Metalbond Q&A: Christopher Miers from Steelwerks Extreme

In an interview with, Christopher Miers from Steelwerks Extreme discusses how he got started making extreme chastity devices, his background as a jeweller and metalsmith, and what he likes about the “mind-fuck” of lockable metallic cockwear. He describes in detail some of his proudest achievements in male chastity, and he talks about how he sees his creations as functional works of art — pieces that can be admired in a display case — or on a cock.

“I’m really trying to push the artistic side as much as possible, so that people are truly getting their own individual piece of art,” Christopher says.

Read on to learn more about this artisan.



Metalbond: How did you get started in this line of work? How did you learn your craft?

Christopher responds: From a very young age I always knew I wanted to create with my hands, and the idea of adorning people was always an appealing career path. So I started looking into becoming a jeweller. In the early ’90s I took an apprenticeship under a local goldsmith, which gave me the basic skills I needed to plan for my future.

At that time, piercing was the newest thing on the block. Everywhere you looked people were getting into piercing, from nipples to genitals, and I just knew I had to be a part of it all. Back in 1995 I opened SteelWerks as a piercing jewelry company to supply all the Canadian piercing shops with their jewelry needs. From the very beginning of the company, I always focused on the custom side of jewelry — trying to offer clients things they could not find elsewhere, or simply to offer them something they could call their own.

Sometime around the millennium, a regular client who had come to me for a variety of extreme but rather traditional piercing jewelry items and prince’s wands (an extension of the more hardcore piercing jewelry world), asked me to make him a chastity device. Male chastity?! Although familiar with the fetish world since I was a young man and already exploring many of my own kinks, I had yet to hear of a male chastity device, and I was immediately intrigued. “Tell me more,” I believe my first words were. Looking back, that first cage I made was practically unwearable. It was big, bulky, heavy and pointing entirely in the wrong direction. But thankfully, that same client stuck with me this whole time and now has some of the nicest cages I have ever made. Love that guy!


What is it about chastity that you like the most?

For me it’s control and everything that comes with it. This, of course, is the very basis of chastity. Truly, for me, it’s the idea of encasing the cock, but not just confinement. After all, you could do that with a bunch of plastic wrap and duct tape. For me, it’s all about creating elegance — ‘refined torture,’ if you will. If you’re going to cover it up, it better be damn hot to look at when that key gets handed over to Mr. or Mrs. Important!

The way I see it, the world of chastity varies from one client to the next. While one client may intend on being in his cage 24/7/365, the next might only want it for weekend fun but is looking for something far more extreme than the everyday guy. This is the best part of the job — finding that perfect match for everybody, while learning through their stories and adventures, teaching me more about what I already know and I love learning more about as I further both my kinks and career in this industry.


What metals do you work in? Which ones are best for chastity?

I have worked with many different metals throughout my career as a metalsmith, but medical-grade stainless steel and titanium are the metals of choice for chastity. While starting the company in the piercing industry, I quickly learned about ASTM-certified metals, always making sure our materials come with the proper certificates and are of the quality I expect, even in their raw form.

Because all of our products are machined, then finished by a precision hand polishing, we are able to achieve the immaculate finish that I expect on each and every piece that leaves the shop.


Creature2000969_CliveBarkerDo you have any custom pieces of which you are particularly proud?

While so many pieces come to mind, a number of them have really taken my creativity to a whole other level. The first, hands down, would be the device I made for Clive Barker and his partner, Johnny, who are dear friends of mine. We see each other once a year for a little powwow, always dreaming up new definitions of erotic art and how we see it in the world. After many years of bonding over the history of erotic art, they finally commissioned me to make them something very special. It’s called Creature #2000969, rightfully named as to always remind them of a date that is truly one to remember. When I design my creature cages, I like to take inspiration from the client himself and make something that speaks to him as a unique person. Clive, being the master of horror, truly deserved a cage that looked sinister, much like the characters he creates in his amazing stories, and the result was exactly as I had in mind — and once installed, it sure does look hot on Johnny’s cock! The cage itself was built as a functional piece of art, completely fabricated in titanium, so it’s incredibly lightweight, at just over 130 grams. It comes with a stand and display case, so when not being worn it can be displayed among all the art within their house.


Another of my favorites is another creature cage, the Necromancer, truly one of my most complex and intricately made devices. The Necormancer was built with the idea of absolute versatility, to be constantly changing form as the user changes his kink direction. The spine was the most time-consuming part of the device. It features individually handcrafted skulls, carefully hinged together, allowing it to be worn when the cock is erect or flaccid, articulating to the movement and arousal of the client’s wishes. This piece has many configurations. It has an optional scrotal containment cage and a massive, 3-pound, organically machined butt plug that connects to the back of the cage, further increasing stimulation for the wearer, especially when hooked up to electricity!


