A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 03

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

After the night in the barn as Tread the horse, Logan is taken to the city for a night of rest from the ranch with the boys.  

The next morning, Tread woke up to the barn doors opening letting sunshine in. It was already high up in the sky. He didn’t know what time it was, but it was the best night of sleep he got as a horse, and his body was sore from yesterday. Master Dallas stepped into Tread’s stall wearing only a pair of coveralls, his chest pushing on the straps that hung over his mountain-like shoulders.

He didn’t say anything, just started to remove the gear on Tread who was still in a half-dazed state. The silicon hood and suit were removed. There were some bruises forming on his back. Even the metal collar that had been on since day one was removed. Logan suddenly felt like he could float off the earth.

He moved Logan, who again felt untethered outside of his horse skin, to the washing station. He cleaned himself up and shaved while Master Dallas stepped into his office. When he came back out, he was wearing a western dress shirt and pressed jeans. A shiny leather belt and buckle holding them up. Black ostrich boots gave off a clean shine.

He handed Logan a set of similar clothes in his size, the ropers now fashioned with a set of spurs, and a chain collar and told him, “Put away the equipment from last night and put them in the storage room. Clean up the barn and your stall, then get dressed. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Logan got to work as soon as the barn doors closed. He disassembled the sling easily. It all fit in a long duffel bag lying next to it. The concrete/metal frame was heavy, but he was able to maneuver it inside the storage room. Logan took a few moments to look around the room. A lot of the stuff was in plastic bins stacked against the wall. On the floor by the door was the tool bag he had used when he fixed up the saddle, the stool next to it.

Logan pulled them out and grabbed the ropers that Master Dallas gave him to wear. He spent the next two hours cleaning them in detail. He cleared all the dirt from the tread first and worked up. He put a new coat of stain on the wooden outsole and heel, rubbing it in evenly. Letting one dry while he worked on the other one. He spent meticulous effort on the cloverleaf spurs. Master Dallas must have put them one while he was in hooves. He deep-scrubbed the welt and whitened the stitching.

When Dallas returned, carrying a new Stetson hat in his hand. Cattlemen style, dark brown felt with a slim leather band that was buckled around the base of the crown. ‘PDR’ was stamped into the leather.

He found Logan passed out on the bench in the new clothes. A square of light beaming in from a high window framed a pair of boots with the chain collar around the shafts. He didn’t even recognize them at first, but they definitely were his old pair. He walked over to Logan’s sleeping form and dropped the hat on his chest. His eyes flew open, startled.

“Get those boots and collar on boy, time for dinner. That hats yours to keep as a reward,” he leaned in close to Logan’s face, “You did an outstanding job on those boots. Wear them proud today.”

Logan examined the hat and then tried it on. Another perfect fit. He smiled as he put on the boots. He was proud of the work he did on them and helped him fall back into a more human mindset after last night. He clicked the shackle of the collar lock closed around his neck. He liked having the weight there.

Master Dallas’ truck was just outside the entrance, the low sun gleaming off the chrome accents and windows. He told Logan to get in the rear passenger side and was surprised to see Carter in the back as well. Jack in the front passenger just like yesterday.

Carter held out a hand and Logan took it without hesitation. He pulled logan up into the truck with such strength, Logan might as well be a towel to the man.

“Can imagine you got a mess of sores, figured I’d help you up here. Still a bit sore in the rear myself.” He smiled. He wore a thin black dress shirt that had a bit of a shine to it, almost like silk. His own Stetson was resting on his knee.

“Yeah, I’ll be slow movin’ for the night it seems,” He saw Carter looking at him with a shine in his eyes, “But damn worth it. And thank you both for the opportunity.” Dallas entered the driver’s seat at that moment.

“Our pleasure but it was all Dallas’ idea. He likes to use Carter as his bull, and it’s been a while since we got together. How could I refuse such an opportunity.”

“Thank you, Master Dallas, truly.” Logan felt a simple direct statement was what he preferred. He was so frustrated the last few weeks as an animal, that now he had a human mindset again, Logan found he almost missed that frustration. Craved it actually.

“You’re doing damn good boy, but don’t thank me yet. These two are staying here for the weekend, and tonight is a family dinner. High standards so you both behave. Don’t want to have to lock you both in the crate back there.”

