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Update: Ice Locks are available once again!

The Ice Lock is a devious bondage device that’s a true mind fuck — there’s no getting out until the ice melts enough to release the plunger and set you free!

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These are available in two sizes. The smaller size will “unlock” in 15 to 45 minutes, while the larger size can take up to two and a half hours based on the temperature in the room.

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This is an original Mr. S Leather design

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More iron restraints from Mr S here

Fetters USA gear available here

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TBT: Ice Locks in use in vintage shoot at Bound Gods with Derek Pain

Ice Locks from Mr S were featured in this vintage update from Bound Gods, a while back, featuring Derek Pain:



The pictures are from “Pain Limit – Live Shoot” featuring Derek Pain, Spencer Reed, Phillip Aubrey and Van Darkholme. Derek Pain was in the house for a live shoot. He got beat up a couple of days prior at Folsom Street Fair and he was already eager for more. The man is super-human. The week before, Richard from Mr. S showed Van the new Ice Locks, so Van tried them out on Derek. He put the ice locks on this balls and nipples, and the fun began. Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey were also in town for the fair, and they paid a visit to Bound Gods. Here are more pictures from “Pain Limit – Live Shoot” at Bound Gods:

MetalbondNYC_BG_03 MetalbondNYC_BG_04 MetalbondNYC_BG_05 MetalbondNYC_BG_06 MetalbondNYC_BG_07 MetalbondNYC_BG_08 MetalbondNYC_BG_09 MetalbondNYC_BG_10

Video from this shoot here

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The ‘oh fuck’ moment for Jimmy USMC comes at 9:15

This is the hottest thing I have seen in a long tine. A new video was just added to Serious Male Bondage: “Iced” featuring Jimmy USMC. Check out these still images from the shoot:

In this video, which as I said was just posted to Serious Male Bondage, Jimmy USMC bolts himself down in a basement dungeon using Ice Locks. This scenario hits so many hot buttons for me. (I have been playing it in full-screen mode on my 27-inch iMac at full volume.) I really like the sounds of the metal shackles and the padlocks as he restrains himself, plus the sound of the insulation as he applies it to the Ice Locks. He has spaced the chains just far enough apart for him to be challenged in the four-point restraint position, without the lockdown points being too far to give him enough wiggle room to prevent cramping and loss of circulation. That means he is good for a nice, long ordeal.

Of course there is the awesome sight of this hot, muscular guy — and those awesome tattoos! (For me there is nothing hotter than a guy with tattoos.) The way he hesitates about seven and a half minutes into this video, just after clicking the lock at his left wrist but before moving to the final one at his right wrist a minute later, really matters. Up until now he can still back out if he wants. But then, just after that 9-minute mark, the final click. It takes him a few tries to get that last lock to close, thus finalizing the inescapable predicament he has locked himself into. I really like watching the first few moments after he has done himself in. Watching him adjust his position as best he can, watching him tug on the wrist chains and then tug harder (they won’t budge). And then, his words of glory: “Holy fuck — this is fucking sweet!” Yes, it is! Well-done, Jimmy USMC, and well-done, Serious Male Bondage!

I’m wondering how long he is going to end up in that spread eagle? As someone who has experience with Ice Locks himself, I have found that it can take several hours for them to melt. One thing he has going for him, though, is his strength. He’s obviously no stranger to the gym, and with all that strength he might be able to pull just hard enough to get the ice inside the cylinders to break. However, the insulation he has added around the cylinders of the ice locks looks thick, and that will prolong his predicament.

I’m going to have to go back and watch this again. But first:

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And, an important safety note: Whenever you do any kind of self-bondage like this, always leave yourself an out. That means if you are going to lock yourself TO something like eyebolts in the floor, or IN something like a cage or box, be sure that someone is within earshot in case something goes wrong. (In the video depicted above, Jimmy USMC does not have a key between his legs, meaning that when he gets his arms free in another hour or three, he’s still going to be bolted down by his ankles.)