BioBeastMy most recent Creature cage, the BioBeast, is by far the most one-of-a-kind idea I have accomplished to date. While the functional side of the cage was not my idea, the design was, and as with all pieces I enjoy the most, this client gave me carte blanche in the designing process. This cage had to be as light as possible, as there is no cock ring to support the device. In this case, the client had trans-dermal implants installed in his pelvis so that the cage would be bolted directly to his body, making him the first-ever (to our knowledge) client to truly make chastity an extension of his body. The cage itself is constructed of implant-grade titanium, designed like a high-end racing bike. We removed material wherever we could in order to reduce weight as much as possible. The result is truly organic. It’s an alien-like cock coffin that he proudly displays at every chance he gets.


I can see why you describe your creations as “functional art.” Can you imagine any of these works being displayed someday in art galleries or museums?

The more clients I have like Clive Barker, the more I will fabricate pieces that can be proudly displayed as functional art in homes and even galleries. Wearable art — I mean, really, could it get any hotter? It’s just a matter of finding those guys who would actually have the balls to confidently display it both in a display setting as well as on themselves!

Truth be told, if I could find a gallery that was willing to take on what I have in mind for a cock art show, the wheels would already be in motion!


Sounds like someone should come to you for custom work, when they are ready to take their chastity experience to the “next level.” Is that what you enjoy most? The original pieces that involve a lot of planning and customization?

Bring it on! Bring me an original idea, something new, something inspiring, something I have never made before. As much I love my job and enjoy making pretty much every piece that leaves the shop, the true originals are what keep me going. I want you to be able to say you are the only guy at the party wearing an original piece of Steelwerks cock art. Like any other type of artist, I aspire to create one-of-a-kind pieces for all to admire.


What are some of the things a person should keep in mind when looking for a chastity device? They can be hard to fit, yes?

Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Experiment for a while. Try cheap, off-the-shelf pieces first, to get an idea of what you are looking for in a device and what type of configuration fits your anatomy and lifestyle best. Once you’ve figured this out, then it’s time to decide whether you are looking for a piece that is merely functional, or if you want both a sexy device as well as a long-term functional device. Once decided, knock on our door and have us create something a little more personal for you.

Based on your previous experience, our sizing guidelines and extensive knowledge of most devices on the market, we’ll be able to guide you in the right direction, as to what would work best with your specific lifestyle, chastity needs and how a cage should be fitting you.

One thing I do inform all my clients, though, is that chastity is not a perfect science, and what works for one guy might not work for the next. While I can do my best to help a client make the best decision, it is important that the client also does some legwork himself, to make sure we are making the cage as close to the size needed as possible. We do of course offer modifications, but to avoid any hassles we generally try and get it perfect right off the bat.

If budget permits or if you happen to live within reach of Montreal, we encourage clients to come visit us for a personal sizing, or try and lock me down when I travel to various parties, such as Folsom.


Have you ever turned a customer away whom you considered to be “not ready” for a Steelwerks?

Yes, many in fact. Getting into chastity, at least in my eyes, is not to be taken lightly. It’s a mindfuck that many men, young or old, aren’t ready for yet. I believe it should be taken one step at a time. On occasion I get a phone call from a guy looking to be introduced to this world, be it on his own or by the persuasion of a would-be keyholder. Being that I am a pretty open guy, I generally like to give clients the best advice I can give, whether they buy from me or not.

My first suggestion is usually to tell them to go get a CB6000 and try it out for a few months to see how they like being caged. Devices like the CB6000 have their place in the market, and they are ideal for introducing people to the world of chastity. Additionally, why on earth would you drop possibly 2K on a chastity device, when you don’t even know if you like it yet?

So where do these guys end up? Well, it may take a year or two, but I would say that at least 75 percent of them end up calling me back once they have tried a couple of the beginner cages out there and have finally decided that they want to be in a custom cage made specifically for them. The doors are open to everybody who is friendly and open-minded, and I hope to always be able to provide a knowledge base and service to all enquiring minds in this underground and often hidden community.


So, your shop is open to the public?

Yes. Recently we upgraded the shop to a gorgeous loft in the Old Port of Montreal. It’s really an inspiring environment to be in. While our doors are open to the public, we operate strictly by appointment only, so that when we have a client in, he is given the individual attention he deserves when shopping for such a personal item.


I almost forgot to ask about your unique locking mechanism and key. Can you describe it?

The S key is our signature stamp, one that can be found on any of our locking devices. The simplicity of our security S screw means no bulky padlocks or barrel locks that inevitably get damaged over time when exposed to water. The S screw is simple yet effective and requires no maintenance.


What would say to a wearer of one of your devices who came crawling into your shop on hands and knees, begging to be unlocked?

Bring your keyholder in or put me in touch with your keyholder to get approval. Only then will you have that key you so desperately seek.


Any final thoughts?

My connection and interaction with each and every client is really important to me. While this can’t apply to everybody, the bond that is created with most clients during the design and fabrication process of bringing their bespoke idea to life, is a great part of what keeps the doors to Steelwerks open.





For more information, visit the official Steelwerks Extreme website.

Also, you might want to check out a three-part video interview that Christopher and some of his customers were featured in over at Serious Male Bondage.


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