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Up against the wall

Oliver is freed from the mask he was made to wear while his bare body and long cock were tormented in Part 1, but the fun is nowhere near over. Master gets to work with the pegs, roping the captive up against the wall and pinching his flesh from his armpits to his balls. With the string in place and the pain building, Master plays with his long uncut cock, jerking him off and making his dick glisten. The agony and relief of the pegs being ripped from his skin is son replaced by the discomfort of the flogger, but the prisoner’s cock seems insistent. Check out Part 3 to see him finally getting the release he needs.

jerking him off and making his dick glisten

See this video at Boynapped

Title of this video: Educating Sporty Twink Boy Oliver – Part 2

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Owen gets his balls spanked

It was a long, hard spanking for Owen. This video opens with Owen stripping down completely. Tom then uses his hand, a birch and a cane on Owen’s red butt. The strokes of the cane are hard, and Owen feels them keenly. Owen struggles, grunts and groans during this spanking. Of particular note is Tom lightly spanking Owen’s balls. It seemed something out of the ordinary was in order, and a little ball punishment worked great. Although Owen earned this hard spanking, at the end of the video Tom hugs Owen and tells him all is forgiven. Until the next time, at least

male bdsm ball pain

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Title of this episode: Owen Suspended Part 2

male bondage videos

Crushed nuts

Ler’s file these devices under “severe testicle torture” … Check out these CBT devices available from Mr S:


Acrylic Ball Press: Turn the wingnuts tighter and tighter and watch his balls flatten and listen to him beg and plead for mercy!



Acrylic Ball Crusher: Once you lock this nut-trap on, you’ll begin to see that look in his eyes as you gently turn the dials and the nuts get even redder … just one more turn?



Captivator Electrical Ball Crusher: Two times the surface contact to ensure no area on his balls gets away from you. Lock him in and let it rip! This is a 2-channel electrical device, with 4 inputs for the wires coming from your power box.

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