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I found myself floating, with some kind of forward movement as if in a tunnel, although not quite a tunnel, just blackness which surrounded and enveloped me. It was a sensation I’ve had before in dreams, and yet this was not a dream. Ahead, I could see a glow of light, and slowly, almost like flying in slow motion, I moved towards it.

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Past the Point of No Return

By Doug UK

“Born with a silver spoon in his mouth!” That’s how they used to talk about me: a strange old English expression, because I had wealthy parents. Both of them barristers, ultra-conservative, conventional, living a home-counties life-style, with me as the trophy son, pampered and to be well-prepared to follow them into the rich dull world of the law and all its trappings. Shame really, as I must have been such a disappointment.

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Living by the Rule of the Dice

By Doug UK

Everyone who knew Tom or Bernie thought they lived a respectable, almost straight, life together. Tom dressed in immaculate business suits every day for his job at the bank; and Bernie, the elementary school teacher, in his smart casual clothes. During the working week, they went about everyday life just like every other smart dull couple in the city.

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