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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 02

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan was ordered to do proper hygiene; proper shower, shave, and deep clean his chastity. The first time it was removed since he left his home and Officer Rick. It felt good to let his cock breath.

Logan thought about last night, how he was strung up like a pig and fucked by Master Dallas. About being turned into another animal for this week. He couldn’t put the cage back on because he was getting so hard.

When he finally got it back on, he walked downstairs naked, no clothes on the bed this time to change into. Master Dallas was waiting not in the truck but the mudroom holding a duffel bag of gear. Logan walked up to him; head lowered. Transitioning from boy to animal states, he greeted him, “Morning Master Dallas.”

“Morning horse, ready for the day?”

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The Resort – Chapter 12

By TklBndg516

A Weekend with Matt

After finishing his shift, Matt went to have his uniform removed.  When he came out, Steve was waiting for him.  They walked together towards the registration desk.  Steve thought of retrieving Brad on the way there, but he had to be registered at The Resort before he could retrieve a slave.  At the registration desk, Steve found that his room had been upgraded.  In fact, he was assigned the same room he had on his previous visit.  He also had a credit on his room.  He suspected that was a gift from Master Ray.  Steve already had his employee bracelet.  Matt was given a guest bracelet.  They were now registered guests.

The attendant had the next bellhop slave come over to help with the luggage and show them to their room.  Steve, being more familiar with The Resort, used his app to request that Brad be brought to the slave vending machine near his room.  The bellhop slave showed them to the elevator.  When they got to the floor, Steve said he wanted to collect one of his slaves before going into the room.  They stopped at the slave vending machine where Brad was ready to be retrieved.

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 14

By Joshua Ryan

A month later, on a dead Sunday afternoon, I was lying in the cell when I was told that I had a visitor.  The idea was incomprehensible.  No one had written; no one had come.  Why would they come?  And why would I want them to come?  For what?  To view an exhibit of the once promising author who was now a convict?  To laugh at me in my bald head and my convict suit, and go back and pity me online?  Basically, the only visitors willing to come that far were the ones smuggling some “business” in or out for some convict, and that wasn’t me.

But now I was being taken to the Visiting Room.  It’s a place in that Victorian castle that juts out from the front of the Pen, and it looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1890s.  There’s a high ceiling, marble floors, big windows, and a large collection of cast iron bars.  In the center there’s a long, wide table, and in the center of that is an ironwork grille running up to the ceiling.  Visitors and prisoners sit on separate sides and enter from separate doors.  Visitors sit on chairs with arms; prisoners sit on little wooden stools.  On that Sunday the room was unusually full.  Ten or twelve people on each side.  I mean, ten or twelve visitors on one side, and ten or twelve convicts on the other.  During the time I’d been at Maskawa, I’d never heard a convict being called a person.

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