A space that is perfect for a prisoner

POW passed along this picture, as well as some information. See below:

outdoor vertical cage


POW writes,

Hey, Metal, I thought you might enjoy this.

I was out for a bike ride on the Delaware and Lehigh (D&L) trail recently. Near milepost 87.5, a bit north of Allentown, PA, I came across this “phone booth.”

The plaque next to it describes how from 1905 until the 1980s the phone booth was used by workers on the railroad that once ran where the D&L trail is today. It fell into disrepair after that, but was later restored as an Eagle scout project.

You can see that the entrance now has a barred door across it, secured with two combination padlocks. Presumably this is to keep people out, but any door that keeps someone out can also keep someone in!

The phone booth cell could hold one captive comfortably, maybe three or four less comfortably. The only drawback is that it’s very close to the trail — you can see the gravel path running by on the right side. The inmate might need to be gagged to prevent him from calling out to passing joggers and hikers for help. Or locked in on a day with miserable weather when no one else will be out. He’ll stay dry inside — mostly.

The name of the Eagle scout who did the restoration is given on the nearby plaque … I wonder if he’d be willing to share the combinations for the locks?

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Thanks, POW, for the picture and for the information!

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3 thoughts on “A space that is perfect for a prisoner”

    1. Hmm… interesting idea!

      How about this: a guy noticed the cell and has spent some time working out the combinations (Master locks are not hard to break). Then one evening, before the daylight fades, he goes to the cell with the intention of locking himself in for the night for the thrill of it – can’t open the locks in the dark, so he’s commiting himself to stay until morning.

      Then things get out of hand. Perhaps someone else comes by in the night, a man who also knows the combinations (and brought a flashlight!) and who proceeds to take charge?

      Better yet: the captive could discover that there’s a trap door set into the floor of the cell, leading down into a vast subterranean world of cells and chains, a world built long ago by horny railroad workers and now populated by equally-horny men who hungrily welcome the new arrival.

      Hey, this “phone booth” is labeled 105, right? So clearly there are at least 104 other access portals out there somewhere, each one leading to a different part of The Great Bondage Underground!

  1. the second idea is great and at your level of fantasies – maybe the captive discover that the phone booths are places where slaves to be sold around the world are left to be collected by the people under the ground (that are a sort of Amazon that sell slaves) – is this too obvious?

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