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Folsom Street Trash


Naked and in tight bondage, sexy stud Cameron Adams is dragged through a cheering crowd of thousands like a dog and humiliated at Folsom Street Fair, in this video from Bound In Public. Many people take photos and grope the tied up stud. After enduring some hard flogging, nipple and ball punishment and a crawl through the toilets, he’s dragged to a backyard party. The horned up guests shove their cocks down his throat, gang fuck his tight little hole, and cover him in cum like the street trash he is. It’s the best Folsom Street Fair ever! The title of this video is “Folsom Street Trash”

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50 horny men use and abuse Leo Forte at SF Citadel

This video from Bound In Public documents a play party at SF Citadel, featuring Leo Forte. The title of this video is “Play Party at SF Citadel”


Leo Forte is taken to the famous SF Citadel for a play party. Walking by 50 horny men in the playroom, Leo tells Josh West that he has a lot of pent-up energy and he’s ready to go hard. Josh orders Leo to present his ass to the crowd, but Leo acts like a wild puppy. To punish the prisoner, Josh flogs him on the wooden cross. Leo calms down some and the crowd is able to inspect Leo. They slap his ass and pull at his cock and balls. The horny men shove their hard cocks into Leo’s mouth and finger his hairy hole. Josh suspends Leo in full bondage and fucks the living hell out of him. The used up captive is dragged to the middle of the playroom, and men take turns fucking and cumming on him. Leo is exhausted but he’s one happy man!

14152_p_05 14152_p_12 14152_p_13

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Bryan Cole is fucked in front of 100 horny men

At Bound In Public, Bryan Cole is zipped up in a body bag and brought out for horny guests to enjoy. Thrown on top of some guys’ laps, they suck his cock and feed him their own. Sebastian throws him down and fucks his ass on the floor in the middle of the room. The title of this video is “Bryan Cole is fucked in front of 100 horny men”

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The guys then bring him up and tie him between two posts with a zipper connected to a bowling ball. Bryan is edged before the crowd and ends up dropping the ball giving himself the zipper. He’s dragged around searching for cock to suck and then thrown in the fuck swing to be fucked by total strangers. In the middle of the room he’s given a final fuck by Josh West’s huge cock and guy after guy runs up to the bed to cum all over his body.


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Remembering Mr. Bratman

The leather community has lost a kind-hearted Old Guard Master.

Mr Bratman


Mr. Bratman was a true bondage enthusiast who dished out plenty of restraints, discipline and protocol — and lots and lots of love. He grew up in Baltimore and lived in New York City and San Francisco before moving to North Carolina, where he frequently hosted play parties at his facility.

“He died peacefully of complications from his heart condition. He was alert and socially active up until the end,” wrote Dan in an email.

Richter says there will likely be a memorial in the fall.

I spent an entire week with Mr. Bratman in San Francisco back in the early 1990s. He took me out in public every day with a fresh mohawk and a VERY big collar. The picture of myself in front of my then-employer’s corporate headquarters that I posted recently, was taken by Mr. Bratman on that visit! Each night it was a different form of bondage. I’ll never forget those experiences.

I am sharing this with love and respect for Mr. Bratman. There will never be another like him.

— Metal, June 9, 2021

The Jacket – Part 1

By Rubrpig

When I was in my teens, I spent a lot of time cruising the web and one night I discovered a website devoted to men wearing straitjackets. My cock got rock hard as I clicked from one image to another of men tightly strapped into heavy straitjackets.

One image really got to me and that was a very muscular man tightly strapped into a gleaming black leather straitjacket. The jacket was heavily padded and featured straps to make sure he could not raise his arms or shift his biceps. The jacket also had straps that passed between his legs highlighting the bulge in the tight jeans he wore. I copied that image and spent many hours jacketing off staring at that image.

I finished up my college years by being a star lineman on the football team. I had shot up during my teen years and filled out my frame in the gym getting worked over by the strength coaches for the team. By the time they were done with me I was a 6’4” slab of hard muscle. My abs were heavily defined and my pecs jutting out from my torso. The heads of the sorority girls turned when my buds and I walked past them but I did not party as I was focused on my studies and the team.

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Public display of bondage at Up Your Alley street fair


In this video from Bound In Public, Jason Miller is stripped naked, used and humiliated while hordes of people take photos.

14051_p_01 14051_p_02

Josh West and Spencer Reed drag Jason Miller, who is bound, completely naked and barefoot, through Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. The crowd cheers as Josh beats the hell out of him. Spencer makes the captive crawl around and suck his foot in public. The crowd goes wild as Jason squirms and screams with an electric buttplug in his ass. He endures the single tail whip and the full body zipper. The doms find an open garage and fuck the man hard. Other dudes jump in on the action. They all blow their loads on his face. The muscle slave is dragged through the streets one more time with a face full of cum.


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