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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 10

By R8080

He was sitting at the dining table.

Alex stepped into the mudroom and saw Him waiting in the next room. He had changed, his worksuit was hanging up on one of the pegs now, next to Alex’s own. Alex pulled off the black rubber boots he had used to cross the yard quietly and placed them beneath his suit.

His Master said nothing.

Dropping to his hands and knees, Alex crawled slowly across the floor of the kitchen towards his Master.

He was wearing leather breeches again. Light gray, with black piping down the sides. The inside was a darker shade and only served to highlight His powerful legs.

Alex reached for His boot, but his Master patted his knee instead. Slowly getting to his feet, Alex sat gingerly in his Master’s lap.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 09

By R8080

They were back in the barn behind the main farmhouse. Only twenty-four hours before Alex had been lead in as a pony, tied to a post and fucked for the first time by his Master. As they entered now, he was instead lead to a separate room.

The walls were bare concrete. A steel surgical table lay off to one side. A reclining examination chair stood waiting, its attached leg stirrups a brilliant white in the harsh fluorescent light.

The Master walked past it all, but Alex’s eyes were like saucers. He was back in his rubbersuit. A rubber hood had been added, with eye and mouth holes, all locked beneath his collar. He hurried along behind his Master.

They arrived at a gap between two low concrete walls, about five feet high.

“This whole room used to be a cowshed. I’d bring them in here in the morning, one to a stall. No need for it now. But I kept one of the stalls.”

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 08

By R8080

Alex came to slowly. His world was dark and restrictive. His jaw ached from having worn the gas mask for so long but he couldn’t open his mouth even a little. Every part of his body felt like it was stuffed, squeezed or trapped. And in his ass was the unmistakeable presence of the electro-plug.

He was still in rubber. Alex felt the sweat building up. He could feel heavy straps across his legs, chest and arms. But there was more, it felt like he was enveloped inside an airbag.

His head was locked in place by blocks to either side. A large gag had been inflated in his mouth, pushing his cheeks out until they met resistance from both within and without. Two tubes entered his nose and seemed to be his only source of air.

His entire world was at once both suffocatingly small and larger than the universe. He could feel the thick straps tug against his chest with each laboured breath, and then in the same instant his mind raced forward to think of every possible future that may lie in store. It was hell and it was nirvana and, while his brain struggled with the duality, his cock knew exactly how it felt.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 07

By R8080

Note: This is a continuation of a story from a while back. To start at Part 1, click here.


The fireplace was roaring. Alex could feel the heat building up in his suit, the water sloshing about between his two rubber skins.

He knelt, gas masked forehead pressed to the stone floor.

“Have you thought about what I asked?”

His Master had arrived. Alex didn’t dare sit-up until told to do so.

“Yes Sir.”


“Sir, I… I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“No Sir. Your boi doesn’t know what he needs. Please Sir, please decide for me.”

A rubber boot appeared in Alex’s vision. It was white and, as it was used to raise Alex’s chin, he followed it up. White boot, attached to a white suit.

His Master was wearing the same thing Alex was. Suit, boots, and backpack. His gas mask was different, with a single mirrored visor. And the gloves on his hands actually had individual fingers!

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 06

By R8080

Note: This is a continuation of a story from a while back. To start at Part 1, click here.

Alex’s world had been reduced to the two small portholes of his vision. The gas mask squeezed against his face with each breath he took. The smell of rubber was his entire world, the smell rich and filling his nose.

He had tried tugging at the restraints on the padded bed. The cuffs on his arms held tight. Eventually he had given up and fallen into a half-sleep after the mornings tiring workout.

The world beyond his rubbered skin had been anything but silent though. Every now and then he’d hear banging or scraping and his cock would twitch at the thought of what his Master was up to. He would be drifting off and then wake with a start, sure that someone had been watching him. If only he could lift his head to see.


Alex woke, a primal urge screaming at him. He couldn’t breathe. His arms pulled at the cuffs but they wouldn’t give. He kicked impotently. His entire body was wracked with fear.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 05

By R8080

Outside the Sun had already begun to rise and the rain of the previous night was nowhere to be seen.

Alex stood on the threshold of the kitchen. The leather harness was squeezing the rubber suit he was wearing, keeping him constantly horny, but with his hands bound behind his back there was nothing he could do to get relief.

His Master appeared in his vision holding a small bag. The posture collar around Alex’s neck prevented him from looking at anything except what his Master wanted him to. His Master looped a finger through one of the heavy rings in the collar and tugged Alex forwards, out of the house.

Alex took a cautious step outside, the metal of the hoof boot biting into the top of his foot. Already he could feel his legs burning with the effort of standing on his tip toes.

“No one will see you,” his Master said, answering Alex’s unasked question. “It’s you and me boi. You’ll learn that you can only be free when you’re under my control.”

“Yes Sir,” Alex tried to say, but the metal bit gag across his mouth made the words sound like a muffled gurgle.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 04

By R8080

“Morning boi.”

Alex looked up as he heard the heavy padlock of the cage being removed and the door opened. He backed out, and his neck was tugged by the thick chain he was still attached to. His Master crawled into the cage as Alex panicked in his early morning haze.

It all came back to him as his Master straddled him in the small confines of the cage and kissed him deeply through the rubber dog mask. His cycling, the journey to the farm. He let his arms, bent double in the gimp suit, touch along his Master’s side.

Unlocking His boi, Alex’s Master helped him out of the cage and gently began extracting Alex from his predicament. He pulled the tail out of Alex’s ass, the attached butt plug now dry. Alex sighed into his hood as he felt the invader vanish. Unzipping the suit, Alex felt the cold rush of air against his skin and shivered as the suit dropped away. He stretched his arms as they were freed, the tired muscles enjoying their new range of motion.

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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 03

By R8080

“Sit,” his Master said and Alex put his rubber-covered ass on the ground.

They were back in the kitchen. The heavy rubber overalls Alex had worn when he first arrived were still in a heap by the door. Alex felt his dick grow as he saw them again and he tried to touch himself with his elbows in their rubber sleeves.

“Leave your bone boi.”

Alex looked up quickly at his Master’s face and let his rubber paws drop to his sides.

“Good boi.”

His master scratched him behind his ears and Alex eagerly licked at the sleeve of the gloves he wore. He could taste the gauntlets in his mouth as his Master moved his hand around to his face and he began to suck harder. The rubber was thick, hard, but he could feel the heat beneath.

“Chow time,” the Master said.

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