A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 02

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan was ordered to do proper hygiene; proper shower, shave, and deep clean his chastity. The first time it was removed since he left his home and Officer Rick. It felt good to let his cock breath.

Logan thought about last night, how he was strung up like a pig and fucked by Master Dallas. About being turned into another animal for this week. He couldn’t put the cage back on because he was getting so hard.

When he finally got it back on, he walked downstairs naked, no clothes on the bed this time to change into. Master Dallas was waiting not in the truck but the mudroom holding a duffel bag of gear. Logan walked up to him; head lowered. Transitioning from boy to animal states, he greeted him, “Morning Master Dallas.”

“Morning horse, ready for the day?”

Without any idea what would be involved as being Master Dallas’ horse, Logan nodded his head. Dallas opened the bag and handed logan Pieces of gear one at a time.

The first was a harness that was wrapped around his chest and a larger strap around the lower trunk, just above the waist. Then there were belts for around his thighs and biceps. Black soft leather gripped his skin as he was handed a head harness with a short bar on it.

“This is a pony bit. Men use this to help control their horse and keep you silent.” Master Dallas put this piece on himself. Logan kept still as Dallas strapped it on, the bit resting firmly in the mouth. Blinders around the eyes kept his vision forward focused.

Next was a long pair of logger boots. Once Logan got them laced up, Master Dallas told him, “When you are hitched up or stationary, I’ll give you some real hooves, Tread. A pair like these.” and just like that Logan was Tread the horse now.

The last item was a pair of hand mits that were shaped into horse hooves. Master Dallas pulled them on, a thick and dense layer of rubber surrounded the hands. The exteriors are made of a denser rubber, almost like tires. Thick buckles around the wrist kept them in place.

Master Dallas stepped back and looked at his new steed, rubbing at his cock. He reached for a set of reins on the wall behind him and attached them to the pony bit around Tread’s head, “Alright, now we are going to the barn again, and I’m gonna guide you to them with these. Keep high knees as you trot there and don’t overexert yourself. Learn to adjust as I use the reins.”

Dallas opened the door, the reins in one hand and a crop in the other. Logan’s breathing increased at the sight of it. It was cloudy today, with a slight breeze. Logan, still mentally transitioning to a new animal mindset, could feel a storm coming.

The distance between the house and the barn was just over half a mile. The loggers he wore were well padded inside, though Logan could still feel the force of the wooden boot heel on his own heels, knowing too much of this trotting would make them sore. He kept at a pace and corrected it when Master Dallas pulled back or snapped the reins forward, “Keep it up Tread. Almost there.” Logan continued forward, shaping his headspace into a more utilized structure. Horses are used for transportation, or source of power for plowing or turning generators. He didn’t know much else beyond that.

Once inside the barn, Master Dallas hitched Tread the horse to one of the stalls, facing the wall and said, “Stay there. One last thing for you, Tread.” Tread staired at the wall staying as still as possible. His legs were burned out a bit from the high knee trot.

A hand sliding down Tread’s ass cause him to tense a bit, “Just relax now, every horse needs their tail.” Again, another bulb probed at his hole, and Tread started to relax as his tail slid into place. He could feel the hairs of it around the back of his knees.

After a few minutes, Master Dallas grabbed Tread the horse by the metal collar and guided him to the area where he had worked on the saddle. Dallas lowered the winch and attached a rope to the metal link connecting Treads collar to it.

He then walked over to a table against the wall and leaned against it as He lit up a cigar, “Now trot in a circle for your Master, boy.”

Logan began to trot in a circle, with high knees and his arms held up by his chest and hooved hands bent down at the wrists. The blinders made orienting himself difficult, but he kept going. When he reached the arc closest to Master Dallas, Dallas cropped his ass, “Faster horse. Come on, don’t disappoint me now.”

Logan went faster. Trotting in circles for another ten minutes until Master Dallas grabbed his collar again, “Woah, there boy.” He took some time to rub His hand up and down Treads body. His legs were getting sore but still fine. Dallas gripping the balls hanging under the chastity cage.

“Alright, enjoy yourself for a while. Have some work to do now.” Master Dallas went inside his office and left Tread the horse to stand in place and ultimately wander in circles again.

After a few hours, Dallas came back out of his office. The cigar in his hand was still burning but close to it’s end. He approached His horse, currently resting on his knees with the collar cable pulled taunt.

“Alright horse, time to hitch you in the stall for a while, and this time with your new hooves.” A pair of rubber digitigrade hooves boots dangled from his gloved hand.

