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A straight stud gets tied up and jacked off

In this video from Men On Edge, a straight stud gets tied up, suspended and has his hole stretched with a dildo


Alex Andrews is a wholesome straight guy who has only been tied up a few times with his girlfriend. They have him strip and tie him to the metal bars. He gets hard in his boxers so they cut them off and play with his uncut cock. He gets the vibrators on his cock and nipples as he squirms from pain and begs to cum. Arms up and legs spread, they flog his ass til it’s bright red and then fuck it. Suspended upside down they edge him and fuck his ass some more. In front of a mirror they tie him to a chair. His cock gets hard watching himself become restrained. They gag him and edge him once more. He nearly kicks himself out of the chair from how sensitive his cock has become throughout the day. After finally blowing his load they mercilessly keep fingering his ass and stroking his cock as he squirms to get out of the tight bondage.

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gay bondage videos

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