A Slave’s Tour of the Mister S. Leather Shop

Note from the author: The below work is erotic bondage fiction. I am not affiliated with Mister S. Leather in any way (although I can’t say I wouldn’t want this to happen to me). The story contains strong sexual content, and readers should not read if they are under 18 or otherwise prohibited.



By Phil Larson, Twitter: @tiemeupphil84

I have an addiction. And it’s porn blogging. It started a couple years ago when I discovered tumblr. Late to the game as usual, but I found the stuff people would blog so intensely hot. It started to replace going to the computer to get off. The more I blogged, the more I enjoyed it. Soon, I had more and more people following me and something else got me off, seeing pictures of people going balls to the wall with their inner slut and posting their own content.

At first I was too scared to, but as much as it frightened me, it excited my 7-and-a-half inch cock even more. I started to rationalize in my head. “I’ve posted stuff to dating websites before,” but there’s something more public about this. Eventually my dick got the better of me and I posted some photos of me in bondage.

My head was locked in a hood but everything else was on full display. I was tied up on a bench with my ass in full view, plugged with an electric butt plug. I was tied spread eagle with my bound dick on full display. Being a bondage fanatic I had met up with a few bondage masters. We had some fun, took photos and shared them between us. I looked pretty decent in the photos. I’m a lean guy, 30 decent build and I’m told a nice bubble ass. I’m pretty much smooth all over so I guess I have kind of a twink body.

The second I posted them I wanted to take them down. The instant humiliation and realization burned on my face. It wasn’t as if there was any reason not to be a little humiliated, they started getting reblogged by numerous people, far more than any had been seen me naked before. I had to admit though, it was thrilling.

So I’ve posted additional photos since then and had some fun interactions with other popular blogs. But soon I also realized social media was a great way to interact with some of my favorite bondage blogs and even the stores I had bought gear from over the years. One of those was Mister S. Leather (www.mr-s-leather.com), I had bought handcuffs, ball gags, rope, butt plugs, and my personal favorite purchase, the oxballs guard gag with built in open mouth piss gag. It’s so fucking hot to wear.

Tumblr wasn’t much of a medium for getting in contact with them, but twitter was a lot better. I posted some positive reviews on their products and sparked some interest. Before long, they asked if I might be interested in their “bloggers tour” of their gear shop. I love bondage shops, seeing everything from my hottest fantasies all laid out in front of me. So naturally I replied inquiring what was involved to see if I could even afford to participate.



We have noticed you have purchased our products with some enthusiasm. We thank you for your continued support in our business. Perhaps you would like the opportunity to review some of our gear first hand. If so, we would like to arrange an on-site tour of our bondage store. We have two versions, the slave tour and the master tour. Based upon the content in your blog, we believe you would be a perfect fit for the slave’s tour. To participate, you are under not required to give positive reviews. That being said, we remain confident you will leave the tour smiling. Travel/lodging provided for.


I about jumped out of my computer chair. My cock was instantly hard as a rock. I didn’t even hesitate. I’m not sure I even had a single thought. I just immediately replied back that I was indeed very interested and would love to come on site.

Two weeks later, I was on my way to the shop carrying only an overnight bag and my phone. I couldn’t stop enthusiastically thanking them via emails. And I was excited to meet the men behind the gear.

We pulled up to a renovated looking old industrial building. It appeared inconspicuous enough from the outside. But on the mailing address, sure enough it was Mister S. Leather. My cock was painfully hard in my tight jeans. I tried to dress appealing, tight jeans, v-neck tshirt. Sweat started to form along my back as I started at the doorbell. I took a deep breath and stepped forward, extended my arm and rang the bell.

Those 15 seconds felt like hours as I waited there wondering if they would respond. Sure enough, an intercom replied.

“Mr. S Leather Gear…” the intercom beeped.

“Yea, this is Phil. I’m here for the shop tour,” I nervously replied.

No more conversation. The door buzzed and the lock released. I was in. I walked down a long, nondescript hallway and came to a desk that blocked the way to a huge open area with rows and rows of mesh cage cabinets. All were stocked with tons of bondage gear. The second I walked in, my jaw dropped as if I had just discovered some ancient city. There were no words that came out, just dumbfounded marveling at the sight before me.

A well-built younger looking man with shaggy dark hair tied up in a man bun approached the counter.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a friendly deep voice.

“Uhh..yes I’m here for the shop tour,” I said.

“Oh right, sorry, yea today’s the day we’re doing that. I’ll go grab the boss man and we’ll be right down. Just wait here man we got some great things to show you,” the attendant replied as he jogged towards the back of the stockroom.

