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Electro Cock Straps

Eletro Cock Straps fit over the shaft of the penis and are then gently tightened by pulling on the end of the straps. The straps also have a locking tab that allows you to lock them in position. A connection plug is then inserted into the end of the snap adaptor and connected to a power unit, and then the fun can begin.

penis electro torture

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Hey bro, are your balls ticklish too?

Like most guys that eventually get into the tickle chair at My Friends Feet, Scott Riley really didn’t know he was all that ticklish. Scott claims at first that he’s ‘fairly’ ticklish but within a few minutes he is squirming around saying stop. And this is with his shirt still. Needless to say, by the time Scott loses his shirt, socks and shoes, he is nothing but a big pile of gorgeous, well-tickled mush. He gets completely naked, and his balls turned out to be so ticklish!

are your balls ticklish too?

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Scott

Scene Short Description: Scott Riley Tickled Naked

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

The forced workout from hell

If it weren’t for the shock collar, big man Beau could take out Master Callahan, or maybe he doesn’t want to? His punishment continues, his cock and balls squeezed and tugged, the rope applied with a weight at the end. He complies, his nuts being tugged as he performs squats, but it’s not enough to satisfy his sadistic master.

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Beau Sinclair & Dire Callahan

Scene Short Description: The Wildcats Suck – Part 3

Beau Sinclair and Dire Callahan