The Mystery

By Steellock

So Who?

He lay on the bed.

His eyes looked at the inside of a thick leather hood. The thick leather gripped his head all round, tight, but not too tight. He could feel the intrusion of the gag into his mouth. It was a rubber plate that came right in beyond the point where his tongue could get round it and it made him drool. He knew the hood was padlocked on – he had done it earlier. It was one of his favorites, an old Sci Fi hood from Mr S in the US; his first hood in fact bought many years ago and showing it’s age and use. But the reason he had chosen it today was that it resonated inside with the sound of breathing. The sound of the air rushing in and out of your nose and through the two small grommets in the nose of the hood. When strapped in tight you could only really hear yourself. He could make it stop by opening his mouth wide and breathing round the gag. He had to do this occasionally anyway to clear the drool. But the sound would hide any noise made by a visitor…

He kept on lying on the bed; he had no choice. His 20 hole laced black Grinder skinhead boots were padlocked from the D ring on the padded and locked ankle restraints to D rings at each side of the bed frame.

His thick muscular left wrist was gripped by another padded restraint wrapped around and locked to his arm; locked again to the bedframe D ring.

The D ring on the top of the hood was padlocked to a chain across the top of the bed.

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Ice Lock pulley and cage setup for self-bondage

Hey prisoners,

When it comes to rigging yourself up in self-bondage, leave it to Richard Hunter of Mr S to show me how it’s done! Richard was kind enough to send the information and pictures below about using the Ice Lock in a most inventive manner.

Remember, whenever you do solo bondage play it’s a good idea to let a trusted friend know what you are up to so he can come and save your ass if something goes wrong.




OK Metal,

I used the Ice Lock myself, the longer one and it lasted for 2 hours and 25 minutes with the Neoprene cosy on it. It was rigged to a pulley system with the keys attached to 2 padlocks to a cage. When the Ice Lock opened the weights (15 lbs.) at the end of the Ice Lock dropped to the floor bringing the other end of the rope thru 2 pulleys that held the keys with 2 lbs. of weight attached down to land in front of the cage. Plus lots of bondage inside the cage and the leg iron and handcuff keys were also attached onto the pulley system as well. Here are some pictures of the rigging, it’s pretty simple actually, just need two points of attachment in the ceiling about 5 feet apart for the two pulleys.

Metalbond_IMG_6853 Metalbond_IMG_6856 Metalbond_IMG_6858 Metalbond_IMG_6860 Metalbond_IMG_6862 Metalbond_IMG_6864 Metalbond_IMG_6865

The 15 lbs of weight are attached to the Ice Lock itself. On the other end is about 2 lbs. of weight with the keys. You need some weight to make sure the keys get pulled down when the Ice Lock opens and the 15 lbs drop off.

The 15 lbs and the Ice Lock is about 5 feet in front of the cage, so you can’t reach it. The keys then are about 1 foot in front of the cage when they drop down, and you can just reach thru the bars, even with the handcuffs on, and grab the keys to everything: the leg irons, handcuffs and the 2 padlocks locking the cage itself.

You’re in the cage for about 2 and a half hours, with no way out. Plus you can bring all your favorite toys in there with you or on the floor next to the cage to play with while locked up. Sweet, and yes, I did this to myself, to see how it all would work before I tried it on someone else. Gotta do the “research” you know!

It worked like a charm. You just gotta get the distances right as to the keys dropping down in front of the cage. Too far away and you can’t reach them if your hands are cuffed together. Also at first I didn’t put any weight on the key end of the rope, and then it dawned on me, wait, what’s going to cause it to drop down when the heavier weights drop off? So I figured 2 lbs would work and it did. Also had to make sure the rope ‘length’ was right, so it would drop all the way down. See, research is really important.

— Richard


Metalbond would like to thank Richard Hunter of Mr S for the pictures and information about the Ice Locks.