Master Dallas removed Tread’s loggers, who was relieved. As the new hooved were pulled on, he was nervous about being able to function while in them but found that finding balance in them was easier than expected. Master Dallas attached a chain leash to the metal collar and led Tread to the stall in the darkest corner of the barn, a fresh pile of straw covered the ground. He locked the chain to the partition wall. He smacked Tread’s ass a few times before rubbing his own cock again, “Good fucking pony. Now, have a good night. You have enough slack to rest on the floor if you need to. Will be back for you tomorrow morning for breakfast.”

And with that Master Dallas shut off the interior lights, closed the barn doors and locked them. Tread the horse stood on his hooves in stark darkness knowing that he could only stand in them for so long. His cock was bulging out of its cage. The urge to get off struck him like a truck. He moaned in the pony bit, knowing that sleep would be the only thing to pass the time till morning if he could get any.


After days of heat rising in the barn, Tread the horse was grateful the morning he heard rain. It started to fall lightly during the fifth morning as a horse. It woke Tread up who was sleeping in a loose ball on the floor. Bits of straw poking at him. He didn’t get much sleep after that, but it wasn’t long before he heard the barn doors being opened again.

Master Dallas packed the truck into the aisle. He got out of the truck and went to Tread, now standing and took the pony bit off him, “Up early I see. Follow me,” Master Dallas removed the chain leash and led Tread to the dropped tailgate. A dog bowl with chicken and rice rested there.

“Bend over and eat while I remove some gear,” Logan splayed his hooves on either side of the bowl and started to eat. He stopped for a moment when his hole stretched around the tail plug as Master Dallas removed it and the rest of the gear.

He told Tread to stretch while he pulled out a plastic storage container from the bed of the truck. He opened it and pulled out a thin rubber hood with eye and mouth openings, and put it on Logan, who was floating between his animal and object headspaces, not quite landing on one yet.

Master Dallas then pulled out a large black silicon body suit that was sculpted with muscles and a large cock about 16 inches in length. Hooves fashioned on the end of each extremity.

“Found your new skin, pony. You should be able to last longer with the hooves on this.”

Master Dallas had Logan sit on a bench and get his legs into the back entry suit. His feet slipped into what felt like a raised heel boot and watched as his legs brought the suit to life. He pulled the suit up around his ass and it gripped it comfortably and was padded with thick layers of silicon. Exaggerating the size of it like a horse.

Master Dallas helped get his arms in the thick sleeves and zipped up the back. Logan walked around a few steps to test the fit and found that standing was much easier than the previous pair of hooves. He looked down and saw the large cock bouncing around where there should be a chastity cage. That urge to play with his cock came out full force inside of Logan.

He thought, if I can convince myself that it’s my real cock, I could probably unload through my cage if I jerk it off.

“I also found your head. Figured it would do you better to have it on,” Master Dallas pulled out a sculpted, silicon horse hood that extended to cover the entire neck and drape along the traps and chest.

The hood was thick and gripped every surface of Logan’s head. The hood pressed up around his eyes, and he could see the silicon extending his face into a long muzzle. He could feel the slight weight of the silicon. Tread had fallen back into his animal headspace.

Dallas fashioned the head around the inside of the metal collar. Tread was completely covered in black silicon, sculpted into a muscular horse, “Alright time to get this back in place. Bend over Tread.”

Master Dallas pried open the anal access of the suit and gave His horse the tail. The harness, wrist restraints, and a pony bit (a real one to fit his new head) followed the tail. He put the chain leash back on and locked his horse back in its stall.

“Alright, you keep yourself occupied there. We have some guests coming later and you’re gonna need your energy. Do not touch your cock. If you can do that, you may get a reward.” Master Dallas then walked back to his truck and drove out of the barn leaving the doors open and the falling rain echo inside.

Waiting until the truck’s engine dissolved into the falling rain, Tread the horse looked down at his large cock. The thought he had burning in the front of his mind. He raised his left arm; a dense mass of silicon came into view over his muzzle. A rubber horseshoe molded to the end of it. Then another thought came to him; it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that Master Dallas had cameras inside here, especially if he was keeping him out here night after night.

He lowered his arm; the suit was well fitted. It stretched with Tread’s movements. He started to think of it as his skin. His locked cock bulging against his silicon one. The weight of it tugging the front of the suit down as the cock bounced against his inner thigh. His head was going in circles as he felt both simultaneously, unable to touch either one.