“thanks!” I yelled after him.

I waited nervously in the front area for a couple minutes when I heard some footsteps approach behind me. I turned to see an incredibly handsome man who looked about in his mid forties. He had a strong build, salt and peppery hair and a five o’clock shadow. As he walked up, he had a warm smile that made me feel welcome in this new environment. He casually outstretched his hand and said, “Welcome! I guess you’re ready for the tour.”

“Ye-yeah,” I stuttered, making him smile even bigger.

“Nervous huh? Well that’s pretty natural I bet. But I’m sure you are going to love the tour,” the man said.

“Yes sir I think I will,” I politely replied.

“Great, come on back,” he said as he lifted up a section of the counter top so we could both walk through. I meekly followed behind him.

“First time in a store like this?” he asked.

“Well…no” I said, “I’ve just never been in one so big.”

As we walked down one aisle, I saw each mesh cage housed tons of various items I had seen from multiple times browsing through their online store. Only now it was all laid out right in front of me. The first aisle was tons of ass toys. Butt plugs, anal beads, dildoes – seeing everything all at once took any words of conversation right out of my mouth. I even felt a little bit of drool escape me as I saw the man’s muscular ass strut in front of me.

“Where are my manners, I’m Nolan. I’m one of the managers here,” he said.

I smiled and shook his hand again, “I’m Phil, nice to meet you.”

“So this is the ass play aisle,” he said casually, “it’s one of our more popular selling. Every guy likes something up his ass it seems.”

I started chuckling a bit. He smiled at me. I couldn’t quite figure him out, but decided he was undoubtedly hot.

“If I remember correctly, you’re into the bondage gear though aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes!” I quickly answered back.

“A little anxious I see,” he chuckled, “well let’s move over here then.”

I quickly followed him as we wormed our way through the aisles. On the way, I saw a whole row of various chastity cages, a section devoted entirely to vibrators and a surprisingly large area devoted to nipple toys. They had clamps, suction cups, weights. It made me rock hard just passing by and inhaling the scent of leather and rubber all around me. It was intoxicating.

We rounded a corner and there it was all laid out before me: tons of bondage gear. Ropes, shackles, leather restraints – everything was right here just sitting, waiting to be used. It was too much for me to take in at once. I took a step back and nearly knocked over the attendant who first greeted me.

“Oh sorry dude, didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” he said.

Being sandwiched between the two men in a narrow aisle filled with bondage gear made me feel a bit awkward, but I did my best to try and stay calm.

“No worries,” I said, “how’s it going?”

“It’s going great,” he said, “I’m Koby by the way and it looks like you met Nolan.”

“Yeah,” I said, “he was just about to show me the bondage gear.”

“Phil here is really into being restrained,” Nolan announced, “aren’t you Phil?”

The question made me feel even more anxious. My face was flush. I felt like they already knew the answer but it still made me feel weird to say yes. Finally, I just nodded my head in agreement.

Nolan wrapped his large arm around my chest and pulled me into him incredibly tight. I could barely breathe. He held me as I struggled and put his mouth to my ear. I could feel his hot breath.

“Nah boy, you love being tied up don’t you? You love being a bondage whore,” Nolan whispered while holding me tight.

“Uhh..yes…” I squeaked out.

“Yes…what?” Nolan asked, already knowing the answer. Koby started to feel up my chest while Nolan held me in his tight grip.

“Yes….Sir,” I said back.

“Good boy,” Nolan said, “Now, what do you think would be an appropriate tour for a little bondage whore like you? Do you think we should just show you the stuff sitting here gathering dust on the shelves?”

“No…Sir…” I answered. Koby was now fondling my crotch, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body and clouding my judgment.

“Or do you think, since you are such a little bondage hungry slut and we are two horny men that know how to treat whores like you, that you would benefit much more from a hands on tour?” Nolan asked once again already knowing the answer.

My brain went blank, this was everything I had wanted to experience. It was happening so fast. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t know how to reply.

“Yes Sir, please…please use me Sir,” I whispered back while making eye contact with Koby. He had a big grin on his face.

“Well…” Nolan said, “that’s all I needed to here eh Koby?”

“Yep,” Koby agreed, “let’s get this little bitch into some more fitting attire.”

They worked quickly. Ushering me to strip out of my clothes, every garment I lost Koby immediately grabbed away from me. My tshirt, my jeans, my socks, my briefs – soon I was butt naked in front of these two strange men. Of course, as nervous as I was, I was still hard as a rock and my cock was dripping precum.

