An Ice Lock Fantasy

By Unknown

I wanted predicament, and I got it. Be careful what you sigh for! Sir had placed me naked in the dog cage, you know one of those metal, foldable cages. I was facing up, with ankle and wrist restraints padlocked to the walls of the cage, which had me more or less turned into a table. The ball parachute he had tied around my balls was tied to my new Ice Lock, to the top of the cage, forcing my hips up to avoid excessive stress on my balls.

My nipples were similarly attached to the top of the cage with butterfly clamps. A cloth hood was placed over my head, the string pulled tight around my neck. It didn’t prevent me from breathing, but I couldn’t see anything.

“Here’s the deal, he said. If and when your tits get … shall we say ‘tired’, let me know. But for every minute left until the Ice Lock releases your balls, you’ll spend a full day in chastity. Count yourself lucky that I turned the heat up in here, so it’ll melt faster. You’re in it for at least an hour, maybe two. We don’t really know. Don’t forget to tug on the lock, it’ll help. The cold water dripping down will also make it melt faster. It’s too bad your cock and balls are just under it.”

I didn’t dare say anything at that point. A shiver went up my spine … could it be the cold water already?

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