Andy and Master Paul

By unknown

It was the first time Andy had played with Master Paul. He’d spent a very horny afternoon being tied up, strapped down, used and abused in various ways by the experienced Master, and he was looking forward to a similarly fun-filled evening with him.

Now, though, Paul had to go out for an hour or so on business, and Andy was wondering what sort of bondage he was going to leave him in while he was out. Master Paul didn’t have a dedicated playroom as such, but his bedroom was well-equipped with fixtures and restraint devices — some of which Andy had experienced already. There was a very interesting-looking straitjacket hanging on the wall of the room, and a leather body-bag in the corner — neither of which he’d tried yet. Andy hoped it would be one of those.

Master Paul, however, had other ideas. As always, he’d done his homework before inviting Andy over to play, and he knew most of the things that particularly turned the boy on. One of these was the use of hoods and blindfolds: Andy found the idea of not being able to see, intensely horny. Paul was one of a rare breed — an imaginitive Top — and knowing of Andy’s weakness for sight-deprivation, he’d set himself to devising a way to exploit this, which would hopefully frustrate and turn the boy on greatly. The idea was simple.

Andy — naked and unrestrained, stood with his hands crossed behind his back, and his eyes respectfully lowered, facing his Master.

“Ok. Now — ” Paul opened his hand and held up a simple but strong little combination lock. “I want you to have a look at that.” He gave the lock to Andy. It was the shape of a normal padlock, but instead of a keyhole it had a single knob with a small dot on it. Around the outside of the knob was a dial with numbers from zero to nine. “Right — set the dot to zero. Good. Now move it round to the left, to number eight. … OK, now back past zero to number three. … and then left again to number five. … Right — now pull it open.”

Andy pulled, and the U-shaped part lifted easily and turned sideways.

“Excellent. OK — close it up again and spin the knob.” He watched Andy close the lock. “Now you play with that for a couple of minutes until you’re familiar with it, and you can open it easily. Remember — set it to zero first, then it’s left to 8, right to 3, left to 5. Left — right — left; 8,3,5. You practice with that for a while.” Paul left Andy to get used to the lock while he got his things together in readiness to go out.

A few minutes later he was back. “Can you do it OK?”

Andy quickly and easily opened the lock.

“Excellent. You could have been a safe-cracker.” He took the lock from the boy’s hand. “Come over here, boy.” He took Andy over to a wall of the bedroom, on which was a full-length mirror.

Paul opened a drawer and took out something black and shiny, which he held out for Andy to inspect. It was a black leather hood. “This hood was designed for one purpose, and one purpose only,” he said. “As you see, it’s not a heavy hood, so it’s not intended to feel constricting or particularly restraining — the leather is very thin, and there’s a mouth hole. However, it does fit very tightly. It is a blindfolding hood — it’s one purpose is to make it absolutely impossible for you to see anything at all.”

Andy’s cock jerked as he looked at the device.

Paul turned it over and showed the boy the back. “These straps tighten the leather across your face — particularly below your eyes, so that you can’t see anything down through the mouth hole, and there are no nose holes to see through.” He glanced at Andy, standing with his hands crossed behind his back. “Are you OK breathing through your mouth, boy?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Good. Now, this thicker leather piece covers the fastened straps up so you can’t get to them, and it’s held closed by the collar strap, which can be fastened at the front of your neck — so that you can’t get the hood off, loosen it, or play with the straps at all. Understand?”

“Yes Sir!” Andy was getting very interested indeed in this hood.

“OK.” He held the combination lock under Andy’s chin. “Get closer to the mirror. Now — can you see the lock OK?”

“No problem, Sir!”

“All right — now open it, just looking in the mirror.”

Andy took only a couple of seconds longer to open the lock than he had before, when he’d been looking at it directly.

“That’s good.” Paul turned a light so that it shone more brightly onto the boy’s neck, to make opening the lock ever easier for him. “OK.” He dropped the hood over Andy’s head and tightened the straps fully, then pulled the collar tight and locked it in place with the combination lock. He picked up his briefcase, and clapped Andy on the shoulder. “Feel free to use the facilities while I’m gone — there’s the TV, or the CD player or the video. I’ll be about an hour. Enjoy yourself.” He started to leave, and then, as an afterthought, reached out and spun the knob on the lock so that Andy didn’t know where the little dot was. Then, with a chuckle, he left.

It took Andy a short time to realize exactly how cleverly he’d been restrained, and the more he thought about it, the more Master Paul’s devious cunning appealed to him — and the hornier he got. Andy knew the combination of the lock — there was even a mirror in front of him so that he could see to turn the knob to the right numbers — but the thin leather of the hood was blindfolding him completely. He couldn’t see anything until he got the hood off — and he couldn’t open the lock to get the hood off because he couldn’t see anything! The boy was in no other restraints at all, and yet he was helpless. Even the thinness of the hood was a turn-on: far from being a thick, heavy-duty, multiple-layer hood, there was just a single thickness of extremely soft, light, and very thin leather over his eyes — but that single layer of black leather confounded him totally.

Over the next hour Andy lumbered around the unfamiliar house bumping into things, spinning the combination lock furiously to try to get that damned hood off — and failing miserably. He was still trying to get the thing off when Master Paul returned an hour or so later — and he was incredibly horny. That had been one of the most intensely frustrating experiences he’d ever had.



Note: This is a story I found on the Internet somewhere a long time ago. I do not remember where I found it, or who wrote it. I like this story because it involves a padlock. If you are the author or know who the author is, please contact me.



3 thoughts on “Andy and Master Paul”

  1. I’m pretty sure this story is by Hooder. He had a bunch of very short pieces like illustrating his old website, but that’s been down for years. All he has up now are much longer stories, but this is definitely in his style.

  2. I enjoyed this one.. I’m into bondage just to be bound. As the story progresses I don’t care to be in the scene, but the last paragraph make me want to jump in!

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