A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 05

By R8080

Outside the Sun had already begun to rise and the rain of the previous night was nowhere to be seen.

Alex stood on the threshold of the kitchen. The leather harness was squeezing the rubber suit he was wearing, keeping him constantly horny, but with his hands bound behind his back there was nothing he could do to get relief.

His Master appeared in his vision holding a small bag. The posture collar around Alex’s neck prevented him from looking at anything except what his Master wanted him to. His Master looped a finger through one of the heavy rings in the collar and tugged Alex forwards, out of the house.

Alex took a cautious step outside, the metal of the hoof boot biting into the top of his foot. Already he could feel his legs burning with the effort of standing on his tip toes.

“No one will see you,” his Master said, answering Alex’s unasked question. “It’s you and me boi. You’ll learn that you can only be free when you’re under my control.”

“Yes Sir,” Alex tried to say, but the metal bit gag across his mouth made the words sound like a muffled gurgle.

His Master leaned in and kissed him as they walked across the yard, his tongue probing around the metal to reach Alex’s own, and Alex nearly tripped on the gravel. His hand caught the boy, knocking the tail plug buried deep in his ass and Alex shivered as He drove it in deeper. Alex’s arousal did not go unnoticed.

They reached a covered barn and his Master opened the door and motioned Alex inside, locking the door shut after them.

Alex stood nervously waiting. He used one boot to paw at the soft sand and realised he had slipped into the pony headspace without even thinking about it. He couldn’t see what his Master was doing, but Alex could feel the big man step up behind him and begin playing with the posture collar. Soon He stepped back and Alex saw the rope play out between them, clipped to the ring on the front of his collar.

“Here’s the deal big boi,” He said to Alex. “You’ve got to learn to walk before you can canter, literally in this case. So start walking.”

He flicked the rope and Alex took a step on the sand, his feet unsteady. His Master stood in the middle of the ring and tugged at the rope, urging Alex on. He watched every motion Alex made, studying the boi like the rubber-covered animal he was.

“Knees higher. I want to see those thighs parallel to the ground. Better. Keep your back straight. No, no, stick that butt out boi, you’ve got a tail now, let me see it.”

Alex tried his best. After an hour the boots, while still painful, had become almost normal and he began to improve his form. He let out an oomph around the gag when the whip first licked at his ass and sent a jolt of pain through the rubber.

His Master held the long whip and gently flicked it again, forcing Alex to drive more focus into his stance.

“Trot boi,” his Master commanded.

The boots began kicking up little divots of sand as Alex picked up his pace. He could feel the sweat begin pooling in the rubber and his breathing increased around the metal gag. As soon as he slowed down though, his Master would flick His whip and Alex would pick up his speed again. Finally, when he thought he could take no more, he felt the rope pull him in towards the centre of the circle and nearly fell into the arms of his Master at long last.

“Beautiful boi,” his Master said.

He unclipped the harness from Alex’s head and pulled the leather away, removing the attached metal bit gag from the boi’s mouth in the process. Alex’s tongue hung out as he panted, saliva spilling down the rubber hood and onto the suit.

“That’s my boi,” his Master said.

He tied the rope from Alex’s collar to a central post, pulling it tight until all Alex could see was the wood before him, and then He disappeared from view. Alex continued breathing hard, letting his heart rate come down as he rested against the post. The neck of the bottle touched his lips and Alex began gulping down the cool water.

“Easy boi. Training is over for today.”

An apple slice appeared before Alex, held in his Master’s leather gloves and his stomach gave a rumble.

“Hungry boi?”

Alex nodded his head as best he could while still in the posture collar. He opened his mouth as wide as he could before his chin hit the thick leather and his Master let the apple touch Alex’s lips briefly before pulling it away. The apple was sweet and juicy and was the first thing Alex had tasted that wasn’t his Master’s cock.

A piece of fruit was turning him on. The thought of being fed like an animal by a powerful man, tethered to a post while in rubber. It was too much for Alex and he began begging his Master for it.

His Master put the fruit in his own mouth and kissed Alex, letting the boi pluck the fruit out with his tongue.

Alex chewed happily after their lips separated.