There was barely enough room in there for Logan to rest comfortably. No way it would be for Carter. Never mind both of us. Logan looked over to Carter who made an amused face like it could be something fun.

Logan shook his head at him and replied, “Understood.”

They drove for about an hour, entering the big city just before rush time. For the size of the truck, Master Dallas maneuvered it expertly around the tight corners and lanes, eventually parking on a downtown street between a tall hotel and what looked like an indoor stadium. Logan never been in a city this big before and noted all the types of buildings, architecture, and people. There were a lot of people out wearing western dress wear, and he figured that was just how it was this part of the south.

They got out of the truck and the boys followed Dallas and Jack toward the stadium. Signs by the entrance displayed a Rodeo event. Logan looked at the date and realized it had been almost five weeks since he last looked at a calendar or clock. He had completely stepped out of time and felt a warm comfort in that.

“You ever been to a rodeo before?” Jack asked Logan, putting on a pair of gloves.

“My first one, Sir.”

“Oh, they are great. And lots of fun can be found around here.” Ending his statement with a wink.

Logan took a step closer to Master Dallas who turned to him and handed him a piece of leather. It was a piece of leather colored hunter green with a rubber boot print sewn into it, and bi-folded with a clip on the inside.

“Clip that to your back pocket, letting the boot print face out for people to see. The rodeo is a great experience, but these are also cruising grounds, and I like to put my property to good use.” Master Dallas smiled and gripped the back of Logan’s neck, straightening the collar.

Carter opened the door, and the men went inside. They got tickets and then went to the bar where several screens displayed the events inside the arena area. Tie-down roping was the current event. Carter explained a bit about the different events that took place while Dallas and Jack got drinks. Dallas came back with a tall Budweiser in one hand and a mixed drink in the other.

Dallas handed him the beer and wrapped his arm around Logan’s shoulder, pulling him in close, “You’ve earned it. And for this setting, Sir is good and plenty. Now listen; if you do end up running into someone that recognizes that patch in your pocket and wants you, come find me before you get to work.”

“Thank you and understood, Sir.” He took a large drink, and it tasted like luxury.

The arena area was too crowded and loud to stay in there for too long, and the bar was the only place that allowed smoking, which is where Dallas and Jack preferred to be. Some of Jack’s friends came and mingled around them. Carter was a social butterfly and floated around the room clearly in his element.

On his second beer, Logan had a moment to himself, leaning on a standing table with his arms crossed on top. His back received the most work and was the sorest part of the body. Logan leaned forward and pushed his waist back stretching it out. The contrast between yesterday’s events and today’s was strong and Logan smiled to himself. He was doing this for Officer Rick. Logan missed him a lot but knew that the work he was doing was going to help make things better.

“Showing off for me there, stranger?” A deep voice asked from behind. Logan had spaced out at the apex of his stretch, looking a bit strange.

He turned to see a bear of a man standing behind him. He was maybe an inch or two shorter than Logan. A short sleeve shirt tucked into the nice jeans and belt, more casual than Logan’s group. The shirt looked like something you’d find in a thrift store and had a pair of boots printed on the front under the word ‘ARIAT’. Short cut facial hair covered half of his face, tightly framing a subtle smirk. The facial hair trailed down his neck and chest. His arms, now crossed over his chest, bore even more hair.

“Well not initially. Almost passed out just like this for a moment. A bit worn out.” Logan smiled at the man.

He walked past Logan’s right, looking down at the strap around his hat as he went around the table. Logan saw a hunter-green piece of fabric in his left pocket. He took another drink of his beer.

“So how long have you been with Master Dallas?” The man asked bluntly, pulling out a cigarette from behind his ear.

Logan was feeling relaxed and after his time in the barn and the beer in hand, a casual flirting encounter he can handle.

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Logan,” he gave the man a playful smile.

The man responded at first with a bigger smirk and said, “How rude of me. I’m Kyle; Carter’s trainer and friend of Jacks.”

“No worries, just enjoying some freedom tonight. They point me out to you?”

“No. The strap on your hat, PDR; ‘Property of Dallas Ranch’. You his boy or…?” he asked leaning forward on the table mirroring Logan.

