck entry rubbersuit and Alex sat on the edge of the table and began working his legs into the opening. It passed his hips quickly but it was difficult to get his arms in. His Master helped, pulling the neck wider and first one arm, then the other found their way to the ends of the sleeves and into the attached gloves.

As the suit snapped to over his shoulders Alex stretched his body, flexing his cyclist’s build beneath the rubber. A rubber hood quickly followed, the seam tucking into the neck of the suit.

His Master stood waiting, setting a heavy bundle of leather straps on the floor. It resembled a jockstrap-come-harness with a thick leather belt and a leather codpiece in the front that split into two much longer straps at the back.

“Come here boi,” He said.

Alex walked over and, at a nod from his Master, stepped into the centre. His Master lifted up the leather belt and tightened it around Alex’s waist. The longer straps at the back passed over Alex’s shoulder and buckled in the front. His Master pulled on them to make sure the harness was secure.

Next was a tall posture collar and Alex held his head high as his Master tightened it around his neck. It forced his chin up high and prevented him from turning his head.

“Open wide.”

Alex tasted the cold steel on his lips and tried to pull away but one of his Master’s strong hands gripped the back of his head and kept him still as the steel bit was pushed firmly into his mouth. It was connected to a bridle that He began to buckle up. A strap went around his head and was buckled tightly. It had two pieces at the front which connected to the corners of the bit and a final leather strap that went under his chin and across the top of his head.

When it was all secure, Alex could only open his mouth a little. He looked at himself in the large mirrors.

“You make a magnificent ponyboy,” his Master said. “Only a few bits left to go.”

Taking his boi’s hands, the Master snapped a thick leather cuff around each wrist which he then linked together with a short chain behind Alex’s back. With his hands tied behind him, Alex could only watch and wait.

He couldn’t imagine what else was left until he saw the tail. Unlike the doggy one he’d become familiar with last night, this one had a full plume of real looking horse hair hanging from it. His attention though was drawn to the plug. It was far larger than anything he’d taken so far.

His Master guided him to the table and bent him over carefully, until the buckles at the front of his harness pressed into the top of the table. Between the posture collar and his wrist restrains, Alex couldn’t see or do anything.

Alex felt his Master’s boots gently nudge his legs apart and then the cool air as a zip was opened above his ass crack. He tried to breath, nice and slow, as he felt the lubed finger probe his hole. As the silicone plug touched his skin he let out a moan out around the metal bit. It was big and hard and Alex began to think he could never take the whole thing in.

His stomach started hurting and his legs were trembling but he could feel his Master behind him, using his own crotch to press the tail in.

“Good boi,” his Master said. “There we go. That’s my boi.”

Alex wiggled his ass awkwardly as the plug reached its final destination. He could feel it pressing against his prostate, driving his body mad. The attached hairs fell down past his knees.

He went to rise but his Master pressed a hand to his back.

“Stay there boi, we’re not done yet.”

At first Alex thought it was a boot. His rubber-foot entered the long leg but soon it met a very sharp heel. A metal bar pressed down against the top of his foot and when he set it down it forced him to walk on tiptoes.

“It’s a hoof-boot,” his Master said, working on the second shoe. “A ponyboy walks on his toes, just like a real pony. The heal and bar make sure you walk properly. There we go, try that.”

Alex stood and took a few tentative steps, his arms still bound behind his back. He couldn’t even look down at his new feet. He teetered but his Master caught him.

“We’ll work on that,” He said. “Let’s go for a walk.”

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3 thoughts on “A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 04”

  1. So much great detail in this series. Makes it so easy to picture the whole thing happening in front of you. Love every line.

  2. I love detailed descriptions of boys being transformed into rubber objects so I am loving this series!!! Looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. I’m checking back every day in the hopes of finding the next hot chapter. I hope it’s posted soon!

    And I have a newfound interest in hoof boots and pony play.

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