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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 03

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

After the night in the barn as Tread the horse, Logan is taken to the city for a night of rest from the ranch with the boys.  

The next morning, Tread woke up to the barn doors opening letting sunshine in. It was already high up in the sky. He didn’t know what time it was, but it was the best night of sleep he got as a horse, and his body was sore from yesterday. Master Dallas stepped into Tread’s stall wearing only a pair of coveralls, his chest pushing on the straps that hung over his mountain-like shoulders.

He didn’t say anything, just started to remove the gear on Tread who was still in a half-dazed state. The silicon hood and suit were removed. There were some bruises forming on his back. Even the metal collar that had been on since day one was removed. Logan suddenly felt like he could float off the earth.

He moved Logan, who again felt untethered outside of his horse skin, to the washing station. He cleaned himself up and shaved while Master Dallas stepped into his office. When he came back out, he was wearing a western dress shirt and pressed jeans. A shiny leather belt and buckle holding them up. Black ostrich boots gave off a clean shine.

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 16

By Hunter Perez

The interior of the cottage looked as if somebody’s grandmother was recruited to inspire its décor: frilly lace curtains, heavily upholstered furniture, framed needlework on the walls and fragile doilies with porcelain figurines of fauns and lambs sitting atop sturdy oak tables. A fireplace took up much of a wall in the living space and an ornate clock was perched on its jagged wood mantlepiece. As I just emerged from a prison cell residency, the coziness overkill came as a shock.

The kitchen was large and more utilitarian in design and haphazard in its presentation, with dishes and pots scattered carelessly about. There was no running water for the large sink, and an oversized pitcher laying on its side in the basin challenged me to figure out how to clean the dishes and cookware without the benefit of a faucet. A wood-burning stove occupied a corner of the space. The box marked “cottage food” that Patterson carried over was plopped on a dark wood table with chairs parked on each of its sides.

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‘Rodeo Roping’ novella is published by ty dehner

The author ty dehner has a new book available! It’s called “Rodeo Roping.” The description reads:

Traveling to Montana to visit a guy that he met online, Randy ends up in town at the same time of the rodeo. In a surprise move, Randy’s host has to leave town and turns Randy over to Austin, one of the ranch hands. It the coming day, Randy ends up a leather bull in a kinky rodeo that few ever get to witness, nevertheless actually participate in.

Rodeo Roping book by ty dehner


This novella by ty dehner has lots of cowboy leather, boots, roping and some riding! It’s available on Amazon

Among the many other books by ty dehner is Playbook, a collection of kinky short stories:

Playbook by ty dehner


The official ty dehner website is here