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Electro urethral sounding

E-Stim Systems — the electro-play experts — makes these UltraSounds, which come in various sizes and styles


“Manufactured from solid stainless steel, then polished to a mirror finish, these ultra smooth ultra shiny urethral sounds feature a sleek tapered end with a rounded tip,” E-Stim writes. “With a 2mm differential between the tip and the shaft you get a gradual stretch as you gently insert this sound helping to open you up, ensuring that you can go on to take the full diameter.”

More information on these Ultrasounds is available HERE

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Tied up and juiced with electro torture

Meanwhile at Bad Boy Bondage, Master Devon continues the electro, but the cock ring and nipple clamps aren’t enough to entertain him. He takes it to the next level, greasing up a long electro butt plug and sliding it up into the captive’s tight ass. It takes some effort to get in there, but the effect of the juice lifts Joseph off of the table!

male bondage and torture

See the video at Bad Boy Bondage

Title of this video: An Electrode Overdose For The Boy

See the video at Bad Boy Bondage

Magnetic Captive Ball Cockring

Check out the Magnetic Captive Ball Cockring, available from Mr S.

“You get the feel of a metal cockring without all the worry about what happens when your cock gets too hard to get it off,” says Mr S of this item. “The super strong magnetic ball stays put no matter how hard you thrust but comes out easy when it’s time to take it off.”

For Magnetic Captive Ball Cockring click here

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Screw your dick into one of these, if you dare …

Check out these electro-compression toys available from E-Stim Systems, a British manufacturer of quality electro stimulation (e-stim) equipment and accessories for the adult market, established in 2004. All E-Stim Systems power boxes and premium electrodes come with a lifetime guarantee.


The next-generation Vyper 2 is the successor to the original Vyper. Featuring an additional pair of compression adjustments, it gives the user three-dimensional control of the angle of the compression panel. The clear acrylic housing, polished edges and precision laser etching combine to give the Vyper 2 a more refined appearance than its predecessor.

The Vyper XL was designed with the larger gentleman in mind. With a base plate a full 235mm (9.25 in) long, it has two independent compression plates, with a total of eight adjustment points and eight individual electrical contact pads. There’s even a suspension hole to add an extra element to playtime.

Finally, E-Stim Systems has moved into new territory with the Python, their first production testicular electro-compression system. With the same refinements as its Vyper cousins, the Python was also born out of customer demand.

“It’s been three years since we launched our first electro cock compression system, the Vyper. In that time we’ve seen its popularity rise steadily, and we’ve sought the feedback of customers and retailers alike. You could say these new products came about as a result of those discussions,” said Wayne Allen, founder of E-Stim Systems, when these items were unveiled over the summer.

For more information, go to E-Stim Systems.


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