“Looks like we got a live one here, Nolan,” Koby said.

“We certainly do, Koby,” Nolan agreed, “Why don’t you go lock up the slut’s clothes. He won’t be needing them for a while.”

Koby obediently rushed off to lock my clothes away, leaving me alone with Nolan. My breathing had steadily picked up the pace. I was even more excited and nervous now. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but couldn’t deny it’s exactly how I wanted this day to go from the second I received the invitation to visit their shop.

“You know why you’re so hard boy?” Nolan whispered in my ear.

“No…Sir,” I replied.

“Yes you do,” he shot back, “It’s because you love being controlled. You love being used and treated like property. That’s what a boy like you needs isn’t it?”

“Yes Sir,” I agreed. He was right. It did excite me.

All of a sudden he reached down and gripped my low hanging balls. I let out a faint moan as he slowly squeezed them. As time went on, he tightened his grip making me cry out in pain.

“Ahhh fuck!” I said.

“Be quiet, boy,” Nolan ordered, “First things first. We need to get a nice collar locked on you.”

Nolan basically dragged me over to another mesh cage that housed tons of leather collars. He reached in and felt around while holding me tightly against his chest. After a few seconds, his grip loosened but I felt him put immense pressure on my shoulders which caused me to fall to my knees on the floor.

“This collar is called a heavy duty posture collar boy,” Nolan said, “Once it’s locked on your neck, it’ll keep you focused on what’s important and will help you from moving your slave head around too much. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied as the collar encircled my neck and tightened. I felt him fumble with the buckles and fasten them tightly. Finally, I heard the unmistakable click of a small padlock to keep it on.

The collar felt tight. It certainly kept me looking forward. It was almost like wearing a neck brace.

“MUCH better, slave,” Nolan said.

“Thank you Sir,” I said, trying to be a good slave boy for him.

He clipped a leash to the collar and pulled me along the aisles toward the leather restraints. I followed him just as I did before, only now I really looked like a dog chasing after his owner. Walking through the shop naked, collared and leashed, I really felt like property. My dick throbbed as it pointed out straight ahead.

When we reached the heavy bondage leather restraints we stopped. Nolan snapped his fingers and motioned for me to get on my knees again. I meekly complied and looked straight ahead at his bulging tight jeans that I was aching to see what was underneath. Nolan reached into another mesh cage and pulled out an odd looking assortment of leather restraints.

“These are shoulder-to-wrist restraints boy, and once we get them locked on you will be a much more compliant slut than you already are,” Nolan explained.

“Yes Sir,” I replied almost robotically at this point.

“Koby is getting your little area ready up front. You will serve as our entertainment in between serving customers. Sound good slut?” Nolan said.

“Yes Sir that sounds great,” I blurted out.

After that anxious reply, Nolan wasted no time in beginning to lock the restraints around my shoulders to my already locked on collar. Before long, my wrists were locked in tight restraints behind my back that ran up to my collar. If I pulled on my arms they pulled on my head. My upper body was basically immobile. Without saying a word, Nolan started walking again and pulling me, his new bound slave, along right after him.

We walked through the aisles of the gear shop. I saw tons of stuff on display that I wondered if Nolan and Koby would be using on me as well. He seemed to have no qualms about grabbing stuff off the rack and locking me into. As we walked by the nipple torture area I saw him grab a few items, but didn’t see what and he continued on. He led me to an aisle filled with gags as he picked out numerous gags as nonchalantly as you would pick out groceries.

When we finally arrived at the front desk again, Koby was sitting there waiting for customers to come in. He turned and immediately flashed a grin.

“Looks like the boy’s getting accustomed to his new role,” Koby said.

“Oh yes,” Nolan agreed, “Like a duck to water. Is his little activity area ready?”

Koby chuckled a bit, “Yeah I’ve got it all set up under here.”

Koby motioned to an area just under the counter where he was sitting. Nolan pulled the leash and dragged me closer to see what was under there. I saw a mounted butt plug on the floor and two leather ankle restraints. I looked up at Koby confused and then looked at Nolan who was already moistening his hands with lube. It was beginning to become clear to me.

“Alright boy, take a seat,” Koby encouraged as both men helped me to my knees. They generously lubed my ass and the butt plug before telling me to ride it.

I rubbed my ass all over the lube-coated butt plug like I was just paid to give it a lapdance. I wanted to put on a good show for the men controlling me. I started sitting on the butt plug, it was a larger one than I was used to so it took me a few attempts to work it into my ass.