“More of a mentee. Training for a more structured lifestyle you could say. Where you in one of his stalls before or…?” Logan reflected Kyle’s smirk back at him.

Kyle lit the cigarette, “Not in chains, but I have lent a hand with some of his guests. Much like I assume Jack did with you recently.”

Logan gave Kyle a quizzical look, almost suspicious, but didn’t raise his guard. He liked the man’s look.

“Could see you were stretching your back. If you know Jack for just a day you know that he likes his whips. They are both very great men to know. You must be one hell of a kid to get their attention.”

“He does pretty good work with it, I’ll admit, and it’s definitely not something I’m taking for granted. I’ve learned a lot from them so far.” He watched the smoke trail off the cigarette, “You got one of those to spare?”

Kyle took one more drag of the cigarette before taking it out of his mouth and holding the filter end up to Logan’s mouth, “Why not just take this one I’ve been suckin’ on.” a lone piece of the cherry fell off the cigarette and landed on Logan’s wrist, burning it ever so slightly.

He wrapped his lips around the filter watching Kyle’s smirk grow to a smile as he took it.

“So you got a night of freedom and your flagging for a daddy. A booted one at that.” Kyle took the Budweiser can from Logan’s side of the table and drank from it.

He nodded, “Courtesy of Master Dallas.”

“I know. You could say that I recognized it,” he took another drink and set the empty can on the table.

“If you’re not the type to be chained up, what type are you?” Logan took the cigarette and dropped it into the can. A faint hiss sounded as it landed.

“I’d say there isn’t a refined expression for my range of interests, but I can say that a booted daddy is one of them.”

Logan studied the man’s eyes. They were shrouded in heavy intent and desire, “Do you have a place in mind to… do that.”

Kyle let out a single loose laugh, “Go find Dallas and let him know that Kyle found you. Meet me back here afterward.”

Logan spotted Master Dallas at a table with Carter and two other men. Dallas’ hand was caressing, almost gripping, Carter’s neck, who seemed to be in heaven. He walked up to his open side and told him that Kyle recognized the patch in his pocket.

Master Dallas smiled and said, “Do a good job. How you service him tonight may make things easier for you next week. He’s got high standards boy. Carter will be in contact with him. Listen to what he says, and we will find you later.”

After a moment of consideration, Logan thanked him and walked back over to the table. Dallas watched as Kyle led Logan out of the bar, smiling. He liked how Logan didn’t ask for clarification when he foreshadowed things bluntly like he had just done. A sub that understands that they don’t need to know everything, and trusted their Dom, surrendering to them is a reward all its own.


Kyle took Logan around the stadium to a section that contained a handful of private suites that he had access to. They entered a room at the end of the hall, Kyle closing the door behind them.

“Stand here while I get ready.” Logan positioned himself while Kyle removed his shirt and slipped off his western boots. He pulled out a pair of square-toed Wesco engineer boots and slipped them on.

A lounge chair was positioned in a corner of the room next to a desk on which were a bulldog harness and black leather bar vest. Kyle put the gear on, then picked up the cigar resting in a glass ashtray on the end of the desk. Then he pivoted on one heel, arching himself and falling into the lounge chair.

He was a hairy man though the hair on his front was kept short like his beard. He was definitely a trainer. A thick chest, barbells pierced through each nipple. His bicep swelled as he brought the cigar to his mouth.

“Set your hat on the bed and kneel at my outsoles.” Kyle pulled out a zippo from the vest, lighting the cigar.

Kyle dropped his hat and got on his knees as he was told, making direct eye contact. Kyle picked up one boot and placed it on Logan’s thigh. He picked up the other and pressed it against his chest, eyes locked on Logan, studying him.

Logan didn’t move, instinctually waiting for a command, but it was just silence. Kyle puffed on his cigar, with unblinking eyes.

Logan realized that Kyle was waiting for something as well. He could tell that he wasn’t quite like Master Dallas and Jack, or Officer Rick. Logan took a chance and gave Kyle a small nod, finally breaking eye contact and started cleaning the outsole with his tongue getting underneath to the tread.

Kyle smiled, “Good boy. That right there tells me that you have learned a lot from Dallas. That man really can teach a boy how to adapt. Now do the whole boot; both of them. If I see you miss a spot, your ass might hurt as bad as your back does.”

