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Check out this extreme chastity device

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Pain mixed with pleasure

And at MyDirtiestFantasy.com, Liam off the pedestal, he’s now moved to a medical styled bed where the torment continues! Yah-Jil sucks Liam’s cock to get him hard before putting him in a ball crusher, where of course his balls will be crushed! But not everything will be pain for this twink, as after having his cock sucked, he has the ball crusher removed, and a dildo goes in to his tight hole to aid with the jerking until he changes position to have an anal hook put in and tied to the newly placed ball gag where Yah-Jil milks the captive’s cock, making him cum on a plate!


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twink male bondage


By lithium500mg

Part One

Whenever I see a naked steel chain I get hard. I want to feel the cold metal around my wrists, around my ankles, tightly harnessing my chest, cradling my groin, and digging into my ass. I want to feel the torture of a chain-mail chastity squeezing my balls and delivering a shallow catheterization when my dick is undisciplined.

Leather? For me leather is a work uniform. My love of the feel and smell of leather is satiated by professional motorcycle racing where thick cowhide is necessary for safety. On racing weekends I’m encased in heavy, sweaty leathers while riding on pavements hot enough to make French toast. I love the animal skin’s shrink-when-wet behavior that requires peeling out of it after a race day is over. In fact, someone on my team has to help peel it off my chest (I can do the rest). Racing fans with pit passes sometimes seem to enjoy the show of a ripped torso that has struggled to keep the bike upright through lefties and righties, corkscrews, and the heavy traffic aiming for the hole shot.

When my team finished the race at Willow Springs, I headed up towards the Air Force base on my street bike to new Master’s rented home. His shift as an MP at the base stockade ended in about two hours, so I had the place to myself. I stripped off my jeans and T-shirt, went to the crate where the linked steel was stored, and began adding metal to my now naked body.

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Electro Straps from E-Stim Systems

Check out the Electro Straps, available from E-Stim Systems. These adjustable fabric bands fit snugly around the head and base of the penis, with a classic electrode. Sliver contact wires woven into the fabric provide maximum contact area. Moisten before use.

severe testicle torture

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The Python from E-Stim Systems

Available from E-Stim Systems, The Python electro-compression device features two gold-plated electro contact pads with adjustable compression. With the cock and balls slipped through, the balls then hang down directly into the grip of the adjustable compression system. The Python can squeeze and compress, before adding the sensation of electroplay.

severe testicle torture

Click for E-Stim Systems — Bonus for Metalbond readers: Use code “METALBOND” at checkout to save 10 percent on your order!

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Suit of armor with metal codpiece

Shown here is foot combat armor made for Giuliano de’ Medici, as a gift from Maximilian I, on display as part of “The Last Night,” an exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art running until January 5, 2020. This armor dates back to the year 1515. It includes a metal codpiece, which, according to the museum, is a rare thing to have survived all this time!

metal codpiece suit of armor suit of armor with metal codpiece


You can hear an audio description of the armor shown here — and the codpiece — by clicking here.

Complete exhibition overview here.

Special thanks to my kinky friend David for telling me about this exhibition!

If you are in NYC or are going to be visiting, check it out and let me know what you think!