“Hurry up and sit on it, whore, we have work to do,” Nolan ordered.

Since I was beyond the halfway point on the plug, I decided just to go for it and sat down indian style. Bound the way I was and stuck on the plug, I would need the men’s help to lift myself off of it. That didn’t look to be what they had in mind though as Koby leaned over and began fastening the ankle restraints. Once they were on good and tight, he locked padlocks on both of them and used another padlock to lock them together. I was now truly fucked for moving. I was trapped under their sales counter, naked, collared, bound and helpless not one hour into my tour of the shop.

As I rode the large butt plug, the pressure in my ass radiated throughout my body and I let out repeated unconscious moans of pleasure and humiliation.

“Now that’s where a customer like you belongs boy,” Nolan said, “bound on the floor and moaning like a bitch in heat.”

I nodded in agreement and moaned more, “Thank you Sirs, thank you.”

Nolan leaned down and held out some weird rubbery suction cup things.

“These are rubber tit suckers,” Nolan explained, “we need to keep boy alert throughout the day.”

He attached the black rubber suction cups to my nipples. It felt like a dull ache, but it definitely kept me alert and my dick raging hard. I started moaning even more.

“That’s enough slave,” Koby ordered in a stern voice, “we’ve got customers coming, and they don’t need to hear your slave trap running.”

Koby bent over and placed a spider gag around my mouth, holding my mouth impossibly wide open. He fastened the gag tightly around my head and buckled it into place. Next, he dropped a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into darkness and heightening my other senses.

“That’s better,” Koby said, “Now you look like a genuine slut. One more thing to test and we’re ready to go.”

All I heard was silence for a minute. Then, some rustling of footsteps as Koby took a seat in front of me. I felt his legs brush up against my naked skin. My cock was leaking precum already but I’m sure it leaked out a little more at the thought of this stud keeping my bound and gagged under his desk while he worked. And then, I heard a faint click. The butt plug sprang to life, vibrating and sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I was powerless to stop it. I could only moan like the slut I was while I struggled in vain against the restraints. The butt plug switched off and I heard Koby and Nolan erupt with laughter.

“This is going to be a fun day, boss,” Koby said.

“It certainly is Koby. This little whore is ripe for the picking. I’m sure you can think of ways to keep that open mouth quiet while you work.” Nolan said.

“Oh I’m sure I can think of something to stick in there,” Koby laughed, switching the butt plug on again and sending me spiraling back into a state of intense pleasure.

As I was struggling blindly underneath the sales counter, I felt something graze my gagged face. I was confused at first. Then I felt it again. It was warm and spongy and smelled like a man’s scent. I then realized Koby was slapping his big thick hardening cock on my face. I tried to summon up all of my control to endure the powerful pleasure of the butt plug, but still keep my head still so he could insert what had to be an enormous dick into my wide open mouth.

“Uhmmm….Uhmmmm!” I pleaded repeatedly.

“Aw, little slave boy wants my thick piece of meat doesn’t he?” Koby mocked.

I nodded my head yes as aggressively as I could, but he just kept slapping my face with his hard musky dick. It drove me crazy. I wanted his fat dick in my mouth so bad but he held me at bay.

Suddenly, the plug switched off and a sock was shoved in my open mouth. I was confused at first until I heard the door open and voices coming from the other side of the counter.

“Morning,” Koby greeted the new arrivals, “Can I interest you in something?”

“Uhh..yeah,” the voice said, “I’m here cause I bought some cuffs from some bondage gear shop off amazon but the fucking things came apart on us the first time we used them.”

Koby sat back in his chair. I assume Nolan had walked away while Koby was working over my ass with the butt plug because I no longer heard him. I did my best to stay quiet and not disturb the customers. I didn’t want to see what they could do to punish me given the gear they had at their disposal.

“Oh, yeah we got plenty of cuffs. Standard police issue, hinged cuffs, thumb cuffs, leg irons, we can set you up,” Koby said warmly.

“Sweet that sounds great, they sturdy?” the man asked.

“Oh yes, we sell them all the time and they are great. Very inescapable,” Koby replied.

“Awesome, thank you,” the man said.

Koby left momentarily while the man waited. I sat there, thinking this man has no idea that I am bound under the counter being used by this overly nice and well-hung sales attendant. In no time, he returned with an assortment of cuffs. He went through and explained how each one worked, how they could be double locked and adjusted. The man seemed very interested and bought several pairs right there. After he thanked Koby and exited, the butt plug started up again.

