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Public display of bondage at Up Your Alley street fair


In this video from Bound In Public, Jason Miller is stripped naked, used and humiliated while hordes of people take photos.

14051_p_01 14051_p_02

Josh West and Spencer Reed drag Jason Miller, who is bound, completely naked and barefoot, through Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. The crowd cheers as Josh beats the hell out of him. Spencer makes the captive crawl around and suck his foot in public. The crowd goes wild as Jason squirms and screams with an electric buttplug in his ass. He endures the single tail whip and the full body zipper. The doms find an open garage and fuck the man hard. Other dudes jump in on the action. They all blow their loads on his face. The muscle slave is dragged through the streets one more time with a face full of cum.


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Gay bondage porn: The Nob Hill Theater Slut

Dominik Rider gets tied up, used and abused by a bunch for horny men cruising the Nob Hill Theater in this video from Bound in Public called “The Nob Hill Theater Slut”


Dominik Rider is taken to the Nob Hill Theater for some fun. The fag slut wants to go down to the video arcade because he’s always hungry for cocks. A dude in the arcade strips him naked and then he is made to crawl around begging for hard cocks. After Dominik gets his fill in the glory holes, Tristan Jaxx takes him upstairs into the main theater full of horny men. It costs $20 to get into the arcade so they make Dominik service the men in the theater for tips. He earns a dollar at time and he gets beat for being so damn slow. They fuck the hell out of him and spray their hot loads all over his face while the crowd cheers.

MetalbondNYC_00_MAIN_10785_p_19 MetalbondNYC_01_10785_p_03 MetalbondNYC_03_10785_p_02 MetalbondNYC_04_10785_p_01 MetalbondNYC_05_10785_p_05 MetalbondNYC_06_10785_p_06 MetalbondNYC_07_10785_p_07 MetalbondNYC_08_10785_p_15

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Video: A rubber gimp gets initiated in a metal head cage

This gimp joined popular rubber club RMSF – Rubber Men of San Francisco. As such, he is required to pass the “new member initiation test,” which, until now, has never been seen by the public. Late one night the guys from Serious Male Bondage sent an undercover photographer to scale the fence around the club’s compound and shoot this video. They were told the reason for keeping the bizarre initiation under wraps is that it might create a flood of people wanting to join the club, just to experience this unusual treatment.


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To find this video, search for “The New Member

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Ben Stone is gangbanged at Club Eros sex club


In this video from Bound In Publcic, a muscle stud is dragged into a San Francisco sex club, where he sucks many cocks and gets gangbanged by a group of horny strangers. The title of this video is “Muscle stud Ben Stone is gangbanged at Club Eros sex club”

12834_p_01 12834_p_06 12834_p_18 12834_p_23

Josh West drags rope-bound stud Ben Stone to Club Eros, sex club in San Francisco, for a night of being used by the men cruising the place. The horny men rip his clothes off, grope his muscled body and suck on his cock and ass. Ben endures some hard flogging before being dragged into the steam room to swallow cock and then the shower where the men take turns fucking his ass. Finally, Ben is led upstairs, where he services cock after huge cock through the glory holes and is then rewarded for a job well done with a bondage gang bang with a bukkake ending.


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Rank takes Bouncer Pup on a stroll in a prisoner transport chair

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Rank took Bouncer Pup on a stroll in a prisoner transport chair to the Mr. S store for some bondage shopping, and then on to the Wicked Grounds café for a milkshake. The staff asked Rank if his pup wanted the milkshake in a dog bowl with a straw and Rank replied “Sure!”

gay bondage IMG_0598-A IMG_0602-A IMG_0610-A IMG_0621-A

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Gay bondage: Dore Alley Pig

Luke Riley is the Dore Alley Pig, in this video from Bound In Public that also features Nick Moretti, David Chase, Paul Wagner, Elliot Cross, Sean P, Leo Forte and Ed Vincent.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_01_10046_p_09 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02_10046_p_02 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_10046_p_05

Luke Riley is paraded around like the piece of meat at the Up Your Alley a.k.a. Dore Alley Fair. He’s dragged through the gutters of Dore Alley with his hard cock tied up. While blindfolded and completely naked in public, Luke is overwhelmed by hands causing pleasure and pain. He’s tied to a street sign as Nick Moretti flogs and humiliates him in front of hundreds of horny onlookers. The crowd cheers and takes photos as he screams in pain. Luke is thrown in a parked van and made to service other men to exhaustion. He takes all their loads in an alley with a smile on his face like a good little cum pig.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_10046_p_06 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_10046_p_07 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_06_10046_p_08 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_07_10046_p_10 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_08_10046_p_18

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