Tread took a deep breath through his horse head and laid down on the floor again. Sleep would hopefully distract him enough to not try anything.

It was still raining when Master Dallas returned to the barn once again, backing the truck inside. This time three of the doors opened, a man stepping out of each one. The front passenger seemed about as old as Master Dallas. He wore his own dark Stetson hat. A pair of Reiner-style spurs on his boots that were partially covered by a pair of dark brown chaps that framed the bulge in the button fly jeans. A single tail looped up on his right hip.

The other one that got out was somewhat younger, and a body that might as well have been the inspiration for the suit Tread was wearing. A long-sleeved flannel stretched over his trunk and arms that were like bowling balls. A chain collar around his thick neck.

Tread got up on his hooves, unprepared by the group of men before him.

“Fuckin’ hell Dallas! That suit pulls no punches in appearance. Gettin’ excited just lookin’ at it,” He bellowed out a quick laugh and slapped the younger man on the back, “Looks like you’re in for a hell of a ride, boy!”.

“Yes Sir,” The younger man replied with a smile and then turned to Master Dallas, “And thank you again for the opportunity, Sir.”

“Hell, Jack is a brother to me. I’d do anything for him or one of his boys. More importantly it gets me hard to watch,” Dallas then turned to Jack, “Have your son set up the standing sling. I’ll need your help with the hitching frame.”

“The one from that welder? That frame is heavier than your ashtray on a weekend Dallas.”

“Quit bitchin’. I got it on wheels now, old man.” Laughing, Dallas and Jack followed behind the younger man around the corner out of Tread’s view.

Logan started to feel nervous. There were a lot of new elements happening at once. Being a horse for Master Dallas was still very new to him. If they had a certain standard, he didn’t want to disappoint. The sounds of metal parts hitting and sliding against each other echoed from around the corner.

Master Dallas and Jack came around the corner and approached Logan. They both leaned on either side of the partition walls of his stall.

“Tread, this is Jack, a very dear friend of mine who with I share a long history. He brought his son over today to ride you. Specifically, that new cock I gave you. And we’re gonna watch and provide motivation when we feel it’s needed. As far as you’re concerned, treat Jack as you would me. His son, Carter, is a boy but today he is a cowboy and you are his horse. Your reins are in his hand, you mind what he tells you, understood?”

Logan’s nerves relaxed after the introduction. Tread the horse nodded his muzzle.

“Good boy.” Master Dallas slapped his ass, the impacted muted by the suit. He unchained Tread from the stall and led him around the corner where a rectangular metal frame stood vertically on a thick concrete base. Seven lengths of chain hung from it. A standing sling positioned up against the frame.

The two men positioned Tread in the middle of the frame and attached each chain length to the ankle and wrist restraints, the harness around his chest, the metal collar, and one overhead to the pony bit to force his head up right. His range of movement allowed him a half step forward or backward. The frame held his weight well with the concrete base to anchor it.

Carter walked out of the storage room, his pants replaced by a pair of tan chaps, this pair framing a chastity device. Logan saw through the hood that the tube was metal birdcage style, and long. Even in its cage the size of it was remarkable.

Jack walked up to Carter and handed him a key, “You can only touch it once the horse penetrates your hole.”

Carter took the key, and hugged Jack, “Thank you Dad!”.

Jack gave him a small hug back, “Time to make me proud son.”

Carter removed his chastity cage, a thick hairless cock started to swell around the base acting like a cock ring. He raised the sling to match the height of Tread’s cock and got in it. Sliding his spurred boots through the leg loops, they dangled on either side of Treads waist.

Master Dallas came between them and lifted Treads cock, coating it in lube. He pressed it against Carter’s smooth hole. Jack attached reins to Tread’s pony bit and looped them over the sling frame and handed them to Carter. He pulled slightly on them, forcing Tread forward. The head of the cock pressed against the hole.

Dallas slowly guided the head of it inside Carter’s ass. He moaned as the flared head widened his hole. Jack started to light a cigar, “Don’t tear him in half now.” Smoke billowing out of his mouth as he spoke.

Tread couldn’t see far past his muzzle. Looking down, he could see Carter’s bull-cock and balls, but only a sliver of his own cock going inside him. Tread leaned back a bit, pulling Carter with him as his hole bared down on the head. He was able to see a bit more at that angle, but he wanted more. The chain on his head was pulled taunt. Tread stepped forward, obstructing the view again. Frustration grew inside him.