I moaned into the sock stuffed into my open gagged mouth. It was removed in no time and Koby resumed smacking my face with his hard cock. I felt his warm precum drying on my cheeks and never felt more at home than I did right then. I was clearly enjoying the plug and relishing being bound and used by this man. Soon, I felt his large head push through my open mouth as his long dick entered. I darted my tongue all around it trying to savor the taste of this man’s big, sweaty cock. He pushed it in and out and in and out and face fucked me for about ten minutes.

Then, all of a sudden, the butt plug shut off and he stopped. I heard the door open again and footsteps approaching. Koby scooted his chair in and pushed his cock to the back of my throat, gagging me and cutting off any potential sound. I did my best not to choke on his big meat while he serviced the next customer.

“Um, hi, sorry to bother you but I’m a little lost, can you give me directions back to the freeway?” the nervous voice asked.

“Sure!” Koby said, “Come on over.”

So while Koby took his time writing out detailed directions back to the freeway for the man, I blindly tongued on his epic cock underneath them.

Koby kept this up for a good hour. Helping customers find what they want while driving me crazy with lust underneath the counter. I lost track of time. All I could think about was pleasing his dick and maybe earning the right to cum myself. The blindfold he had fitted me with kept me constantly guessing my surroundings. I heard people coming and going pretty constantly, but no one ever mentioned me.

After a while, I heard footsteps approach behind Koby. I wondered if this was another employee or maybe another customer for a tour. I felt strong, thick fingers enter my mouth. I obediently licked them as if it were a cock, which caused a familiar chuckle.

“Looks like the little slut’s good and horny,” Nolan commented.

“Yep, very obedient too now that he’s where he belongs,” Koby agreed.

“You liking your little play area, boy?” Nolan asked in a demeaning tone.

“Affff urrrr” I mumbled trying to reply with a ‘yes Sir.’

“Good boy, let’s get these off now,” Nolan said while quickly removing the tit suckers and rubbing my nipples.

The pain sent shockwaves throughout my body as I moaned loudly into my gag. Koby turned the butt plug on to send competing shockwaves of pleasure from my ass to my prostrate. My body didn’t know which way was up now. I didn’t know how to feel, except my cock was rock hard. Nolan removed the open mouth spider gag as well and I could finally adjust and stretch my poor aching jaw.

“I ungagged you for a purpose boy. Get your mouth on Koby’s hard dick!” Nolan ordered.

I complied instantly, trying to blindly search for the thick slab of meat that I had been longing to suck on all morning. Koby was holding it at a distance, letting me only taste and suck on the cock head. I licked up a nice amount of precum and savored the flavor. It was incredible.

“Fuck yea, bitch. Suck my dick!” Koby ordered as he plunged his huge cock deep into my throat, causing me to gag and choke.

“We got ourselves a keeper here, Koby,” Nolan said.

“We sure as fuck do!” Koby agreed while I bobbed my head up and down on his glorious big dick.

I tried to give Koby a blowjob that would rival any porn star’s. I sucked as best as I could, went as far down until I was sniffing his trimmed pubes and choking on his dick. I glided my tongue all around the shaft and even swirled it around his sensitive cockhead, slurping up more precum in the process. Soon, I heard a chair being pulled over.

I felt a smack on my balls as I was gagging on Koby’s cock.

“That’s a leather crop, boy,” Nolan announced to me, “You feel it on your balls, it means switch dicks.”

I was momentarily confused but suddenly realized he must want his cock serviced as well. I withdrew from Koby’s and searched for Nolan’s. It hit me in the face like a big slab of Grade A meat. It had to be even thicker and longer than Koby’s and it was still soft! I started by licking it like a lollipop and moaning in a very suggestive slutty way.

“That’s a good whore,” Nolan encouraged me, “You need a big fat dick in your face don’t you little slave. You need to serve a real man’s dick and earn his cum, don’t you?”

I nodded my head as I took his huge cock head into my mouth. His precum was dangling from the tip too. I obediently sucked it all down and started to work on his ever-hardening dick. Soon, the huge monster was fully hard and assaulting my mouth and throat. After about ten minutes of constant sucking, I felt a strong smack to my balls again, cried out and switched back to Koby’s cock.

“Yeah, you miss this dick, slut?” Koby asked.

All I could do was nod in reply. They worked me like that for a good hour, building up two massive loads of cum in between them. My balls felt raw from the intermittent smacks of the leather crop. My jaw ached from taking each of their big dicks. My chin and chest were covered in drool from me working as hard as I could to earn their cum.