Logan spent an hour cleaning the boots with his tongue, the tread of the passive boot pressing into him the whole time. He worshiped the man’s boots, pouring his passion for it into every action. Then when Kyle pulled out his cock, Logan worshipped that too.

“Fuck yeah boy, you want your Boot Daddy’s seed? Have you fucking earned it?” Kyle gripped Logan’s throat and skull thrusting into his mouth. Kyle relaxed his mouth making as much contact with the cock as possible.

“Oh yeah it’s coming. Kneel back now,” Logan leaned back from Kyle who stood up stroking his cock at a controlled pace. When he released, he pointed his shaft down and let his semen fall onto his right boot. It pooled over the welt onto the floor.

Kyle took a few hard breaths and said “There’s a treat for ya. Clean it up.” Logan lapped up the boot clean before moving the to floor, getting it all.

“Damn filthy pig boy. Can see you belong in a barn.”

“Thank you, Daddy Kyle.” Logan stood up from the ground and Kyle pulled him in close and gripped his locked cock through the jeans.

“Oh yeah, you did Daddy good on his cock. Proud of you, son. But the boots, you missed a few spots. Don’t worry, you’ll pay for it later.” Kyle grabbed Logans chin and gave him a quick kiss and a smile, “Okay let’s head back down. They are about to head to the restaurant.”

Logan met up with the others in the lobby, giving Kyle a hug goodbye. When he turned back toward the others, Carter had a confused look on his face.

Before anyone could say anything, Carter jumped in with, “Were you with Kyle that whole time?!”

Logan gave a playful shrug, “Yeah.”

Carter looked back at Kyle with an upset look, pointed a finger at him and called out, “Are you kidding me!?”

Logan looked back quick enough to see Kyle flipping Carter the middle finger with both hands and darting off toward the arena.

Carter turned back to Logan, “Well, was it big? Was it weird? You must tell me.”

Not a moment later, Master Dallas was at Logan’s side and slipped his gloved hand over Logan’s mouth, “He doesn’t have permission to share that with you. You’ll have to find that out when the opportunity rises. But it looks like a good time. You got boot tread all over the shirt.”

“Carter has been wanting to be at Kyle’s dick since I introduced them about, oh… four years ago.” Jack gripped the back of Carter’s neck.

“Been making it a bit to never let it happen the whole damn time.” Carter shook off the disappointment easily and gave Logan a look that said: Just tell me I’m bigger than he is.

They then crossed the street and entered the restaurant. After about 3 hours of food and digestion they got back in the truck and headed toward home.

Master Dallas reached back with a 6×60 light-blend cigar toward Logan. He grabbed the cigar and a small key fell into his palm as well, “Take off your cage. Light up as Carter sucks your cock. No cumming for either of you, or ill bury you both alive for the night.”

Logan and Carter gave each other a serious look, then Logan opened his pants and pulled out his cage. He put the key in the lock and turned it open. It was the first time he felt the tube come off for recreation in what was about 10 weeks if the poster was right.

He left the base ring on, like Carter did in the barn last night, and Carter positioned himself on his side lying his head in Logan’s lap and turned toward his cock. He took a deep breath in. Logan could feel the air move around his cock. He didn’t release how good that felt, then lit the cigar.

Carter slid his tongue over the surface and head multiple times before putting it in his mouth. He worked it softly and slowly. Logan leaned his head back and puffed on the cigar. He took in every sensation like it was his last without it taking him over the edge.

He focused on the cigar, feeling the buzz over digesting the food he ate. He thought about Daddy Kyle’s boots all over him. He imagined the feel of Kyle’s cock in his mouth as Carter worked on his. His head spinning in loops again. He reached a hand down Carters pants, and felt his cock being strangled by his cage.

He came close a few times, but Carter was able to read his body and backed off before it was too late, but they decided to stop and not push it. Being buried alive isn’t an easy thing to prepare and accomplish, but they had no doubt that Dallas would be willing to do it. Before they parked at the ranch, Logan’s cage was locked back on.

They finished the cigars and prepared for bed. For Logan it was another week since he was in a bed, and he slept like the dead.

To be continued …

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