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Tied up and poppered up

Hot young muscleboy Jonathan looks so sexy tied to a table in nothing but his jock strap! This straight captive is accustomed to being praised and desired by all. He furiously struggles, but Adrian is hell bent on turning this hetero into a gay whore. With a bottle of party juice held up to his nostrils, Jonathan can’t stop himself inhaling the fumes to become loose and horny.

male bondage poppers intox

Video at BreederFuckers

male popper whore

Seen and Unseen – Part 2

By Steellock

I have been asked to talk a little more about managing a 75mm ball stretcher 24/7 at home and out, seen and unseen. Well I can only speak from my own experience and can’t be blamed if you end up with aching sensitive balls!

The first thing is to actually decide how long the stretcher can be. We all love squeezing on that extra short ring and getting the skin over the boys really stretched, so tight that you can feel every detail and your balls are incredibly sensitive. Well that’s wonderful for a few hours in the dungeon or with the steel log poking out of your leather sleepsack. A perfect plaything for your Master, Top, Alpha so he can use his choice of an electric toothbrush, a pinwheel – especially one with Estim attached – or as a pincushion or a target for his Grinders. If you are standing spread-eagled, then he may want to use his boxing gloves! But, after a while the line around the end of the stretcher will bruise and the skin over your balls will get very, very sore. The boys themselves will ache.

At this point you must take the weights off and let it all relax and heal. But this is a good way to get the skin to stretch if you keep it up, and it’s addictive.

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Male BDSM gear: Wrist to Ball Restraint

If someone else puts this piece on you, there is NO getting out! Squirm and struggle all you want. The leather wrapped around your wrists is keeping your arms behind you. You’re vulnerable, yet your cock is hard as a rock. Why? Because those restraints you’re fighting are connected right to your nuts! The more you pull away, the more you yank on your balls and the harder your dick gets. Now you’re truly begging for attention. This is a Mr. S Original design. Can also be used for self-bondage!

Wrist to Ball Restraint

To use this restraint for self-bondage: After locking the cock strap in place, adjust the wrist cuffs big enough so you are able to tightly slip your hand and wrist down into the cuffs behind your back. It’s much easier to slip INTO the cuffs than to be able to pull them back out again. Quite effective, but yes, you can get out of them with some struggling.

Wrist to Ball Restraint

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Wrist to Ball Restraint

A bodybuilder gets tied up and fucked up on poppers

In this video from BreederFuckers, a bodybuilder is stripped naked to start the humiliation. He is forced to snort poppers to loosen up his tight arsehole. No doubt boiling hot and with the room spinning, sweat streams down from his hairy pits. The tempting athlete is fondled to erection from two pairs of inquisitive hands. That big thick erection gets CBT from a load of chopsticks along his cock, sandwiching his stiffy from stem to tip. Then it’s the nasty ball squasher to turn his precious gonads into a squashed hamburger. Clothes pegs biting all over his cock brings him around from his popper-induced intox. Muscular legs are tied back behind his head so his anus can have the full stretching treatment it deserves.

male bondage forced popper intox

See the video at BreederFuckers

male bondage forced popper intox