“Looks like our little guest is getting hungry for some cream,” Koby teased.

“I bet the little bitch is hungry for a man’s cum twenty-four seven,” Nolan said, “He needs to be tied up and plugged and treated like the slut he is.”

Koby, who was piston face fucking me at this point, started to pick up the pace. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was gulping down his load. Nolan bent over and began to stroke my painfully hard cock. It felt amazing.

“You want my cum, slut? You want it bad?” Koby asked, lightly smacking my face.

I nodded while sucking his cock and aggressively licking up and down at his shaft. I was trying my best to coax the big load out of him.

“It’s a big load, you gonna be a good boy and swallow it all up?” Koby teased me further.

I nodded furiously. The combination of sucking Koby’s big cock, Nolan stroking mind and in the bondage I was in was too much, I was right on the edge of cumming myself. Suddenly, Nolan vice gripped my balls controlling my need to orgasm. I groaned in disappointment. Soon, Koby’s balls tightened and his dick unloaded a huge amount of cum in my mouth and throat. I obediently swallowed it all.

“Good little slut, swallow that load,” Koby laughed.

“Clean off that dick, bitch,” Nolan ordered while holding my head on Koby’s softening cock. I swirled my tongue around his cock to collect and cum residue.

Soon, Koby withdrew his cock. I whimpered a little bit and heard them laugh. Then I felt another big hard dick hit my exhausted face.

“You got another set of balls to drain, slave. You ready?” Nolan said. I slowly opened my mouth and let him facefuck me just as hard if not harder than Koby did while Koby assumed the role of teasing and edging my dick.

Koby alternated between stroking my cock and smacking my balls with the leather crop. I was constantly on the edge but never able to cum. He was a master at working me. Meanwhile, I was using my tired lips and exhausted tongue to work on Nolan’s huge slab of a cock.

“You want to cum, boy?” Nolan asked me plainly.

I started sucking his cock even harder and moaning “mmm hmm.”

“Then you better listen up, I only let boys who agree to continue on with the slave tour cum. You want to be a good boy and keep going?” Nolan asked.

“MMm HMMM!” I moaned on his cock.

“Good, slut, looks like this one wants a tour of the showroom, Koby,” Nolan said.

“Excellent!!” Koby shouted while clapping his hands. He started stroking my dick and gripping it tight.

The huge amount of cum that was boiling in my nuts was ready to erupt from my cock. But first, I felt Nolan’s cock tense up.

“Fucking eat my cum you nasty little whore!” Nolan yelled as he shot a huge load down my throat while I simultaneously shot my load all over myself.

While cumming down from the orgasm, I had a second to take in my surroundings. I was blindfolded, tied up, and had just been used like a two dollar prostitute by two amazing studs. As they bent over and helped me off the butt plug and released my bonds, I let out a huge groan of relief. Once fully loose, I collapsed on the floor in exhaustion.

“He’s ready,” Nolan said, “Chain him up, lock him up, gag him and put him in the storage area. Make sure he’s in the break-time cage.”

In my weakened state, Koby had no time manipulating me. He cleaned me off with a rag. He attached iron manacles and chains to my wrists and ankles. He gagged me with a penis gag. I felt the restraints being attached but didn’t even put up a fight. They were in control. It was when they started putting my Boy Trainer 2.0 chastity device on that I was getting concerned.

“Mmmmph?” I mumbled into the gag.

“Sorry, boy, I can’t hear you,” Koby mocked, “You are going to enjoy it. You’ll be fed tons of cocks, just like you’ve always craved. And you’ll be exposed for the whore you are.”

Koby attached the leash and led me on my hands and knees straight into a mesh crate, the same one they used to store gear. I was pushed in and the door slammed behind me. I heard the familiar sound of padlocking on the other side of the crate and wondered what was in store next for me.


Metal would like to thank Phil Larson for this story. You can connect with him via Twitter: @tiemeupphil84.


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6 thoughts on “A Slave’s Tour of the Mister S. Leather Shop”

  1. Quite the amazing experience. Looking forward to part two;) Also wondering just how far this story is from things that happen at Mr. S., huummmmmm……..:)

    1. Hey there! Thanks for reading. I wish Mister S employees operated that way. They retweeted the story so maybe they approve ;)

  2. It’s not that far off from the truth. The first time I was there, I asked for some help to see a straightjacket that was on a high rack. Next thing I know, I was stripped, in the SJ, hooded, gagged, tied to the rack and edged by employees and (I think) some customers.

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