Carter pulled on the reins sending Tread’s cock deeper inside him. His other hand working on his nipple. Master Dallas had a gloved hand on Carter’s cock, making it swell bigger. Jack’s hand reached around to Tread’s tail and pressed on it, pushing the plug deeper.

Tread groaned in a percussive manner through his hood, “Yeah, good horse. Fuck my ass.” Carter pulled on the reins and dug into Tread’s sides with his spurs, pushing the cock in deeper. He couldn’t feel Carter’s ass baring down on him, but Tread could tell he was due to the resistance thrusting forward. The frustration grew bigger. He wanted more control in this situation.

Master Dallas walked around behind Carter, a cigar of his own in his mouth and put both hands on the boy’s nipples, “Stroke your cock as my horse fucks you. Be a good boy for your Daddies,” He raised his head and looked at Tread in the eyes, “Come on pony, a beast like you should be able to fuck harder than that.”

From a distance behind Tread, Jack responded, “Does your steed need some encouragement, Dallas?”

“Seems like it. See if you can’t help him out a bit.”


A loud crack of thunder echoed in the barn. A force dulled some by the suit hit Tread on his back. He froze in place, startled.

“Don’t quit now boy, keep fucking my son.” Jack ordered followed by another SMACK.

Jack expertly rounded his single tail around his body and cracked it across the horse’s back again, and again. The suit was taking most of the impact, but it still felt like sharp thuds even with it on. Tread started to thrust harder, almost bucking in his frame.

“Yeah that’s it, beast! Make a real Man feel good, like you were meant to!” Jack landed another crack across his back.

Tread widened his stance on his hooves and went harder, using the full range of motion he had. Carter was working his shaft hard now, Master Dallas’ gloved hand pressed over his mouth and nose, “If you cum now, I won’t give you any air. You wanna use my ranch and my livestock, you’re in it for the long haul, son.”

Carter stopped stroking his cock. Master Dallas blew smoke into his face and smiled at his horse who had wild eyes. Tread was desperately trying to get some physical pleasure out of his predicament. His new skin cut off about 85% of all physical stimuli and reduced it to mild tugs of silicon on his skin. He could recognize that he was fucking a hole but couldn’t feel any of it.

Tread produced a muffled yell of frustration and thrusted harder. Master Dallas and Jack both smiled, “Yeah horse, if you fuck hard and fast enough, you might convince yourself that you’re actually doing it. If you could cum at all, now’s your chance.”

Carter was back to stroking his cock again. He dug his spurs into Treads sides. Another SMACK across Tread’s back. The cycle continued for a long while. The rain continued to fall; this time real thunder bellowed in the distance.

Every time Tread tried to fall into the feel of the suit with his motions fucking Carter, he had to adjust because of the reins or the whip. He wasn’t able to get to a point of release at all. It made him fuck harder that he couldn’t cum.

By the time Carter came, Tread’s legs were starting to shake. Master Dallas and Jack untethered Tread from the frame and then put him in the sling, pulling his hooves through the leg loops and hooking the wrists to the sling chains. Dallas pulled out the tail plug, as Carter positioned himself in center of the frame, breathing hard after the fucking he got, but he didn’t get hooked up to it.

He stroked his cum covered cock and pressed the head against Tread’s hole, still a gap from the plug. Carter, the muscle bull he was, slid right in pushing two inches deeper than the plug. Is cock pushed against Tread’s prostate. He moaned in newfound pleasure. He pulled against the wrist restraints. Looking down at his fake cock, Carter was gripping and pulling on it. Tread could feel the suit pull away from his core and crotch.

At that point, he was so pent up and frustrated that he slipped into a floating mindset; only focusing on being a hole for these Men. It was all he could do if he couldn’t cum. Just a service animal without complex desires or thoughts. Just a dumb animal. He leaned on this atmosphere hard.

Tread’s eyes snapped in and out of focus as the men took turns filling his hole. He focused on resting his muscles after fucking for such a long period, he focused on the comfort of the suit. He did not focus on how hard he would be if he were out of his chastity cage. He looked up at his hooved hands, convinced they were real. That he was a horse.

Tread couldn’t say how long he was in that sling, but when they were finally done and put the tail back in the sky was dark. When they chained him up in his stall and locked up the barn, he didn’t remember when he passed out, just the sound of the rain and his own breathing in the horse hood.

To be continued …

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  1. I like the direction the story has taken, very horny! Logan’s journey has got me hard in anticipation!

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