“What are you willing to do boi to get another little treat?”

“Anything Sir,” Alex said.

The rope from Alex’s collar to the post was only a few inches long and he tried to turn his head but came up short as he watched his Master move out of sight again.

“Anything?” his Master said from behind him. “Tell your Master what you’re prepared to do for a reward.”

Alex felt the pressure on his ass as his Master pulled the pony tail out, the attached butt plug following with a plop. Alex rested his head against the post, breathing deeply. He’d only just gotten used to the silicone invaders but now he knew his Master was getting ready to show him the real thing.

“Use my ass,” Alex said quietly, licking his lips.

“Say it properly boi.”

“Please Sir, use my ass.”

“Say it with meaning.”

“Fuck my ass Sir. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me Sir.”

His Master didn’t wait. Alex felt his master’s dick enter his hole, buried deep up to His balls. Alex let out a sudden breath and moaned against the post at the sudden intrusion. It had felt big in his mouth, but as his ass muscles clenched around the shaft, Alex realised just how big his Master’s dick was.

And how much pleasure it could bring him.

“You’re a good ponyboy,” his Master said, reaching around and massaging Alex’s balls in their rubbery prison.

“Thank you Sir.”

“And good ponyboys get bred.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Say it.”

“Breed me Sir. Your ponyboy needs your seed inside of him.”

His Master shoved himself against Alex repeatedly, pushing Alex’s body against the post, until finally he gripped Alex tight and let out a moan that rivalled His rubberboi’s own. Alex felt the waves of the orgasm rush through his Master and into his ass. Alex began humping himself, pushing against the post to try and get himself off but his Master gripped his balls tighter and Alex stopped.

Pulling out, his Master quickly re-plugged Alex’s hole, trapping His juices in His boi’s ass. Alex was a shaking mess, his body aching from the pony gear and the exercise but most of all his Master’s affection.

Feeling his arms unclipped, Alex brought them forwards, rolling his shoulders to get the blood pumping again. When the rope was untied, he stumbled trying to keep his balance. He felt his legs shift and then found himself in the arms of his Master once more. Alex let his head rest in the crook of the big man’s arms.

“You’ve done well today boi,” He said, carrying Alex out of the barn.

Alex smiled in his rubber hood. He ran his hands over his Master’s chest, feeling the strong muscles beneath the leather shirt. His Master lifted him closer and they kissed as they walked back across the yard.

Inside, they continued upstairs and straight into the playroom. The posture collar was removed quickly and Alex enjoyed the ability to watch his Master at work. He hadn’t realised how restrictive it had truly been until it was gone, and yet he almost missed it. The control it gave his Master over him.

The leather harness followed afterwards and then Alex felt the tugging on his feet as both hoof boots were removed. Setting his feet down flat, the tendons in his ankles screamed at him and he quickly leant against the edge of the table to take the weight off of them, until the plug made it’s presence known as it was pushed deeper into his ass causing an involuntary game of hopping from feet to ass.

His Master carefully raised Alex up and laid him down on the padded surface of the table. Alex lay back in his rubber suit and enjoyed the relief.

“This morning was good boi,” his Master said and before Alex could relax fully he felt the cuff on his right wrist pulled to the side. A metallic snap later and it was locked tight.

His Master repeated the process with Alex’s other wrist and both ankles. Alex was now secured on the table, able to squirm but completely at his Master’s mercy.

“I’m going to leave you for a little while now,” his Master said. “I suggest you get some rest. You’ll need your strength for this evening.”

And with that, Alex saw the eye holes of a gas mask appear overhead. He lifted his head automatically, felt the thick rubber seal against his face and then the straps pulled tight.

He took a breath and heard the click of the valves as he breathed in and out.

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4 thoughts on “A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 05”

  1. This is absolutely amazing. The first thing I remember fantasizing about as a young man, before I really realized I was gay, was been forced into rubber. Rubber overalls, suits, boots etc and all situated on a farm with a hunk of a farmer.

    This story was literally pulled from the mind of my younger self… these thoughts made the the kinky man I am today.

    Amazing story writing… upset it hasn’t continued :(

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