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Russell is tied up at CMNM


At CMNM.net, it’s lucky Russell has such a long silky foreskin. His superiors attach clips to the end of his cock and tie them to his feet to prevent him from getting his jollies while they get on with their official work. Now that his cock has been restrained, they use their special instrument to fuck his arse fully and cane his pale cheeks. It’s important for a team player to only release his semen under the supervision of his coach or physio.

CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_02 CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_03 CMNM_Clothed_Male_Naked_Male_04

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Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

If you’re into predicament style bondage, then this is a restraint for you. It connects your wrists directly to your nuts, so every move you make will tug on your low hangers for a mix of pleasure and pain. The nut strap is removable, so it also doubles as a handy set of wrist restraints.

Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint


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Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

Torture stud

Michael Del Ray, a classic frat boy, is flat on his back, held down by the same plastic wrap. He’s in total darkness, the contours of his handsome face visible through a tight lycra hood. Normally, helpless like this, he’d expect his undies to be ripped off and his cock sucked, then his hood removed and his mouth fucked. But now he knows he will be tortured before being used for sex. Sure enough: Jared slices his chest and stomach with a bullwhip, pulls down his briefs to line both sides of his cock with stinging pins, then removes the hood, not to force a cock down his throat, not yet, but to hear him cry out in pain as clothespins are clamped on his nipples. An especially nasty clip pinches the head of his cock and a spring-loaded clamp crushes his balls! Michael writhes in pain, flexing against the plastic. He’ll suffer like this for hours.

Michael Del Ray Dream Boy Bondadge

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Title of this video:

MICHAEL DEL RAY – Deviant No More – Chapter 3

Dream Boy Bondage Michael Del Ray