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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 02

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan was ordered to do proper hygiene; proper shower, shave, and deep clean his chastity. The first time it was removed since he left his home and Officer Rick. It felt good to let his cock breath.

Logan thought about last night, how he was strung up like a pig and fucked by Master Dallas. About being turned into another animal for this week. He couldn’t put the cage back on because he was getting so hard.

When he finally got it back on, he walked downstairs naked, no clothes on the bed this time to change into. Master Dallas was waiting not in the truck but the mudroom holding a duffel bag of gear. Logan walked up to him; head lowered. Transitioning from boy to animal states, he greeted him, “Morning Master Dallas.”

“Morning horse, ready for the day?”

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The Resort – Chapter 12

By TklBndg516

A Weekend with Matt

After finishing his shift, Matt went to have his uniform removed.  When he came out, Steve was waiting for him.  They walked together towards the registration desk.  Steve thought of retrieving Brad on the way there, but he had to be registered at The Resort before he could retrieve a slave.  At the registration desk, Steve found that his room had been upgraded.  In fact, he was assigned the same room he had on his previous visit.  He also had a credit on his room.  He suspected that was a gift from Master Ray.  Steve already had his employee bracelet.  Matt was given a guest bracelet.  They were now registered guests.

The attendant had the next bellhop slave come over to help with the luggage and show them to their room.  Steve, being more familiar with The Resort, used his app to request that Brad be brought to the slave vending machine near his room.  The bellhop slave showed them to the elevator.  When they got to the floor, Steve said he wanted to collect one of his slaves before going into the room.  They stopped at the slave vending machine where Brad was ready to be retrieved.

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The Resort – Chapter 03

By TklBndg516

Orientation, Day 3

Brad was the first to arrive at the ferry, anxious for what he would get to learn and do that day.  Peter, Chris, Joe, and Miguel arrived shortly after.  Jeff was the next to arrive.  He almost seemed to be glowing after the night he had.  And that morning, Steve sent him off with one of the vibrator units keeping him stimulated.  It automatically shut-off as soon as he entered the ferry waiting area, as he was now under Island control.  The rest arrived soon after.  The 9 of them (David lives on the Island) sat together.  Brad, all excited, told Jeff he missed something really cool last night.  He told him that Joe is still locked in his belt.

Jeff didn’t seem to express any surprise about that.  Brad goes on to tell him that Joe is thinking about getting a partner account for his boyfriend and explains to Jeff what a partner account is.  Brad said how cool he thought it might be to have someone controlling his belt and having some of the extra features that David has.  Some of the others expressed their support of Joe being in the belt and how he was considering the partner account.

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Long Term Confinement – Part 04

By Scribe and Stormbound

A few months after the Discipline Technologies slave warehouse was fully operational at our prison facility, we received a message from a potential client. This client indicated that he was looking to experience long term imprisonment and slavery at our facility. He indicated that he was well off and had inherited a trust fund that could automatically cover the payments for his incarceration. The candidate was in his late 20s and had no living relatives after his parents died in an accident several years prior leaving him to inherit their wealth. Recent attempts to be dominated were unsatisfactory as many masters were not harsh enough and seemed more interested in his money than true slavery or bondage.

We responded by sending a questionnaire, and his responses indicated a desire for heavy bondage, extreme discipline, objectification, slavery, and humiliation. After a few rounds of negotiation, we arrived at an agreement for his imprisonment conditions. The following is the candidates account of his arrival and confinement in our facility:

I couldn’t wait to tear open the envelope I received today from Discipline Technologies. We had discussed the terms of my confinement, and this letter finalized the date and instructions for reporting to the prison. I will serve one year closely confined in their underground prison and then serve one year as a slave in their warehouse facility. The company will make automatic withdrawals from my trust fund to pay for my incarceration. I won’t know when my term will end, but we did negotiate one way that I could end my ordeal. Every two years I will be given a choice to answer yes or no to continuing my imprisonment/enslavement or being released.

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